Creative juice: Men’s Shirts to Craft Distilleries

East Van is a hotbed of creative juices both literally and figuratively. It’s home to everything from fashion and food to small-batch craft distilleries. One day our designer Diane dropped by neighbouring Odd Society spirits and discovered a fun & hip hangout for drinks with friends. It turns out they make their own spirits right there in some pretty amazing copper kettles; all within view of their tasting lounge. What a perfect place to do a photo shoot with our newest creation: Men’s Shirts.

Introducing “The Shirt”!

Our Men’s shirts fit right into this amazing distillery. How about this one called Cocktail Hour? Stir it up and shake it out while showing off your discerning style with this elegantly architectural barware print.

Cherry Velvet men's shirt "Cocktail Hour"

Automotion… There’s a saying that some things never go out of style and that appears to be true for classic cars and…classic car shirts.

Cherry Velvet men's shirt "Automotion"

Extinct…This distinctly Extinct dinosaur skeleton print ‘glows in the dark’….for those fun times when the lights are out.

Cherry Velvet men's shirt "Extinct"

Genius…Scientifically speaking, your hotness could elevate to dangerous levels by wearing this shirt. Even if you don’t know exactly what these math and physics formulas mean, improve your IQ just by association.

Cherry Velvet men's shirt "Genius"

Parlour Ink…Sail the Seven Seas and make a bold statement of allegiance to the symbols and history of the classic sailor style tattoo.

Cherry Velvet men's shirt "Parlour Ink"

Located on Powell Street in East Vancouver’s port district. Odd Society is dedicated to combining Old World distilling traditions with New World ingredients and ingenuity to create a family of spirits including whiskey, vodka, and gin. The Odd society has a Happy hour on Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m with yummy cocktails like this delicious Lemon Drop Martini. It’s the perfect place for a drink right after some fun shopping at our studio, it’s only about one block east from us. (We’re at 1635 Powell St and they’re at 1725 Powell St)

Stop in at Odd Society Spirits for happy hour and this yummy Lemon Drop Martini

Happy Holidays!!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet Dresses For Every Day

I have always loved wearing dresses. When I was in the 6th grade I decided to wear a dress to school. Back in the 70s most kids just wore jeans and t-shirts at my country school, but I got it into my head that I wanted to wear a dress. I got all the girls in my class together and made a secret plan that we would all wear a dress the next day for no reason. When we all showed up in our dresses everybody was wondering why—especially the teachers and the principal.  We said nothing. We dressed up because we felt like it. It wasn’t a special occasion. It was our own little push back at conformity. We continued to do this for the rest of the school year on an agreed upon day. So rebellious!

Even as a little girl Barb loved wearing dresses

Night and Day

Cherry Velvet dresses are perfect for a night out or a special occasion. In my opinion, they also make the perfect day dress. What makes a good day dress? For me, it’s a mixture of comfort, durability, and cuteness. In my job, I can be meeting with clients one minute and hefting boxes around the warehouse the next. I can’t really be changing my clothing back and forth all day and I’ve found that a well-fitting cotton dress is the way to go.  The advantage of cotton is, of course, the breathability and comfort but I also find the dresses very durable and easy to wash and wear again and again.

Barb Wilkins wears Cherry Velvet dresses for every day

Barb Wilkins wears Cherry Velvet dresses for every day


Keep It Simple Silly

I probably don’t get up quite as early for work as I should. The last thing I want to do is try to put an outfit together in the morning.

I feel like I have the BEST life hack for you right now!

Throw on a Cherry Velvet dress every morning and the only decisions left are footwear and accessories. Have 5 or 6 cardigans in different colours that can mix and match with your dresses and that’s it. You’re out the door! Ya sure! Easy for me! I work at Cherry Velvet. lol BUT, if I worked in an office or anywhere else where I was expected to look presentable, I would do the same thing.

Barb Wilkins wears Cherry Velvet dresses for every day

Barb Wilkins wears Cherry Velvet dresses for every day

Take Another Look

Why not pull that dress out of your closet and look at it with a different point of view? Is it too special to wear to work? Maybe it’ll just make you feel special all day. Maybe if someone asks you what the special occasion is you can answer “Me!”

XOX Love Barb

Miss Lucky Dee ‘Keil’s it Again!

Miss Lucky Dee wearing Cherry Velvet's Ava Dress in Black & White Polka Dots



Once Upon A Time, Cherry Velvet HQ had themselves a double threat in the office…

Long before the team we have right now, Cherry Velvet had themselves a Sales & Marketing Coordinator who would occasionally pinch hit as model, too! By day she went by Danielle Keil, but in front of the camera, she’s Miss Lucky Dee!



Born & raised in Hope, BC, Danielle moved to Vancouver to be the first in her father’s family to pursue a degree. She ended up earning her Bachelor’s of Arts & Social Sciences, majoring in English Literature & minoring in Women’s Studies. But, of course, you can’t study 24/7! A girl’s got to have a bit of fun, don’t you think? When she wasn’t studying, Danielle was spending her evenings and weekends moonlighting as Miss Lucky Dee.


It wasn’t long before she put the “Luck” in her name by winning a modeling contest & contract with one of our favourite retailers, Lucy Clothing. After catching Diane’s eye and building a rapport with Cherry Velvet as a model, we hired her right after her graduation to help out with the office and be a cheerful face & voice to our customers.

Alas, Cherry Velvet couldn’t stay Lucky forever and eventually Danielle moved on to coordinate something else…a family!

Thankfully, we never lost touch with her and when we can, we love to have her in to shoot. At her most recent gig with us, we had a chance to ask her for her thoughts on her time with Cherry Velvet.

This is what she had to share!

What was it like working for Cherry Velvet?

I love working with Cherry Velvet!  Diane and everyone here is so awesome and supportive. I always feel comfortable and confident working with you all.  And of course, Diane’s designs make me feel amazing too!


Working for Diane was a dream come true for me! I had just graduated from Simon Fraser University and was looking for a new job.  When I heard Diane was looking for help in her studio, I immediately emailed in.  I had modeled for Diane once before and she was already someone I looked up to and admired. Diane is very generous and would often give me clothing! (Like I said, it was a dream come true!)

I’ve learned so much from her and continue to take any opportunity to learn more.

With all that said, working for an artist is not without its challenges…Diane can make quite the mess during her creative process. That’s hard for a neat freak like me! lol

What’s your favourite Cherry Velvet dress?

I love the Lana Dress in Monochrome Lace.  I took that one home after my last shoot. It’s comfortable, classy and has pockets! It was a hit at my husband’s Christmas party. Also The Leah Lace Dress in Royal Blue! It’s to die for!


I could go on.  I can’t pick just one!

What does body positivity mean to you?

For me, “body positive” means loving my body and having confidence regardless of what other people, society and the mainstream media may think.  It’s just being happy with whatever size I am today.  It means appreciating the amazing things my body does, rather than the fact that I don’t have a thigh gap or flat stomach.


As usual, Danielle was an absolute pro in front of the camera, always game to try something new! This proved perfect, since we had a cute Video Game-themed idea for one of our newest dresses, The Doris in Pixel Party. Check out our little animated video below here!

Doesn’t she make a darling sprite?

We think she’s super!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet’s Holiday Lookbook!

With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, we wanted to make sure all our ladies’ halls have been decked…out in Cherry Velvet Fashion!

Presenting our 2016 Holiday Lookbook!

cherry Velvet 2016 Holiday Lookbook

We’re showing off a full complement of dresses, perfect for every special occasion this season. View some lovely looks featuring CV favourites like our Doris & Chrissy dresses, as well as a brand new fabric for one of our newest best seller, The Lana!

There’s also a little seasonal surprise print inside…
…What’s the holiday season without a Candy cane, cocktail….maybe both?

Guess you’ll just have to look and see! Check out all our dresses at Cherry Velvet Dresses.

If you’re local to Vancouver, see (and try on!) all these gorgeous frocks along with the rest of our collection, during our block of open studio shop dates this month (in participation with the Eastside Culture Crawl):

Thursday, November 17
5 pm – 10 pm

Friday, November 18
5 pm – 10 pm

Saturday, November 19
11 am – 6 pm

Sunday, November 20
11 am – 6 pm

Hope to see you all there!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Subdued & Stunning!

Like most retailers, we appreciate our customers’ opinion. We love social media engagement and it’s always such a great feeling to know that we have so many fans and customers who regularly follow us, love our dresses, as well as engage us directly with DMs and PMs and comments. (oh my!)


Recently, we’ve received some feedback from our regular customers that they would like to have more subtle, subdued prints. Now, if there’s one thing we can boast about here at Cherry Velvet, it’s that we’ve always prided ourselves on Retro-inspired unique, eye-catching prints. What’s a designer to do, when their customers are asking for the opposite?

Well, give them what they want, of course! But with a Cherry Velvet twist <3

This season, we’re proving that subtle can still mean sensational with new prints that have “un peu” pizzazz (that’s French for “a little bit”!). These looks reflect a softer, more low-key vibe that gives you more opportunity…

…More opportunity to accessorize and wear as often as possible!

The Tracy





With the unique notched V-neckline & heavier weight fabric, this style is splendid with boots and a cardigan to stay chic in the chill or with statement jewelry for a night out!








Our Heirloom Tapestry print is a grey toned look, featuring a sophisticated damask pattern of black & burgundy.








Our Eclipse Dot print is a modern take on the polka dot, with little off-white “half moons” instead of a full dot against versatile black.






The Paige




The lapel collar and darling short sleeves makes this a lovely choice for the office. Throw on some sexy heels & a cute purse and you’re ready for drinks after 5!









Coffee is the new black! Our Coffee Swizzle Print features a faint, creamy “squiggle” pin-stripe pattern against an Espresso-toned brown.








The Pyramid Scheme print features flattering, low-key tiles of “3D” pyramids in blue tones.






The Olivia



With the wide, yet modest scoop neck, this demure yet dazzling style includes sweet cap sleeves, for those who want a little more on the shoulders, but not a full short sleeve.


This classic print featuring yards of vertically descending, violet ribbon. The pattern is so delicate it almost looks like it was embroidered!

If you’re able, check out all these all lovely dresses (as well as every other dress we have!) up close by booking a personal shopping experience at our Showroom in East Vancouver.

We are available Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm (by appointment only). If a weekday visit isn’t in your cards, we also have a block of upcoming Studio Shop dates in November from the 17th to the 20th. More details to come but definitely save those date(s)!

See these dresses & rest of our collection here!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Sabrina Casts A Spell @ Our Next Studio Shop (Sept 30-Oct 1)

Kaleigh is wearing Sabrina in Indigo Roses



It seems Vancouver skipped a season and we went from Spring to Fall in 2 months! Now that we’re a stone’s throw away from October, you know that means pumpkin spice lattes, spooky decor… and Autumn Studio Shops!


Our next open Studio Shop will be on Friday, September 30th (2-7pm) & October 1 (11-5pm)!



We wanted to take a moment and spotlight a popular style we’ve carried for awhile and are releasing this season in some gorgeous new fabrics. We’re excited to showcase Sabrina and our new arrivals at our next Open Studio Shop!

If you’re lucky enough to make it down to our showroom in East Vancouver (1635 Powell St.) on Sept 30 or Oct 1, you’ll be one of the special few to have a chance to try some new prints that will not yet be available on our site!

Vanessa is wearing Sabrina in Shimmer Lace


A style from 2013, we’ve continued to carry our Sabrina over several seasons because of its unique, elegant look. Although we have many dresses that fit above the knee or higher, our Sabrina is one of the few styles we have that offers a below the knee to mid-calf hemline, depending on your height.

And no need to cover up with a jacket, the flattering sweetheart neckline is “capped” off with darling short sleeves that wrap around your shoulders, like a built-in bolero!

Erin is wearing Sabrina in Indigo Roses

We recommend pairing it with a Mid-Calf length crinoline!

Fabulous New Fabrics For Sabrina…

Cherry Velvet will always carry our signature 100% cotton prints, but this season we decided to try something new…


Sabrina comes in some new fabrics that we’re very excited about! In addition to coming in some gorgeously rich prints, these fabrics are a completely different weight than our cotton. Indigo Rose is an incredibly soft, thick fabric that luxuriously drapes over your curves. Conversely, our new Shimmer Lace fabric is dark & elegant, yet light in weight; A delicate but opaque lace texture. We love the colour, as well! The lace is striking in the light… like onyx stone glistening in the moonlight.

We hope to see you at our Studio (1635 Powell Street) next week! There are so many new styles to try on, including many that will not be up on our site yet! Get your Sneak Peek on or grab an End Of Season dress for a great price!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Sneak-A-Boo For The Fall!

Vanessa is wearing The Kate in Ticker Tape. Coming soon!

It’s common knowledge that the fashion industry is always ahead of the seasons and Cherry Velvet is no exception! Even though summer feels like it just started, we’ve hit the ground running on next season’s collection. No easy feat in heels & a crinoline 😉 #likeaboss

Fall is but a few short months away, so we took the time to sneak in a visit to our favourite (not-so) secret spot in the city, Momiji Garden, to shoot a few new dresses that we will be releasing when the seasons change…

During the design conception phase, we reached into the Velvet Vault and remixed a style we’ve carried in the past; our lovely Shimona (named after our favourite Pin-Up photographer & friend, Shimona Henry). While the original Shimona had full length sleeves, this year’s Shimona features its signature Peekaboo collar neckline and opts for sweeter, shorter cap sleeves.

We’re looking forward to offering The Shimona in four gorgeous prints for the Fall, but we love how the hint of chartreuse adds pizazz to the classic plaid print. Don’t you agree?

The Shimona will be available in Mod Plaid (pictured) + 3 new prints, available soon!

With its adorable neckline detail and front box pleat,  our Kate Dress has been one of our favourites for a few seasons now.

1039_Kate_Dress swatches

This coming season, we are offering The Kate in FIVE stunning prints! We’re so excited about designs like the Floral Noire & Ticker Tape (picture above), they have so much nostalgic flair!

A petti-peek of our new Floral Noir print. Coming soon!

We’ve talked about them before, but have you seen our brand new necklaces? Our signature Cherry necklaces are now available for purchase! We thought we’d tease you with how they look with a couple new prints, Chocolate Galaxy and Paintball. Keep an eye out for them this Fall!

Our new Chocolate Galaxy print, paired with our Cherry Icing necklace. Coming in Fall!
Our new Paintball print, paired with our Cherry Cola necklace. Coming in Fall!

But you’ll have to keep watching our site (and/or follow us on FB | IG | Twitter) if you want to see the entire dresses!

We can’t wait to share these and the rest of our Fall Collection.
We’re shakin’ like Autumn leaves with excitement!

XOX Cherry Velvet

New Arrival…With A Cherry On Top!

CherryVelvet_LifeIsSweeter_Vanessa_Blog A few months ago, we reached out to our favourite jewelry designer, Mirror Mirror Bijoux and held a few creative meetings to conceptualize some new pieces.

A little back story! Mirror Mirror Bijoux and Cherry Velvet have been working together since 2014. At the beginning of that year, our designer, Diane, took her friend, Shelly, to a charity event that was featuring our dresses. We had also donated items for the event’s silent auction. As it so happens, Shelly ended up bidding on and winning a piece that Mirror Mirror Bijoux had donated; A gorgeous cherry necklace! Diane loved it so much, she ended up buying her own. Perhaps you’ve seen it before…


Mirror Mirror Bijoux is a jewelry company located in Coquitlam, BC,  specializing in creating original, timeless pieces inspired by the classic elegance of decades past. With a mission statement like that, it’s no wonder why MMB’s high-end jewelry go together with Cherry Velvet Dresses like icing on a cake.

With that in mind, we are very excited and proud to present our exclusive necklace collection, Cherry On Top by Mirror Mirror Bijoux!



As Mirror Mirror Bijoux collaborated with Diane, they settled on a sweet CherryVelvet_Necklace_CherryCola_Detail statement piece that perfectly encompasses the timeless elegance of pearls with a bit of added Cherry Velvet “sweetness”!  During the design process a larger scale necklace was decided, as it was agreed that, aesthetically, a bolder piece would compliment a curvier figure best.






Our Cherry Icing necklace features delicate 12 mm (1/2 inch) white or black glass pearls and a gorgeous cherry pendant made with 20 mm (3/4 inch) round multifaceted red resin beads, silver crystals and glass leaves on a rhodium plated chain (extendable to 21 inches).

Blog Collage

Designed & Handmade here in Vancouver, BC, these one of a kind pieces are now
available exclusively through Cherry Velvet only!

Fresh From The Cherry Tree

It’s been awhile since we updated you on what’s been going on here at Cherry Velvet! Without further ado…

Canada Post Service Disruption Update!


Canada Post continues to draw out this dispute, we will continue to use Canada Post cautiously. Until an official 72 hour lockout notice is issued, we will be sending all local and one day shipments via Canada Post. Anything requiring 2 days of travel or more will continue to go through Purolator in the event that a 72hr notice is given so that nothing gets trapped in the system.

Fave It & Name It Contest Winner!

It was a tough choice that resulted in a tie!
It looks like everyone liked both the Black & Pink print (#1 & #2) and we ended up choosing Karyn Pickles’ name, “Flamingo Is The New Black”.
While we received many fantastic name entries, many were not trackable on the mailing list.

A friendly reminder to always join our mailing list when entering our contests for your best chance to win!
More contests to come…!

Snap To It!


Have you join the club yet? If you haven’t followed us on Snapchat yet, why not!
We’re going to be posting sneak peeks, photoshoot behind the scenes and so much more.
Add some Cherry to your social media <3

That’s all for now!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Fresh Off The Cherry Tree

For this week’s blog, we thought we’d take a moment to share some juicy news with our Cherry Velvet fans! We have so many neat things going on at any given time, we wanted to make sure you guys knew what the sitch is!

Without further ado…


Vancouver Model Casting Call


We’re currently looking for local models within the GVRD (not agency represented, please!) for photo and video shoots.

We’re seeking those who have availability between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

All images images/video taken will be for promotional and/or marketing use (including for use online, television, video and print).

We’re looking for models who:
* Are a height minimum of 5’5″
* Have minimal visible tattoos
* Are #stunningatanysize!

We’d love it if you have:

* The ability to do your own hair and/or make up
* Some modeling experience
* A background in acting, dancing, performing, lion taming, etc…

As of this date, we’re currently casting for ethnic & size diversity in Small-Large AND 2X-3X*, but we’re happy to take any applications that fulfill our sizing needs of Small-3X!**

**Refer to our fit guide to see our sizing.**

Feel free to send in your application here

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice

In case you missed it, we had a grand debut for our newest dress, The Alice.
A splendid little photoset & a whimsical blog post telling her story.
Check them out if you haven’t already!

Our Alice is available in XS-3X! Get yours before she slips down the rabbit hole again and disappears forever!

We’ve finally “Snap”ped!

We’ve been feeling a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) lately with all these adorable filtered selfies and we’ve finally decided to jump on Snapchat bandwagon!


For behind the scenes looks, sneak peeks, tutorials, photo shoot hijinks and much more!
Snap to it!

We also have more open studio shops and fun photos coming up. Stick around! It’s going to be a very Cherry summer!

XOX Cherry Velvet