Welcoming Dawn in Cherry Velvet fashion

We recently made an addition to the Cherry Velvet Tree and we wanted her to get pumped about our dresses. What better way to do that, than to try them on! We spent the day giving her a little makeover and we think she looks STUNNING! Don’t you think so?

Thank you so much to Katie of Pout Beauty for doing such an amazing job on Hair & Make-Up.

Dawn is wearing Doris Dress in Black Cherries

Dawn is wearing Doris in Black Cherry Dot

While we were shooting, we tossed a few questions her way and she handled them like a pro. Without further ado, let’s get to know Dawn!

Tell us a little about yourself. Outside of the office, what definitively makes you Dawn?

Up until fairly recently, I’ve been a student for most of my life, while juggling a full time position as an aspiring author. I like words! I like books! I also spend a lot of time on the computer, gaming and learning stuff off the internet.

What are you looking for in a dress? What’s your favourite dress so far?

I don’t wear dresses very often, but when I do, I’m always looking for something that will make a statement and keep me comfortable at the same time. My favourite dresses so far are Brigitte & Brooke. At 5’1, I love that the hemline on the Brigitte is just a touch shorter, so it hits me perfectly at the knee. As for the Brooke, I absolutely love the full skirt. Nothing makes you feel more pretty than twirling around in such a lovely dress.

Brooke Dress in Scotty Toss


Dawn is wearing Brooke in Scotty Toss

What’s your favourite part of working for Cherry Velvet? If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?

Having worked in the Automotive Industry for 6.5 years, it is SO refreshing to work in a creative environment in the women’s fashion industry. The best days at work are when I get to be a fly on the wall during photoshoots in our studio. It was neat to show off my Cherry Velvet in front of the camera for once! If I wasn’t loving it here, I think would be writing fiction or learning how to draw! Something creative, for sure.

Robin Dress in Silly String


Dawn is wearing Robin in Silly String 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I’m a gamer geek! I love spending time gaming online. I could easily spend my vacation days exploring the World of Warcraft, casting healing spells and vanquishing ogres with my guild.

We had so much dressing Dawn up. Thanks to Logan, our Media director, for taking such amazing shots!

Elly Dress in Ivory Pearlized Jacquard

Dawn is wearing Elly in Ivory Pearlized Jacquard. Logan is wearing whatever was clean at the time. 

Welcome to the team, Dawn!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Here Comes…Jennifer!


Last year we introduced New Girl, Jennifer in a 3 gorgeous prints.


For those who aren’t acquainted with her, Jennifer is one of our favourite “Professional by Day, Vixen by Night” styles. Reminiscent of Retro 1960’s Nehru jackets, Jennifer’s saucy V-Neck is complimented by a Mandarin Collar & adorable button details. The A-Line skirt is perfect for those looking for that classic silhouette without a full skirt. It’s a delightfully unique choice for the workplace while still retaining that sense of sass that we all know Cherry Velvet girls have outside of work.

Check them out in 4 brand new prints:



We love the stunning Cerulean hues for Spring and whether you choose a striking geometric pattern like our Navy Deco or Jade Houndstooth, or a delicate print like Bird Song or Blue Damask, we’re certain you’ll turn heads.

Look forward to many new prints/styles to come for Spring!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Very Cherry Updates!

We’re well into 2016 and we’ve hit the ground running here at Cherry Velvet HQ. We wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on in the coming weeks!


It’s the first open Showroom Shop of the year! While we’re usually open by appointment only, we periodically like to open our showroom to those who are unable to make an appointment during our usual Monday-Friday (10am-4pm) office hours.

We are pleased to be opening up our showroom at the end of January! Feel free to drop in for a visit on:

Friday, January 29: 2pm-7pm
Saturday, January 30: 11am-5pm

For those unable to visit our showroom, don’t fret! We’ll be offering some specials online, just for you 🙂 Stay tuned and keep updated by liking our Facebook page.


The last couple of years, Cherry Velvet has had a delightful time participating in the WWIN Show and are excited to be participating in our 5th show. Held at The Rio in Las Vegas, this is a week- long show for buyers to have access to a full selection of Womenswear collections from retailers all over Canada & the US. It’s an amazing event and we’ve met some fantastic stores who love carrying our dresses. Our designer, Diane, will be busy as a bee unveiling some early pieces from our Spring Collection. We’re excited to introduce our dresses to a whole new audience!

Cherry Velvet Spring 2016

For Spring, we’re releasing some of our favourite dresses in a variety of smashing prints.  Look forward to dresses like Brooke & Doris (with more to come!) in charming animal designs like Aqua Cat faces and Deer Butterfly along with some fetchingly bold geometric prints like Tangerine Stardust and Silly String. We’ve also found a beautiful floral border print in two gorgeous colours.

Cherry Velvet

Wait ’til you see these prints on our dresses!

New Crinolines available!

If you missed our announcement, we recently stocked our Crinoline section with new Chiffon crinolines in Black as well as a sugar rush of colours!


We are currently offering these new deluxe crinolines at an introductory price of $99.
Due to limited quantities currently, we will also be offering pre-orders at the same price until the end of January! Have a peek, let us know what you think! 🙂

XOX Cherry Velvet

What The Fluff! A Crinoline Primer

Have you ever wondered how Cherry Velvet makes our skirts so fabulous & full? The answer is….crinolines!



What is a crinoline?

Popular throughout the 19th century, crinolines are a stiffened or structured petticoat (aka “underskirt”) designed to add volume under a woman’s skirt, highlighting & emphasizing a woman’s waist. During the late 1940’s, crinolines saw a huge revival, thanks to fashion trends such as full circle skirts. Some argue that the the crinoline revival is one of the first examples of Postmodernism in the Fashion industry.


What are crinolines to Cherry Velvet?

To us, crinolines go with our dresses like Cherry goes with Velvet! Many, if not most of our dresses are designed with the crinoline in mind. While our dresses make a gorgeous statement on their own…


…Nothing says Va-Va-Voom, like a crinoline in bloom!


While we’ve always carried the netted crinoline:


We are pleased to offer our girls a new crinoline! Made of  35 yards of luxuriously soft chiffon (pictured here in “Cinnamon Heart” & “Blue Rasberry”.)


While both the netted & chiffon crinoline provide great volume under our skirts, our brand new chiffon crinolines are 3″ longer and includes an impressive 100 yard ruched ruffle trim. That’s almost as long as a football field!

Can you see the difference between the two?


Check out all the colours we have available now!
Bring some pouf to your Cherry Velvet dress today!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Interview with Pin-up Perfection

Shimona Henry is the photographer behind Cherry Velvet, and has been an integral part of our brand since 2012. Her business, Pin-up Perfection, is pinup and glamour photography for women of all shapes, ages and lifestyles. We caught up with Shimona after our last photo shoot and she answered a few questions for our readers.

Shimona Henry, Pinupperfection, cherry velvet photographer, plus size pinup, pinup photography, vancouver pinupCV: When did you get started in Photography?

SH: I launched Pin-up Perfection in 2007 but had been dabbling in photography for a year or two prior to that. I trained at Vancouver Film School for makeup for Film & Television, and started by photographing my friends for my portfolio. I always had an interest in photography from watching my mom, who is also a photographer, I am self-taught like her. I have been doing photography full-time now for over 3 years.

CV:  Is this something that you always dreamed of doing?

SH: I always had an interest in Pin-up style, and Pin-up Photography wasn’t as popular when I started my business in 2007. I think there was one other photographer in Eastern Canada that was doing it, so it was really a niche market.

CV: You have a really large social media following…tell us about that.

SH: Yes, we utilized Facebook in the early days of our business and continue to do so. Our facebook following is now over 40K and we are growing on Instagram too with almost 4000 followers. Last week we had two bookings that came solely from our Instagram feed.

CV: What do you do on your days off?

SH: What is a day off? Haha! I need to practice more self-care. I love photography and so I spend time working on personal photo projects too, but I have to make time to do other things for myself. I love going to the lake or beach on my days off and doing other things like gardening; just being outdoors!

CV: What is your favourite project that you have worked on this far with your business?

SH: There are a few! The first would be a Charity Fundraiser project I did with Helly Hepburn for the SPCA. I photographed 24 models and their pets for a calendar. It was a great project. The second is the Taboo Show that happens every January in Vancouver. I now have a team of about 20 people; Pinup girls, and volunteers that help me with my booth at the show. My third is Cherry Velvet! I have been working with you since 2012 and our shoots together range from studio catalogue to awesome location work. I love the models we work with, the energy on set, memories made and the dresses, obviously!

CV: Are there any people that our readers would be surprised that you have photographed?

SH: When I started my business, I thought that my clientele would be women in their early 20’s, when actually my clients tend to be women aged 25-55. It seems that a lot of women gain more confidence and acceptance of their bodies at a later age, and so they are more willing to try new styles (like pinup).

CV: What has been your biggest hurdle in the business to date and what lesson did you learn from it?

SH: There are days when the tasks are piling up and I feel like there simply isn’t enough time in the day and I think to myself  ‘maybe I should get a day job instead’, but those thoughts are brief and my passion for what I do keeps me going. Stability is always attractive though, and not having stability is the hardest part—I am constantly looking forward, pre-planning for the season ahead. I am a sole proprietor, but I have an amazing team that works with me that allows me to focus on taking photos/doing hair and makeup, which is where my skills are at! Maria Christina does all of the inquiries and bookings for the business, Miss Dottie does the social media, Stela Licina and Lucy Lopez are part-time makeup artist/hairstylists, Emma Meow is my location assistant and Helly Hepburn does blogging and event planning.

CV: If you could give a word of advice to other women out there regarding woman starting a business and building a brand, what would it be?

SH: A business is hard work and it takes time and many sacrifices—I’ve lost a lot of sleep staying up past dawn on the computer, shot until my bones ached after 12+ hours without a break. I have also laughed so hard I’ve cried, made awesome friends and amazing memories! It’s all so worth it in the end!

CV: Last question – Who is your biggest inspiration?

SH: My biggest fan, my mum Eve! She is strong, intelligent, caring, creative, driven, generous and she inspires me to follow my dreams. We share the same motto: Don’t Dream it. Be it. (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Shimona Henry, Even Henry, photopgrahers, pinup photographer, cherry velvet photographer,
Shimona and her mother, photographer Eve Henry, circa 1995, and today.


We LOVE you too Shimona!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Spring Beauty for Cherry Velvet Girls

Every Spring season, a flurry of new makeup collections launch alongside the Designer collections at the Ready-to-Wear Fashion Runway Shows. After the dark and muted colours that dominate most Holiday and Winter Collections, Spring is the perfect time for brighter hues to emerge. This season’s makeup trends seem to have one thing in common: a cool feminine Pinky-Lavender hue, strategically placed on one facial feature that will really make you shine.

Spring beauty for cherry velvet girls, cherry velvet plus, curvy fashion, lavender for Spring 2015, made in canada
Sources from Top Left: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 717 Coquelico, Marc Jacobs Eye Palette, NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Bouthan, Pucci Spring 2015 Fashion Show, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick (Requiem and Suspiria launching soon), Essie Nails in Nice is Nice.


Lipstick and colour trends seem to go hand in hand. One of the most popular Spring beauty colours that have popped up everywhere is lavender. Colours like very blue-toned pinks or a light lavender, like the Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection by Kat Von D at Sephora, are a bold statement yet can be combined perfectly with a simple winged-eyeliner look. Purple and pinky eye shadows, and their tints and shades, were also all over the Spring 2015 runway shows. Either a simple shadow-y plum/purple hue on the lid or an all-over lavender mauve shade all around the eye.

Beauty trends for Cherry Velvet girls, Cherry Velvet Plus, Spring Beauty 2015, Lavender, made in canada
Lavender makeup hues pair perfectly with CV dresses, Brooke in Turquoise Medallion, Jennifer in Sky Floral, and Robin in Lime Dot.


Brighter shades of pinks are also popping up in eyeshadow palettes. Pink eye shadow gives a fresh look to the eyes and can be warm and youthful looking. If pink feels too bold, try layering pink eye shadow with a more lavender shade. When using a more bold shadow look on the eye, keep the lips more neutral by using a clear lip gloss or a nude-coloured lipstick.

While baby pink nails are always in style, this summer why not try lavender or bold purple nails for a bit of fun? It’s all about being feminine without being too showy. Nails done in Essie’s Nice is Nice offer a pretty alternative to a pink neutral and pair perfectly with Cherry Velvet new release dresses Brooke in Turquoise Medallion or Robin in Lime Dot. Add a perfectly winged cat-eye and a lavender lipstick for a  fresh Spring look.

As much as we adore classic red, plums and coral shades, lavender makeup hues are a way to try something new! Which makeup looks are you going to try this Spring?


XOX Cherry Velvet

How can I become a Cherry Velvet model?

This is a question we get asked a lot! We do have a lot of favorite models that we use repeatedly but occasionally we do like to add a new girl. Because we have two brands, Cherry Velvet and Diane Kennedy, we do need plus size models and sometimes smaller sizes but generally speaking we prefer to use models that are at least a size large.  Most of our models fit our sample size of  L or XL, but we would love to find more models with some experience in sizes 0X, 1X and 2X.  
How do I become a Cherry Velvet Model? Model, Chrissy Noir, wearing a Cherry Velvet Dress.
For now we use models exclusively in the Vancouver area. If you’re new and would like to try getting into modeling, we suggest booking a photo shoot (or several) with our photographer @Pin-up Perfection Photography. Shimona will not only make you look amazing but she will help you with learning how to pose for the camera. (Please note she will not teach you to be a model, but will help you to get your photos to look amazing) We almost exclusively use models that have worked with Shimona because we know that the shoots will go smoothly. Sure, there could be the odd exception, but not so far.
Please understand that This doesn’t guarantee you will become a Cherry Velvet model but you will still have a gorgeous set of pictures to keep of yourself. Once you have some photos you can send them to us along with your height, bust, waist, hip and shoe size for consideration.
How do I become a Cherry Velvet Model? Pin-up Perfection Photography Photo.
Aside from getting photos it’s a good idea to practice poses and your best smiles for the camera so that when the time comes, you’ll feel comfortable.
Chrissy Noir is one of our newest models and this story is pretty much how she got into modeling. In these pictures she’s wearing a ‘classic’ Cherry Velvet dress called Sabrina. Please look her up on Facebook and show her some love! We do!
We hope this post answered your most of your questions on how to become a Cherry Velvet Model!
XOX Cherry Velvet

A Little Update on Elly

We were thrilled to have a couple of pretty visitors to our studio last week!  Jen Kaboom (of hair flower fame) came to pick herself out a new Cherry Velvet dress and her bestie –Elly Mayday– came along with her! Jen had a tough choice to make but in the end went with one of my favourite patterns -the Brigitte dress in Rosy Dots.

It was so great to see Elly’s smiling face. It never ceases to amaze me how lovely she is and always so positive. She came for her visit quite au naturel and sans wig. She is truly beautiful with no hair and hardly any make-up.

I thought I’d share a little bit about Elly as she has not been on facebook much these days and we know many of you are following her. She is taking some time off for a while and, in her words, “just doing the things that she wants to do”. I think this is a wonderful idea; time is our most precious commodity. We should all spend it in ways that make us the most happy, as much as possible.

Elly told us a bit about what’s she’s been going through and shared some advice for my brother in law, just recently diagnosed with Cancer. Probably the most important thing she’s learned….(and this is super relevant to all of us….not just those fighting Cancer): she recommends alkalizing your body.  That means choosing Alkaline foods and avoiding (or reducing) acid causing foods.  Good advice…which, in a nutshell, means eat more veggies (especially green veggies)!!! I know she drinks a green smoothie every day and I’ve watched her eat salads on shoots with us.

These gorgeous photos were taken by Shimona Henry (Pin-Up Perfection Photography). Doesn’t Elly look amazing? She’s pictured in the dress we named after her –The Elly Dress….it’s coming soon!






XOX Cherry Velvet