Plus Size Proportions: Pear Shape

You’re most likely a Pear shape if:

  • Your shoulders and waist are narrower than your hips
  • You have a smaller bust
  • Your waist is well defined
  • You have larger thighs & a full bottom

The shape that you have is very beautiful and I bet you’ve gotten plenty of appreciative stares.  Men have been forever hardwired to choose a mate based on her ability to bear offspring and dating further back than ancient Mesopotamia, curves symbolize fertility.  Follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Fluvia Lacerda who have popularized this feminine body shape and celebrate your curves!

PEARSbodyshape1 copy

The most important tip for dressing a Pear shape body is to focus on adding width to your shoulders and volume to your bust.  Now ladies, this doesn’t mean you should pull out the shoulder pads and padded bras!  Instead, look for tops with a few ruffles, or maybe a big collar, perhaps draping at the neck, or a top that gathers at the shoulder.  You’ll look great in bright bold tops!  These extra details will widen your shoulders and create a more balanced silhouette.  By creating more width at your shoulders and chest, you not only minimize and balance your hips but you also frame your lovely face.

For bottoms, you can balance wider hips with wide leg pants that flow away from the body.  A line skirts and boot cut pants are also your friend.  We recommend wearing something dark and simple if you go for a detailed top.  If you’re feeling bold, straight pants look great on you but make sure to avoid anything that has pleats or gathers at your waist or hip area.  Bubble skirts are not recommended for you.

Lastly, if you have a Pear shape, never underestimate the power of emphasizing your waist. Dresses or tops that wrap around your waist, empire waist lines, or pleated details on the back waist area of a garment will all look fabulous on you.

If you love your curves and want to emphasize them then by all means…show ‘em off! No matter what body type you’ve got make sure that the clothes properly fit your body’s measurements. Focus on achieving a proportionate body silhouette and leave plenty of room to highlight your best assets.

There you go ladies!  Now you have all the tips and tricks to creating the perfect wardrobe.  If you have any questions just comment below and get advice straight from the designer herself.

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Plus Size Proportions: A Four Part Series on Dressing for your Body Shape

No matter your size, your body shape is important to keep in mind when choosing clothing. Proportions are even more important for curvy women. Those who are a size 12 or greater will know that the number of stores carrying “plus sizes” is extremely limited. This is odd considering that more than half of Canadians are over a size 12 and 62% of Americans are over a size 14.

Our very own Diane Kennedy has made it her mission to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. This is why both of her clothing lines, Diane Kennedy & Cherry Velvet, carry regular and plus sizes. Diane has a great understanding of what it takes to dress a myriad of bodies to their best advantage. Diane recommends that every woman should take cues from their body shape when choosing clothing.


Apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle; these are the most commonly referred to body types in the fashion industry. But of course you’re wondering: what does this mean for me? Well…we’ve done all the work and have compiled clothing tips and tricks for every curvy figure!

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xox Cherry Velvet