FATshion Icon Cynara Geissler – Part Two!

Last week we shared a blog post about our friend, fat activist, writer, media maven and Fatshion Icon Cynara Geissler. We couldn’t fit all the photos and fabulous quotes into one little blog post so without further Adieu, we bring you Part Deux!

Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress, 2

Anyone who knows Cynara knows that she has a very distinctive and committed style. She joyfully wears bright colours and amazing accessories to brighten up her outfits and anyone who she encounters throughout her day. Like a ray of fun, fashion sunshine! She is also brilliant and well spoken, natch.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Marie – Double Feature

Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2

Cynara is all ready for her movie date! She has paired our adorable Marie Double Feature Dress with her own red belt, red hair bow, and red and white classic canvas running shoes. This look is super cute but also comfortable and practical for rushing to get to the theatre in time to watch all those previews. Or a post-movie stroll with her sweetheart!

Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2

Olivia – Harvest Bloom

Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2


Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2

Cynara is wearing that same sweet red belt with our Olivia – Harvest Bloom Dress and here she has added red Mary Jane flats and a kelly green cardigan to pull it all together. Her own brooch and our Cherry Earrings complete this classic look.

Veronica – Blue Raspberry

Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2


Fashion Icon Cynara Geissler styles Cherry Velvet Lunar Cats dress. 2

This vision of turquoise and red is one of our favourite looks Cynara has put together. Veronica Dress – Blue Raspberry is fab on its own but with the contrasting red accessories, it pops with joy! A Cinnamon Hearts Vintage Chiffon Crinoline for fabulous floof is just so perfect for this dress. Here we see Cynara’s own red hair bow, and neck baubles but possibly the best things ever are her lace-up Pom Pom flats! Amazing!!

We hope that you have enjoyed this two-part blog all about Cynara Geissler as much as we have. We always look forward to seeing what Cynara is wearing, almost as much as we love to hear what she has to say!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cynara is Director of Marketing and Publicity at Arsenal Pulp Press. Her critical writing on fat acceptance, fatshion, feminism, and media has found shelter in various print magazines and around the internet including fatshionista.com, Geez Magazine, and Shameless Magazine. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Milo, Event, subTerrain, and Juice. Follow her on Instagram @cynaragee

How to Care for your New Crinoline

You’ve chosen your colour and ordered your knee length crinoline from Cherry Velvet! With visions of puffy frills in your head, you might be a little surprised when you get your box in the mail. How the heck did they fit that much floof into such a small box? Your crinoline has been folded and rolled to fit in the box for shipping and it needs a little love from you when it comes out of the box. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We’ve made a little video to show you how to care for your crinoline from the minute you open the box until you slip it on under your favourite frock.

A frilly crinoline is a great way to add a little something special to your Cherry Velvet dresses. A full skirt with a matching or contrasting colour peeking out from under it can turn a special dress into something spectacular. If you are thinking of adding a crinoline to your vintage inspired look, we have you covered. You’ll feel special, we promise!

Here’s our selection.

Colourful selection of crinolines at Cherry Velvet

If you’re wondering, we also carry other crinolines that are made of nylon chiffon. Our Lace Crinoline or our Vintage chiffon crinoline will not arrive quite as wrinkled as the Knee length version in the video. Just hang it up and in a few days whatever wrinkles there were, will be no more. Please do not try to steam or iron it as it may cause damage. (Nylon can melt with too much heat!)

Washing instructions: 

Hand wash in warm water then hang to dry. Please do not use bleach.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a crinoline to match your dress, please feel free to e-mail us @ cherryvelvetplus(dot)com. We’re happy to help anytime!

XOX Cherry Velvet




Very Cherry Updates!

We’re well into 2016 and we’ve hit the ground running here at Cherry Velvet HQ. We wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on in the coming weeks!


It’s the first open Showroom Shop of the year! While we’re usually open by appointment only, we periodically like to open our showroom to those who are unable to make an appointment during our usual Monday-Friday (10am-4pm) office hours.

We are pleased to be opening up our showroom at the end of January! Feel free to drop in for a visit on:

Friday, January 29: 2pm-7pm
Saturday, January 30: 11am-5pm

For those unable to visit our showroom, don’t fret! We’ll be offering some specials online, just for you 🙂 Stay tuned and keep updated by liking our Facebook page.


The last couple of years, Cherry Velvet has had a delightful time participating in the WWIN Show and are excited to be participating in our 5th show. Held at The Rio in Las Vegas, this is a week- long show for buyers to have access to a full selection of Womenswear collections from retailers all over Canada & the US. It’s an amazing event and we’ve met some fantastic stores who love carrying our dresses. Our designer, Diane, will be busy as a bee unveiling some early pieces from our Spring Collection. We’re excited to introduce our dresses to a whole new audience!

Cherry Velvet Spring 2016

For Spring, we’re releasing some of our favourite dresses in a variety of smashing prints.  Look forward to dresses like Brooke & Doris (with more to come!) in charming animal designs like Aqua Cat faces and Deer Butterfly along with some fetchingly bold geometric prints like Tangerine Stardust and Silly String. We’ve also found a beautiful floral border print in two gorgeous colours.

Cherry Velvet

Wait ’til you see these prints on our dresses!

New Crinolines available!

If you missed our announcement, we recently stocked our Crinoline section with new Chiffon crinolines in Black as well as a sugar rush of colours!


We are currently offering these new deluxe crinolines at an introductory price of $99.
Due to limited quantities currently, we will also be offering pre-orders at the same price until the end of January! Have a peek, let us know what you think! 🙂

XOX Cherry Velvet

Taking Centre Stage With…Rita


This week we’re continuing to take a closer look at Cherry Velvet’s newest girls. Today, we’re setting aside some time to go for a lovely walk with Rita!


Inspired by the old Hollywood flair of Rita Hayworth, our Rita is bold and beautiful with a fitted (but comfy!) bodice and demure 3/4 length sleeves to offset our Retro take on the keyhole detail.

We think that people will definitely be stopping to smell the roses with this delicate little number. Pair it with a crinoline for added pizazz!


With Autumn here, crisp mornings and cooler temperatures overall mean arm coverage is certainly appreciated. Might as well cover up in style!


Between the sleeves and Peek-A-Bow (see what we did there?) neckline, we can’t decide what our favourite detail is…but we think it’s got to be every girl’s best friend (next to diamonds, of course!):


…Pockets! A girl can never have deep enough ones. And there’s lots of room with Rita! Such a boon with the increasing size of smartphones these days.

Even though the prints are bright and bold, Rita looks lovely in the chilly Autumn sun.


Worn simply on its own sans crinoline, it’s a statement dress that will make you a stand out; a rose among the thorns.


XOX Cherry Velvet


A Candy Shop of Crinoline Colours!

There are few garments that are as unabashedly girly as a crinoline. Layers upon layers of chiffon and nylon net create a confection reminiscent of an upside down flower in full bloom. Not for the faint of heart, a crinoline will not only get you noticed, you’ll be sashaying with every step and want to twirl to every tune! Quite a powerful effect for a mere undergarment; something that often barely peaks out from underneath. More than a change in the shape of your dress, crinolines today are all about sass and attitude; a feminine statement like no other.

candy crinolines-BlogSize

We have so many to choose from; a Candy Shop of crinoline colours!  including several new ones:

Watermelon (dark raspberry pink) *new

Blueberry (royal) *new

Bubblegum (hot pink) new*

Mint (pale aqua green)

Black Licorice

Cherry (red)

Grape (purple)

Strawberry (pale pink)

Blue Raspberry (turquoise)

Blueberry Ice (pale blue)

In the 1950s, post-war prosperity led to the re-emergence of the crinoline and very full skirts. These voluminous skirts with their yards of excess fabric presented a sharp counterpoint to the practical skirts and clothing rations of the war years. It was with Dior’s introduction of the “New Look” in 1947 that the crinoline began to reappear after decades of being out of favour.

Throughout history, fashion often shouted “I’m too rich and important to work! Look at how impractical my outfit is!” While the shorter crinolines of the mid-twentieth century were not as restrictive as the longer and more elaborate crinolines of the mid-nineteenth century, it was no accident that the crinoline re-emerged in a society in which the ideal woman did not work outside of the home, and took care of the household duties.

Today we wear crinolines for parties, weddings, dancing and costumes.  There is something expressly feminine about a full skirt, especially made full with the volume of a crinoline.  Designed to provide the wearer’s skirts with a greater degree of flared out fullness, we think they look especially sassy with a few inches of colour peaking out from the hemline.

Choose a matching colour or go for a real pop of colour underneath….especially with black or black/white polka dots. We’re excited to have two new gorgeous shades of pink to share:



Check out our delectable selection of Candy Shop crinoline colours here!

XOX Cherry Velvet