One Retro dress; Three Ways

One retro dress, three ways blog postWe had so much fun putting outfits together with our retro dresses, we did it again! This time we wanted to show you classic vintage styling plus a few more alternative looks. Barb, our Client Relations Specialist, was the model; great job, Barb! That’s what style is all about, taking an outfit and really injecting your own personality into it.

We choose an Olivia Dress in Harvest Bloom; so appropriate to the season. It was such a beautiful autumn day, we went to a park in full fall foliage called Momiji Gardens. Why stay indoors when you can work outside?

Every day is a Retro day!

Barb loves to wear boots and tights with her dresses. How about these amazing vintage plaid Doc Marten Boots?! Take chances—plaids and florals can look amazing together. Erstwilder Red Poodle Brooch, Lands End Cardigan

One retro dress, three ways blog post

One retro dress, three ways blog post


Classic Retro Evening

Add a pop of colour like this beautiful Vintage Chiffon Crinoline in Cinnamon Hearts and lil’ sparkle from some retro jewelry and voila! You’re ready for a dinner date. Cotton tights (from Cherry Velvet, coming soon to our online shop) Miz Mooz Shoes.

One retro dress, three ways blog post


Rockabilly Retro

Maybe you’re the lead singer of a band (like Barb) or going to a funky event like a burlesque show… What to wear? Layering a corset over your dress is a great way to add alternate style to your dress. Barb’s wearing her own hat, shrug and boots with a Lace Embrace Corset and a Vintage Chiffon Crinoline in Black Licorice.

One retro dress, three ways blog post



Our Cherry Cola necklace and bracelet set went so well with our Olivia Dress, we mixed up the accessories all over again to make this bonus look…

One retro dress, three ways blog post

One retro dress, three ways blog post

We hope we’re giving you lots of ideas and fun ways to wear your Cherry Velvet dresses year round and for lots of different occasions!

Love Cherry Velvet XOX


How to Care for your New Crinoline

You’ve chosen your colour and ordered your knee length crinoline from Cherry Velvet! With visions of puffy frills in your head, you might be a little surprised when you get your box in the mail. How the heck did they fit that much floof into such a small box? Your crinoline has been folded and rolled to fit in the box for shipping and it needs a little love from you when it comes out of the box. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We’ve made a little video to show you how to care for your crinoline from the minute you open the box until you slip it on under your favourite frock.

A frilly crinoline is a great way to add a little something special to your Cherry Velvet dresses. A full skirt with a matching or contrasting colour peeking out from under it can turn a special dress into something spectacular. If you are thinking of adding a crinoline to your vintage inspired look, we have you covered. You’ll feel special, we promise!

Here’s our selection.

Colourful selection of crinolines at Cherry Velvet

If you’re wondering, we also carry other crinolines that are made of nylon chiffon. Our Lace Crinoline or our Vintage chiffon crinoline will not arrive quite as wrinkled as the Knee length version in the video. Just hang it up and in a few days whatever wrinkles there were, will be no more. Please do not try to steam or iron it as it may cause damage. (Nylon can melt with too much heat!)

Washing instructions: 

Hand wash in warm water then hang to dry. Please do not use bleach.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a crinoline to match your dress, please feel free to e-mail us @ cherryvelvetplus(dot)com. We’re happy to help anytime!

XOX Cherry Velvet




What The Fluff! A Crinoline Primer

Have you ever wondered how Cherry Velvet makes our skirts so fabulous & full? The answer is….crinolines!



What is a crinoline?

Popular throughout the 19th century, crinolines are a stiffened or structured petticoat (aka “underskirt”) designed to add volume under a woman’s skirt, highlighting & emphasizing a woman’s waist. During the late 1940’s, crinolines saw a huge revival, thanks to fashion trends such as full circle skirts. Some argue that the the crinoline revival is one of the first examples of Postmodernism in the Fashion industry.


What are crinolines to Cherry Velvet?

To us, crinolines go with our dresses like Cherry goes with Velvet! Many, if not most of our dresses are designed with the crinoline in mind. While our dresses make a gorgeous statement on their own…


…Nothing says Va-Va-Voom, like a crinoline in bloom!


While we’ve always carried the netted crinoline:


We are pleased to offer our girls a new crinoline! Made of  35 yards of luxuriously soft chiffon (pictured here in “Cinnamon Heart” & “Blue Rasberry”.)


While both the netted & chiffon crinoline provide great volume under our skirts, our brand new chiffon crinolines are 3″ longer and includes an impressive 100 yard ruched ruffle trim. That’s almost as long as a football field!

Can you see the difference between the two?


Check out all the colours we have available now!
Bring some pouf to your Cherry Velvet dress today!

XOX Cherry Velvet

A Candy Shop of Crinoline Colours!

There are few garments that are as unabashedly girly as a crinoline. Layers upon layers of chiffon and nylon net create a confection reminiscent of an upside down flower in full bloom. Not for the faint of heart, a crinoline will not only get you noticed, you’ll be sashaying with every step and want to twirl to every tune! Quite a powerful effect for a mere undergarment; something that often barely peaks out from underneath. More than a change in the shape of your dress, crinolines today are all about sass and attitude; a feminine statement like no other.

candy crinolines-BlogSize

We have so many to choose from; a Candy Shop of crinoline colours!  including several new ones:

Watermelon (dark raspberry pink) *new

Blueberry (royal) *new

Bubblegum (hot pink) new*

Mint (pale aqua green)

Black Licorice

Cherry (red)

Grape (purple)

Strawberry (pale pink)

Blue Raspberry (turquoise)

Blueberry Ice (pale blue)

In the 1950s, post-war prosperity led to the re-emergence of the crinoline and very full skirts. These voluminous skirts with their yards of excess fabric presented a sharp counterpoint to the practical skirts and clothing rations of the war years. It was with Dior’s introduction of the “New Look” in 1947 that the crinoline began to reappear after decades of being out of favour.

Throughout history, fashion often shouted “I’m too rich and important to work! Look at how impractical my outfit is!” While the shorter crinolines of the mid-twentieth century were not as restrictive as the longer and more elaborate crinolines of the mid-nineteenth century, it was no accident that the crinoline re-emerged in a society in which the ideal woman did not work outside of the home, and took care of the household duties.

Today we wear crinolines for parties, weddings, dancing and costumes.  There is something expressly feminine about a full skirt, especially made full with the volume of a crinoline.  Designed to provide the wearer’s skirts with a greater degree of flared out fullness, we think they look especially sassy with a few inches of colour peaking out from the hemline.

Choose a matching colour or go for a real pop of colour underneath….especially with black or black/white polka dots. We’re excited to have two new gorgeous shades of pink to share:



Check out our delectable selection of Candy Shop crinoline colours here!

XOX Cherry Velvet