The View from the Man Cave

The View From The Man Cave - Cherry Velvet

There is a lot of talk about what women want. I sometimes wonder, “What do men want?” I braved the man cave to conduct a not-so-random survey. I wanted to find out what men find so darn exciting about retro dresses.

1) Not yoga pants.

Yoga pants do magical things with very little effort. The hardest part is shimmying into them after a shower. Some days they scream “I woke up like this!” Some days it’s true, let’s be honest. Men want to feel like you spent time primping because you think he is worth it and you have been eagerly anticipating his company. If he rolled up for your date in a pair of tear-away pants that were just oh-so-convenient, holding some wilted gas station flowers, you probably wouldn’t be all that impressed. Retro dresses say “I tried! But doesn’t it look effortless?”

2) Feminine.

Feminine sets the tone for a date night. This isn’t pizza and beers with the boys. Hello- there is a lady present – and she looks fantastic. Retro dresses are cut in such a way that they celebrate all the great things about being a woman. The fabrics, the prints, the colours, the way they hang on any body type will have him saying “What a lady, what a night!”

A Cherry Velvet Girl Stands Out !

3) Sexy.

What better way to test his ability to resist the woman he adores than a fashion treasure that moves and sways in a way that demands his attention. Retro dresses make his attention span your hostage. They are kind of like bubble wrap because it’s hard to keep your hands off the luxurious fabric. They are a snow cone in the Sahara – probably won’t last long. Many feature zippers so they are as easy to get off as they are to get on.

4) Nostalgic.

Retro dresses are part of a comforting historical landscape. They conjure memories of the very best pieces of the past; from June Cleaver to Betty Page, from Norman Rockwell to Gil Elvgren. They are a slice of apple pie and a milk shake at the local diner, with great tunes playing on the juke box. Retro dresses are classics, like the beauty who wears them.

It’s always enlightening to explore the man cave and get the male perspective. I know why I love them, but it was fun to find out why men do. It’s the little things that are so important. Now I know he wants feminine, sexy, nostalgic “not yoga pants”, and he knows I just want him to put the seat down.


XOX Cherry Velvet

Guest Blogger Alison Tedford from “Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops”

4 Replies to “The View from the Man Cave”

  1. Such a wonderful omage to a time when it was all about ‘pleasing your man’, having a ‘highball’ waiting, the children stashed away in a locked closet, dinner ready and waiting and a “How was your day dear?” as the Scotch neat was placed into his hand. I think sometimes we have concentrated so much on being equal that we have lost some of the joys of femininity along the way. I love the vintage dress and all the memories of family, or at least the illusion of it. Great read as always! <3

  2. Ok, I’ve been married for…it seems like forever….but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a retro dress for date night!! My only problem: where to get one, when I always have a kid in tow.

    I’ll scour the websites, but if you have a place you love, point me in the right direction??

    1. Thanks for commenting MrsMuffin! Along with our on-line store we have lots of retailers listed on our website. Hopefully there is one near you. Or if you send us your measurements in an e-mail we’ll do our best to find you that perfect fitting frock!

  3. This was great. I have to admit that there are times when I yank my hair up in a sloppy bun and pull on stretch pants with a tank top pulled down just so, and I wonder what I am doing trying to perfect a messy look.

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