Fashion For The “Other” You?

I have a confession to make. I have an alter-ego. By day and during the week I am a sales agent for pretty plus-size fashion. My personal style varies from tights, tunics and Chuck Taylor’s to dresses, cardis and flats. I love dressing up and I love dressing down in jeans, t-shirts and boots. It’s all good and I’m lucky that I can dress for how I feel from day to day, no dress code for me. My alter-ego though, she’s a little more complicated. Her style icons are Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. She’s all big hair and false eyelashes. She wears cowboy boots with dresses and skirts and orders western shirts from Southern states on the internet. You see, my alter ego is a country/honky-tonk singer in an all male band. In a week or so I will be heading to a little town in a valley carved by the mighty Thompson River. This is true cowboy country. The people who live here are ranchers, farmers, hunters and fishers, artists and musicians. They are also some of the kindest and most welcoming folks I have ever met. This music festival is set in front of a backdrop of some of British Columbia’s most amazing scenery. The climate is semi-arid desert, hot and dry. What’s a girl to wear?

I’ll be leaving the wigs at home because there’s nothing warmer than a hair hat. False eyelashes, if I can get them on right. Cowboy boots? Maybe, but probably too hot. I’m thinking my Polka Party Cherry Velvet dress and bare feet. This vintage inspired dress just works for so many occasions! Do you have yours yet? What will your alter-ego be wearing this summer?


(aka Ms. BarbaraJane)

Dancing with Polka Dots

When I think of polka dots, these are the words that first come to mind: retro, vintage, Lucille Ball, Minnie Mouse, and 50’s dresses.

While polka dots were showing up on clothing well before the 1950’s, it’s a dance craze from this era that gave the pattern its name. Some say the dots gained their ‘polka’ because they resembled the dance’s steps; however it’s more likely that the name ‘polka dots’ resulted from the coinciding popularity of the print and the Polka (dance).

At CherryVelvet, we love us some polka dots. The words we associate with this lovely little print provide the perfect summation of CherryVelvet style. Retro-inspired with a cheeky side, flirty and sweet, these are the qualities we embrace when planning our dresses. So of course we couldn’t cook up a batch of these frocks without throwing some polka dots into the mix!

A vintage flare and fun to wear, this black & white polka dot dress is a true classic.

(PS.  This little looker will be available exclusively in limited quantities at the CherryVelvet Online Boutique! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when the store is launched…)

XOXO CherryVelvet

Cherry Velvet Sneak Peek!

Here it is! This is the first sneak peak of the new Cherry Velvet dress The Barbara. (ahem)

How wicked is this dress? We’ve added a sweet little sleeve and a cross over, sexy neckline. We have kept the fabulous pockets too! Here’s a preview of one of the edgier prints. This Good Luck Tattoo print features swallows, broken hearts, roses, and stars all on a gorgeous turquoise background.

Keep checking back here as we tease you with some more fab prints.


Retro-style trims and fabric!

It’s been just over a week and we’re thrilled with the response we’ve had to our brand new vintage inspired dresses! Our debut style, called “The Charlotte” dress features retro trims such as guipere lace, crocheted lace and ric rac and an assortment of fabulous, premium 100% cotton prints!

 I can tell you we have already re-ordered more beautiful fabric! Lots more Polka dots and some brand new fabulous cheeky prints in our future shipment!  We’ll let you know as soon as they will be available!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Divas, Pin-Ups, and Hot Rods!

My-oh-my what a saucy Sunday we had!  This is Diva!, the lovely boutique of Rebecca and Michelle in Chilliwack, BC.  Michelle is wearing a Cherry Velvet dress in ‘Vintage Floral’ for the annual Village Classic Car Show (check out the gallery in this link, can you spot the CherryVelvet dress above?).  We got to oggle plentyof vintage beauties – both cars and pin-up pageant contestants!  

A big thank you to the girls of Diva!Boutique for inviting us to the show!

PS. The dresses above are available at Diva!Boutique in a great range of sizes, so show the girls some love!

xox CherryVelvet

The Dresses are Here!!

It was hard to contain the excitement in our office this morning as we waited for the very first batch of Cherry Velvet dresses.  And let me tell you, boy was it worth the wait! As soon as they came rolling in the ooohs and aaahs exploded as we all made a bee-line to see these beauties up close.  Favorites were soon proclaimed, and it wasn’t long before personal sizes were pulled off the rack and slipped over our heads.  (Well what did you think?! We were  going to torture ourselves all day just looking at them?)What happened next is every girl’s dream… The smooth sound of a zipper followed by the audible intake of breath as you see yourself in the mirror wearing a dress that fits like it was made especially for you.  And damn girl!  You look amazing. 

Oh, and we know we’ve created something really great when different sized women each find a perfect fit.  Whether you’re a pear, apple, hourglass, or rectangle, these are the dresses for you. So here they are in all their pretty glory.  We’re in love, what about you?