Canada Post Service Disruption

CanadaPostDisruption_Blog8/31/16 UPDATE
Canada Post has rescinded their Strike notice and service is returning to normal. We will be returning to our normal shipping/exchange policies as of this date!


As a Canadian retail business, we are well aware of the potential nation-wide disruption in service from Canada Post.

To that end, we wanted to let you know that there will be no issues for any orders placed online. We have made alternate arrangements, should Canada Post suspend their services.

Please be advised that when selecting shipping method, Canada Post will be listed, but you will receive a Purolator tracking number. This will incur no extra charges. We will continue to use Purolator for the duration of this disruption.


To that end, Our exchange policy/procedure will remain the same for both Canadian & US exchanges. In order to ensure quick & efficient processing of any exchanges, it is very important that we are notified via email (or phone) to begin the process.

Upon approval of the exchange, we will email you detailed instructions.

Please be advised that any Canadian Exchanges will be responsible for arranging their own 3rd Party courier service to return the item(s) to our offices.

Please note, that US Customers will notice that until the service disruption is over, they will be forwarding their exchanges to a US address.
(our exchange policy page indicates a Canadian address.)

We are happy to field any concerns in regards to this situation, do not hesitate to contact us at info [at] cherryvelvetdresses [ dot] com or call us toll free at 1-877-994-9977.

XOX Cherry Velvet

Let’s Go Sale’ing! (Warehouse Sale + Studio Shop)

It’s that time of the year again! The perfect weather to go out for a Sale…

Cherry Velvet needs to make some room for our New Arrivals for Fall and that means lots of pretty dresses for a pretty price!

Dresses like our Angelina in Mint Eden & Jennifer in Jade Houndstooth (pictured above) will receive an additional 20% off when you use our online code!


From August 9 to August 21, all our current Sales Items can receive an additional 20% off! Just be sure to use code CVWS20 when you checkout online!

As well, we couldn’t stop there so if any Cherry Velvet girls are local to Vancouver, come on by for our last Studio Shop for the Summer!


On Friday, August 19th (2-7pm) + Saturday, Augusth 20th (11am-5pm) Every dress available for our Warehouse Sale (as well as the our other Regular Priced dresses) will be in our showroom to tempt you!

This is a great opportunity to add to your current Cherry Velvet collection or try on your very first!

Hope to see you soon!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Meet “The Tree”! (Cherry Velvet Staff Bios)

As we get ready to switch over to a new “leaf” (Fall’s coming & we’re releasing our Autumn Collection soon!), we thought it would be a great opportunity to update our “About” section and include a few words about each person that makes up our Cherry Velvet Team. Read on and learn more about Team CV!

Without further ado…

Logan Rudum


Logan has been with us since 2013! His first and foremost role here is Media Director, where he spends his days beautifying our website, thinking up fun ideas for photoshoots (then shooting them!) and managing our social media channels. He loves having the opportunity to spread positivity through Cherry Velvet.

And thankfully for us ladies in the office, his active lifestyle as an obstacle race/marathon addict also has its benefits; he’s the only one strong enough to deftly change the water cooler jugs and plotter paper!

Tatyana Bardas


Our lovely patternmaker, Tatyana, hails from Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine. After she finished her degree in Fashion Design, she moved to Canada and has been working with us for just over a year! She’s the talent behind the plotter so to speak, as she works closely with our designer, Diane, to create the beautiful patterns our dresses are cut from.

But her talent doesn’t end there, from pattern to paper, she also styles our Cherry Velvet paper dolls from time to time! You might recognize her name, as we have a lovely dress named after her. Here in the office, Tatyana holds the title of “coolest place to get married” – She was wed in a castle!

Tracy Po 


Despite her size, Tracy comes in like a wrecking ball of sunshine. Always whistling while she works, she’s Cherry Velvet’s Jill of All Trades. As someone with a passion for customer service, she’s the smiling face who often fields our private showroom appointments, the cheery voice who responds to customer inquiries and is photography assistant to Logan during photoshoots. She also loves doing the blogging! (holla!)

When she’s not assisting Team CV, she’s delighting them with her Disney-themed outfits and brightly coloured hair.

Dawn Chavda


Our newest member to the team, Dawn is our diligent Shipper/Receiver who also responds to order/exchange related inquiries and makes sure our dresses get safely to their happy new owners. Having previously spent most of her professional life shipping auto parts, Dawn is so pleased to be surrounded by so many gorgeous dresses all the time and NOT auto parts. She also enjoys being our model once in awhile!

An English major and self proclaimed “geek”, one of her favourite things about working here is chatting with all our adorable customers. Just don’t spell her name, “Don”!

That’s the team! We hope you enjoyed putting some faces on the names you might see once in awhile.

XOX Cherry Velvet