Take Your Sweet Time In Slow Fashion

In a previous blog, we recently discussed the concept of “Fast Fashion”, but now we want to take some time to explain the other side of the coin. The positive opposition to “Fast Fashion” which Cherry Velvet holds close to our heart. A concept fittingly named, “Slow Fashion”.


To encourage needless spending, the Fashion Industry thrives on the concept of “Buy to toss”. Slow Fashion turns this idea around and defines itself by giving proper value and weight to a garment through its slower, more deliberate production process – from design to finished garment. Our designs remain classic and stand apart from passing trends, exemplifying style longevity. By sourcing high quality fabrics and offering traditional cuts, we design dresses that are not only beautiful, but timeless.

As a Canadian company that prides itself on making socially conscious choices, we know that our business is interconnected with not only our environment, but the globe’s social structure as well. It is our responsibility to make business decisions accordingly, in order to lessen the negative impact our choices have on the world. By simply decreasing the volume and frequency of fashion production and ensuring it is managed with a certain level of standards, we make sure our participation in the industry leaves as little unnecessary pressure on our global community as possible. Furthermore, by supporting local factories that uphold codes of conduct, instead of hiring overseas production, we encourage the fair treatment of workers. We even print our labels locally, to support the development of local businesses and skills.


When you purchase a piece of Slow Fashion like one of our dresses, what you’ve bought will not be an “impulse buy” because of a “good deal”. What you’re buying is the idea that your style reflects a sense of creative individuality, as well as your willingness to act responsibly with how and where you spend your money. By spending more and buying less, you understand that style integrity is directly affected by the quality of material & labour involved, while being a socially conscious consumer. Instead of filling your closet with dresses you may never wear more than once or twice, you’ll collect a cohesive, classic wardrobe, all the while supporting fair wages and the sourcing of ethical production methods.

XOX Cherry Velvet

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