You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Cherry Velvet vintage inspired retro dresses in regular and plus sizes
Sneak peek of some new Doris dresses coming soon!


 If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that everything is so much more fun with a friend. Think of shopping and what do you think of? Hangin’ with your bestie! Vancouver is filled with so many beautiful souls who rep our dresses so well and we are so lucky to know two lovely ladies that stand out not only as gorgeous Cherry Velvet models, but incredible friends with a magical bond.



Seeing Veronica and Erin model together, you can tell that these two girls really “get each other’s crazy” (as Erin so aptly puts). Veronica is Samwise to Erin’s Frodo…Lilo to her Stitch…Ron to her Harry…We could obviously go on.


Models by day, Fangirls…always!
Cherry Velvet vintage inspired retro dresses in regular and plus sizes


 From Disney obsessions to Simpson References, these cuties are the perfect example of kindred spirits. Friends since 2006, they both met acting for a local playhouse – quickly bonding over assorted geekery and a shared passion for performance.


Just like true sisters (from different misters!), not only was Veronica one of Erin’s Elven bridesmaids for her themed wedding, but they’ve also supported each other in things like auditioning for the same role in a local production of “The Graduate”!


 Cherry Velvet followers will already recognise Veronica as one of our favourite models, so it’s only fitting that she inspired Erin to connect with us as a model shortly after she became an official Cherry Velvet Girl.


 Awhile back, we had the pleasure of shooting with these charismatic chickies for our Spring 2017 Lookbook. But between the impromptu singalongs and all the face pulling, we couldn’t help but feel like we were all hanging out like old friends. You definitely see how much fun these girls love to have.




 …but when it came to lights, camera, action, these Princesses of Poise knew how to turn it on!
Cherry Velvet vintage inspired retro dresses in regular and plus sizes
New Doris dresses coming soon!


 “Together, we are… The ULTIMATE Plus Model!…” Veronica exclaimed.

“…She’s the T & I’m the A! Whenever we go lingerie shopping we always joke that she can’t find anything to fit her boobs, while I can’t find anything to fit my butt!” Erin added. (It’s adorable how they finish each other’s sentences.)

She also points out that they both love the Retro aesthetic and it was a dream come true to get the same chance with us that Veronica had. After seeing her in our dresses, Erin realised she wanted a chance to model dresses that were as unique as her. “It’s nice that curvy girls get to wear fun patterns and feel great!”

All it took was faith & trust (…and a little bit of pixie dust) and here she is!


 As they slipped into this season’s gorgeous dresses, they commented that our pieces fit like a glove whether you’re an “Erin” or a “Veronica”.

Our straps are designed for comfort and support, so Veronica never has to worry about anything other than stopping traffic! No bra-strap slippage here. And Erin loves how our dresses nip at the waist so perfectly. Identifying as “pear-shaped”, she was delighted at how our fun and full skirts accentuate her curves without resorting to uncomfortable body hugging.

Veronica nodded knowingly, “I honestly feel like they’re cut and designed so that women can actually wear them.”

Well, hey! We can’t argue with that, can we? We just love the classic dress silhouette!

It certainly was an adventure with these daring Gryffindors & we hope you enjoyed this little glimpse at the unique people who help bring Cherry Velvet to life!

XOX Cherry Velvet


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The Story of Shelly

The first time I ever set eyes on Shelly was in a photo posted on Facebook by a plus size store in Langley called Lucy. Shelly was a popular shopper there and I have a memory of staring a very long time at her picture and reading the comments posted about her and the dress she was wearing. It was one of ours in Black and White speckles called the Annette. For whatever reason, I felt something unusual when I looked at the photo….not sure quite how to explain it. I’d like to share this story of my pretty friend  Shelly, our friendship and how much love and attention she brings to everything she does.

A ‘Vintage’ Cherry Velvet dress called the Annette (no longer available)

Months later I was having a shopping day in my studio and in walked Shelly. I recognized her right away. Not so much from the picture, but as someone familiar. She said “I didn’t know you were that Diane Kennedy” (of the Serene pants she loves to wear). Since that moment, we’ve become fast friends.

How do you explain meeting someone for the first time but feeling like you’ve known them forever? It turned out that Shelly lived only about 6 blocks from me and soon she invited me over to her charming apartment. It’s like deja vu being there because everything in her apartment, the colours, the objects, and the furniture all felt like I could have picked them out myself. Even the artwork on the walls and her jewelry in the bathroom had a weird feeling of association. Then we discovered that Shelly and I are only one day apart in age…both Virgos and both turning 50 this year.

Shelly and I having afternoon tea at the Vancouver Hotel

Can you feel this weird power in our relationship? I sure do. Shelly really believes strongly in the power of women. It’s her mantra. I’ve met so many wonderful new friends through Shelly. She’s great at bringing people together. You may not know, but it was her idea to have us do the photo shoot at Fluevogs. Shelly has been a Fluevogs collector for years and introduced me to the manager of the downtown store. Since then, so many customers have come forward about loving Fluevogs together with their Cherry Velvet dresses. Thanks for making this fantastic idea come true, Shelly.

Shelly is also very involved in our local community and works tirelessly to help promote local events. She’s been hugely involved in New West Pride for many years. This year she’s worked on a huge project to improve our local hospital. Wherever we go together in the city Shelly runs into someone she knows; in fact, she’s so well known around the city, she is affectionately named “The Queen of New West”.

Shelly hard at work
Shelly in the Danielle Dress “Bazaar”

No matter what she’s wearing Shelly frequently gets stopped by people complimenting her and asking her where she got her clothes. She’s the best dressed babe wherever she goes! Shelly loves to help women look their best and to give advice on fashion and jewelry. Recently Shelly became a Stella and Dot rep. If you come to our shopping days in the Cherry Velvet studio, you might get to meet Shelly and have her help you choose what to wear and which jewelry to best compliment your outfit (she is a stylist on her own time too…so let me know if you need me to “hook you up”).

Shelly is wearing the Danielle “Celestial Damask” with a Mirror Mirror Bijoux necklace and her own Fluevogs

I just want to say a heartfelt “thank-you” to Shelly for being such an amazing person and friend and for all the love and support she’s brought to me and my business.

XOX Love Diane

(Designer at Cherry Velvet)

If you’re curious about Shelly’s fav Diane Kennedy “Serene” pants, they are here.

or the Mint green dress “Danielle Celestial Damask” here. 

A Little Update on Elly

We were thrilled to have a couple of pretty visitors to our studio last week!  Jen Kaboom (of hair flower fame) came to pick herself out a new Cherry Velvet dress and her bestie –Elly Mayday– came along with her! Jen had a tough choice to make but in the end went with one of my favourite patterns -the Brigitte dress in Rosy Dots.

It was so great to see Elly’s smiling face. It never ceases to amaze me how lovely she is and always so positive. She came for her visit quite au naturel and sans wig. She is truly beautiful with no hair and hardly any make-up.

I thought I’d share a little bit about Elly as she has not been on facebook much these days and we know many of you are following her. She is taking some time off for a while and, in her words, “just doing the things that she wants to do”. I think this is a wonderful idea; time is our most precious commodity. We should all spend it in ways that make us the most happy, as much as possible.

Elly told us a bit about what’s she’s been going through and shared some advice for my brother in law, just recently diagnosed with Cancer. Probably the most important thing she’s learned….(and this is super relevant to all of us….not just those fighting Cancer): she recommends alkalizing your body.  That means choosing Alkaline foods and avoiding (or reducing) acid causing foods.  Good advice…which, in a nutshell, means eat more veggies (especially green veggies)!!! I know she drinks a green smoothie every day and I’ve watched her eat salads on shoots with us.

These gorgeous photos were taken by Shimona Henry (Pin-Up Perfection Photography). Doesn’t Elly look amazing? She’s pictured in the dress we named after her –The Elly Dress….it’s coming soon!






XOX Cherry Velvet

Seven Deadly Sins: A Dinner of Decadence with Diamond Minx

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the most fabulous dinner party hosted by an even more fabulous woman: burlesque queen Diamond Minx.  If her name and profession are any indication, the party—her very own birthday celebration—was destined to be an indulgent and luxurious event… with a twist of course.

 The menu, based on the 7 Deadly Sins, was a mouthwatering seven course meal featuring the most decadent of culinary delights.  From the foie gras to the oyster duo, and the raspberry granite to the rack of lamb, and finally to chocolate terrine and blood orange reduction, each dish was expertly (and beautifully) prepared to seduce the senses. Delightful smells, appearances, tastes, and textures—none were left wanting.

With fanciful attire, seductive food, and spirited entertainment, Miss Diamond Minx’s birthday affair could easily rival one of Marie Antoinette’s famously lavish, late-night parties.

This was a night to remember…

xox Cherry Velvet

The Cherry-Lemon Summit

I met the ferociously fabulous Ms Lemon this balmy Friday after work, at the new Acme Cafe.  Located right beside the landmark store for slutty shoes—Model Express—the café happens to be central between my work and hers. If you’ve never been, Acme has that classic retro diner feel that fits in with the changing character of the area, elevating the neighborhood with its shiny, squeaky clean newness.

The menu is choc-full of updates on classic comfort foods like mac n’ cheese, meatloaf, and eggs benny—all the things we crave—and at fair prices too!  To my delight they had gluten free bread (YES!), so of course I had to have the ‘High-falutin’ Grilled Cheese’, something I haven’t been able to indulge in for a long time!  Dream with me here: cheddar, swiss, brie, and cranberry-Grand Marnier relish…Delish!

The only thing greater than the food was the company; animated, cheeky, full of expression—Dani Lemon is a bombshell and the archetype CherryVelvet gal.  Blogger, actress, singer, lawyer (with her own firm!)… She is the perfect example of a strong, independent woman. Passionate about helping small, savvy businesses reach their full potential, Ms Lemon specializes in “licensing, technology, Internet, e-commerce, media and communications law,” and has some major experience under her belt. As many a small business owner would agree, running your own business can be expensive and exhausting…but so rewarding when you can operate how YOU want to.  

“I want to take away all of the excuses small businesses have for not seeking legal advice when they should.”

 I think Danielle Lemon Law Group is onto a great thing. It’s a company filled with passion and, in true Lemon style, ‘Fresh Advice’.

 So what do two business owners turn to when the shop-talk is over? Why, dessert, dating and dresses, of course! (Ms Lemon has already put first dibs on our latest frock that hasn’t even hit the stores yet…the Barbara dress in the limited Black & White Polka dots)  We obviously saved room for pie—that carb-laden, sugar bomb of retro deliciousness! Two plates, two forks, one key lime slice, one lemon meringue…swirls of creamy, fruit filling. Puffy meringue, custard, flaky melt-in-your-mouth crust!

Heaven. It’s pie at Acme Café.

xox CherryVelvet