Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 3)

Part 3 – Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday
Part 3 – Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday

Pin-Up Models Stela Licina & Elly Mayday are back to share more of their trade secrets.

Stela demonstrates how to properly apply and blend eye shadow and how create picture perfect brows:

Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (Part 3 – Eyes and Brows)

Some of the beauty products Stela mentions in Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 3)
Some of the beauty products Stela mentions in Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 3)
Stela Licina - model and artist
Stela Licina – model and artist










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Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 2)

Part 2 - Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday
Part 2 – Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday

Pin-Up Models Stela Licina & Elly Mayday are back to share more of their trade secrets.

Stela explains and demonstrates the first steps in applying pin-up make-up, beginning with a base of various primers and foundations:

Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (Part 2 – Base)

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Some of the beauty products Stela mentions in Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 2)
Some of the beauty products Stela mentions in Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 2)


Stela Licina - model and artist
Stela Licina – model and artist





Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (part 1)

Part 1 - Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday
Part 1 – Starring Stela Licina and Elly Mayday

Our talented Pin-Up Models Stela Licina and Elly Mayday share some trade secrets of their artistry.

Watch the beautiful duo, along with us, and learn some new tips:

Pin-up Beauty Secrets! (Part 1 – Hair and Make-Up)


Elly Mayday & Stela Licina wearing Cherry Velvet (style: 'Trudy', color: 'Chat Room')
Elly Mayday & Stela Licina wearing Cherry Velvet (style: ‘Trudy’, color: ‘Chat Room’)
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September, with Elly Mayday – Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

MODEL: ELLY MAYDAY , WEARING: Daphne (Black Dot 3/4) by Cherry Velvet
MODEL: ELLY MAYDAY , WEARING: Daphne (Black Dot 3/4) by Cherry Velvet

Last week, we were so lucky as to get to spend an afternoon at the lakeside park with Elly Mayday (watch for more photos coming soon).

Further to our last post, Elly took some time, on location with Cherry Velvet, to record a personal message of her thoughts and hopes that others can detect, fight, and prevent Ovarian Cancer.


Please watch and share here:


If you would like to help support Elly’s quest to face and overcome cancer, a fundraiser has been set up here:

For more information about Ovarian Cancer and it’s prevention please visit:



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Tie a teal green ribbon…

Many of you might have already heard the story of Elly Mayday -one of our favourite models here at Cherry Velvet. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Elly for the past year. Elly is not just stunningly beautiful on the outside, but equally one of the sweetest individuals anyone could ever hope to meet.

Recently (right on the cusp of an exploding modeling career, at 25 years old), Elly discovered she has serous carcinoma -a type of ovarian cancer. She decided to make her story public and is sharing her journey through ovarian cancer, as well as continuing to be a body-positive role model for women everywhere.

MODEL: ELLY MAYDAY , WEARING: Daphne (Black Dot 3/4) by Cherry Velvet
MODEL: ELLY MAYDAY , WEARING: Daphne (Black Dot 3/4) by Cherry Velvet

Did you know that teal green is the colour of ovarian cancer -a much less talked about, but very serious type of women’s cancer?

There is no one specific symptom for ovarian cancer and these symptoms are generally vague/non-specific (-often mistakenly attributed to other causes). It’s called ‘the disease that whispers’ for good reason: it’s often overlooked and under-diagnosed.

Do you do a breast self exam every month? What about going for an annual pap test? These simple steps could save your life.
There is no easy test or exam for ovarian cancer, but this is a basic list of what to look for and be aware of:
  • Swelling or bloating of the abdomen
  • Pelvic discomfort or heaviness
  • Back or abdominal pain
  • Fatigue
  • Gas, nausea, indigestion
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Emptying your bladder frequently
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Weight loss or weight gain
Other symptoms…
  • Mass or “lump” in your pelvis that you can feel
  • Inability to eat normally
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Vaginal bleeding

We hope we’ve inspired you to catch up on any tests you haven’t taken lately, and brought attention to ways to help spot Ovarian Cancer. Please also consider taking a moment to share this post with all the important women in your life so that they’ll be aware too.

For more information about Ovarian Cancer and it’s prevention please visit:



To follow Elly -her story and dynamic career- you can ‘like’ her on Facebook here:

If you would like to help support Elly’s quest to face and overcome cancer, a fundraiser has been set up here:

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And What Are Your Clothes Saying To You?

Have you ever had a really bad day? Well, of course you have. You suddenly found yourself unemployed, single—whatever. And someone said ‘Come on. Let’s get dressed up and go somewhere. You’ll feel better”

And you got dressed up and went somewhere. And you felt better.

We didn’t need yet another study to tell us that what’s against our skin has an effect on our mood. Few of us have any experience with sackcloth, but we know that slipping on a new silk blouse, or a pair of warm PJs will give us a guaranteed lift. And if we put the extra time and effort into properly pressing something, then paying real attention to make-up and jewellery…it just changes our outlook completely.

Of course, some academic would have to come up with a term for this. It is ‘Enclothed Cognition’, and it is what our clothes are saying to us. And our clothes start to speak to us when their symbolic meaning combines with the physical experience of wearing them.

I know, lol. But it’s true.

Last year, psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner’s published a book called You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You. In the course of her research, Dr. Baumgartner found that“When you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self. We see that when we do makeovers, and actors say that putting on costumes facilitates expression of character. That’s just as true for everyday life.”

Enclothed cognition gives scientific proof to the idea that you should dress not how you feel, but how you want to feel. Which clothes make you feel powerful? Sexy? What shoes make you feel in control? Do rhinestones sparkle up your attitude? Does a hair flower make you feel glamorous? Of course. The clothes you choose are sending a message to those around you, but also to you, yourself.

Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state. Studies reveal that if you dress, for example, like a soldier or a policeman, you’ll feel more officious and powerful. People who dress up like pimps, it is said, glide into rooms. No word on what happens when you dress up as a priest. (That would be a whole different study.)

Grace_Front_Tiki (2) (410x800)

I guess you can see where I’m going with this…you want to feel pretty, put on a pretty dress. You want to feel cool and comfortable, put on a high-quality cotton dress that is designed to let air circulate, and give you freedom of movement. And if you want to feel cool, comfortable and pretty, put on a Cherry Velvet Dress.



Bum’s the Word

I’m looking at the pics from last week’s shoot of Cherry Velvet’s new dresses, and I’m struck by how engaging Elly Mayday looks with her back to the camera—rather, her bum. Many women would rather stay glued to the wall than have their back ends recorded for posterity. But some of our culture’s most famous pin-up girls became famous by flaunting their fannies.



And I’m not talking about Jennifer Lopez. Women have been exploiting their assets since, well, forever—in 2009, a dig in Germany turned up the Venus of Hohle Fels, a 35,000 year-old sexually-explicit statue with a very significant seat. You think men today are obsessed with big bottoms? Try the original Cavemen, who included the primitive posterior in just about all of their works of art.

Fast forward, past the Greek statues, the famous nude paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries and the first forays into nude photography (1910), and we get to the most iconic bum shot of all.


Betty Grable was already a popular actress and dancer when she posed for this bathing suit photo. That was 1943, Americans were just off to war and many many soldiers took the poster with them to barracks all over the world. The image  made her the #1 pin-up girl of the era, Life Magazine included it in its collection of 100 Photos That Changed the World, and her fan mail rose to 12,000 letters a week. By the end of the war, her nicknames were ‘The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs”, and ‘The Pin-Up Girl’. In 1946, Grable was the highest-paid woman in America, earning $300,000.00. And what inspired Hugh Hefner to found Playboy magazine? The Betty Grable poster. Would he have been so inspired if she’d been facing front? I doubt it.

So the moral of this story is definitely: Dress It, Adorn It, Move it, Shake It. Put your future behind you. Go out and inspire somebody.

xox Cherry Velvet


Cutting Remarks

Lately, I’ve been making a concentrated effort to notice what plus-size women are wearing. Not that I don’t always naturally notice, but I guess what’s catching my eye is that, while women are wearing dresses that fit, they’re wearing dresses that don’t fit them properly.

That’s not the woman’s fault—it’s the fault of garment’s creator. Because, while there’s a lot more choice out there for plus-size women, I don’t see manufacturers putting in the effort and expense to actually design, and then cut patterns, for the larger sizes. And that’s what makes all the difference.

When I’m designing clothing, I am thinking about the plus-size woman and what I have to do to make her look good. When I have that design finished, I move on to the smaller sizes. So I start big and get smaller. Most designers do the opposite. They finish a design, and then just extrapolate the measurement upwards. That just doesn’t always work.

Designers have to actually think about the larger gal’s body. She has a bigger bust and bigger arms. If she’s an apple shape, her stomach will be larger. If she’s a pear shape, her rear end will be bigger.

BLOG High Res Edited-6547


Necklines are another issue. In larger women, you have to nudge up the necklines a little. It’s wonderful to go out at night with lots of cleavage, but most women don’t want too much cleavage.

The larger woman is also less likely to want tight skirts and snug waistbands. She wants to be able to rock a dress—not feel all constricted in something that wasn’t made for her body type.

And bra straps! Many designers completely forget that every plus-size woman has to wear a bra. Will wear a bra. Any dress, therefore, has to fit over straps. It’s something that sounds so simple, but it’s one of those things that’s so easily forgotten. So often forgotten!

I thought I’d mention this now, because a lot of mainstream designers are starting to jump on the plus-size ‘bandwagon’. Which is fine.  But if they’re going to do that, they have to think first. You can’t just take one of your size 6 best-sellers and make it a size 18. It might fit that size 18 woman, but it probably won’t fit her properly. So designers need to consider their customers’ figures while they’re still at their drawing boards. Because the idea is to provide women with fabulous clothes that will make them look and feel gorgeous.

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If the Dress Fits…Wear it!

We are always listening to customer feedback.  Whether its through Facebook, Twitter, or email…our ears are always open!  It’s the best way for us to learn what YOU want, like and dislike.  There have been a few times we’ve gotten flack for showing “regular” size models on our website.  After all we’re supposed to be a plus size company right?  Well, not true anymore.  We now make our dresses in 9 sizes from XS-3X.  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and as plus size girls we should know this better than anyone.

With that said, we are always looking for more truly plus size models (size XL or greater).  You might be surprised to learn that there are actually very few professional plus size models in Vancouver.  In Toronto and L.A. the selection is far greater.  If you or someone you know is plus size and interested in modeling…message us!

We thought we would show you the size and measurements of all our models.  Whether your regular or plus size, fit is essential to the making of a great outfit.  Sometimes when you’re purchasing online is can feel a bit like a guessing game.  Hopefully this post will help you in determining your Cherry Velvet size.  It would be impossible for us to have 9 different sized models in each dress but we do our best to give a variety.

Lucky DeeSize: LargeWearing: Marilyn Dress in Wing SongMeasurements: Bust 42", Waist 34", Hips 45"
Lucky Dee
Size: Large
Wearing: Marilyn Dress in Wing Song
Measurements: Bust 42″, Waist 34″, Hips 45″
GenesisSize: Extra-SmallWearing: Paige Dress in Gold LeopardMeasurements: Bust 33", Waist 27", Hips 38"
Size: Extra-Small
Wearing: Paige Dress in Gold Leopard
Measurements: Bust 33″, Waist 27″, Hips 38″
Ruby RoxxSize: Extra-LargeWearing: Sabrina Dress in Jade GardenMeasurements: Bust 43", Waist 36", Hips 49"
Ruby Roxx
Size: Extra-Large
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Jade Garden
Measurements: Bust 43″, Waist 36″, Hips 49″
ElizabethSize: 2XWearing: Sabrina Dress in RoyalMeasurements: Bust 50", Waist 45", Hips 54"
Size: 2X
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal
Measurements: Bust 50″, Waist 45″, Hips 54″
Elly MaydaySize: LargeWearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal GardenMeasurements: Bust 40" Waist 34" Hips 47"
Elly Mayday
Size: Large
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal Garden
Measurements: Bust 40″ Waist 34″ Hips 47″


If you have any questions about what size would be best for you don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.  You can email us at or message us through Facebook!  We’re here to help.

P.S. We’ve also now started to include the length of each dress in our online store.  So, whether you’re tall or short you can pick the perfect length of dress for you. (This change brought to you by customer request!)

xox Cherry Velvet






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Say Cheese!

Do you like having your photo taken?

I don’t know about you but I’m not very fond of having my picture taken.  I always seem to have a double chin or my tummy sticks out!  I’m very fussy about how I look in a photo and usually take lots until I find one I like.  Does any of this sound familiar?

This past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with a truly amazing (and plus size) photographer that really understands all these issues I’m talking about.  We are so lucky to have Shimona Henry here in Vancouver. She IS Pin-Up Perfection Photography.  She takes all the time necessary to pose you in your photo and make sure that you look your absolute best.  Not only is she a wonderful photographer but she does fabulous hair and make-up as well.

Model Dani Eggen photographed by Pin-up Perfection
Model Dani Eggen photographed by Pin-up Perfection

Just yesterday I stopped by Shimona’s brand-new studio and brought her a whole bunch of Cherry Velvet dresses in assorted plus sizes. You can try them on and wear them in your shoot.  So if your excuse was you didn’t have anything to wear…you can’t use that one anymore!

Girls I must say you should grab any opportunity to go and get your photo taken by Shimona!   I recommend that every girl does a pin-up shoot at least once in her lifetime!  You will not believe how gorgeous Shimona makes you look and feel.  She truly is a one of a kind photographer.

xox Cherry Velvet