Spring 2016 Lookbook

So there’s a little background story to tell you about our new Spring Lookbook. And this is the scoop….We’ve got one lone fella working for us here at CV headquarters and what an awesome all round  guy he is. Media director, Graphic designer, Photographer, Super athlete (yep he does those Tough Mudder races) and Rock Star (yep he’s the lead singer in a band.) All this build-up is to tell you that our new Spring Lookbook is pretty much all thanks to Logan.

Recently we bought him some skookum lighting equipment so he could indulge his photography passion even more than he already does. Some days we push all the clothing out of the way in the showroom, set up the lighting and backdrop and Logan starts flashing. He took all the photos for our new Spring collection right here at CV headquarters.

When we asked Logan to put together a lookbook for us and told him what we wanted…he said… “I’ve got an idea…what do you think if I do it my way… :)” Kinda cheeky? yep…but we have so much faith in Logan’s talent we said… ok… let’s do it!  The best stuff comes just this way, when you let someone passionate about their work… just create. We’re super excited about how cute this turned out. Hope y’all like it too.

Thanks Logan, great job!


All these Spring dresses are available now at cherryvelvetdresses.com unless otherwise noted. A few of our most popular styles are being re-cut and available very soon. Just to tease you even more….later this Spring we’ll be coming out with another new line of dresses for Summer! Stay tuned!

XOX Cherry Velvet

P.S. For a full list of contributors please see the last page of the lookbook. A big thank-you to all the team at Cherry Velvet too, as all of our staff contributes in a big way, everyday!

#stunningatanysize in 2016

Stunning At Any Size Title

Fresh off the heels of last Tuesday’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to reiterate Cherry Velvet’s not-so-secret MO, #stunningatanysize.

Retro Class with Modern Sass has always been a cheeky way to describe what our dresses are all about. But we’re also about giving women confidence. As a fashion line inspired by vintage designs, it’s important for us to acknowledge how nostalgia inspires us while taking down old-fashioned mentalities and espousing modern feminist values.


Last year, we decided to take that approach and make it clearer with a declaration of Body Positivity. Looking back in history, we all know that somewhere along the line, a perception was created that women needed to conform to a certain size and that their self-worth was quantified by it. This unrealistic goal has caused generations of undue stress and frustration as women throughout the years have attempted to comply with this “perfect woman” image.

So, we wanted to challenge the mainstream perceptions of beauty. We decided to create the #stunningatanysize campaign to proliferate a message that has always been the heart of Cherry Velvet:

Beauty cannot and should not be measured by anything but who you are. Everyone should have the opportunity to slip into something that makes them feel feminine, sexy and most importantly, confident. Women have the right to feel as beautiful as they truly are. 


What started as a core value to Cherry Velvet has now become our mission statement and driving force for the content we create for our social media outlets.

While we’ve always made an effort to represent an assortment of sizes in our promotional images, we wanted to highlight the range of sizing in our most recent catalogue shoots by using models ranging from XS to 0X. We love showing off how our dresses look on shapes and sizes!



It is our honest wish that every woman who puts on one of our dresses feels as gorgeous as our designs. After all, we design them after you.




And you are….


 XOX Cherry Velvet

Edgy Angelina

The Angelina Dress Blog

 Inspired by the sultry, Legs-For-Days actress, Angelina Jolie, The Angelina is designed with the average to taller frame in mind. Check out these  new edgy prints!

Angelina SkullsNRoses Group 2

Angelina Dear Butterfly

Featuring a twisted racer back and more natural waistline, this dress is ideal for those looking to flatter their average length or longer torso and / or taller stature. Many of our taller models have given us great feedback on the fit of this style. (Our model, Jennifer in Navy Ladybugs is 6 feet tall)

Angelina Dress Back

For the Spring, we’re bringing The Angelina back and we wanted to highlight 4 of our freshest new prints:

Angelina Dresses LineUp

Just like her namesake, this season’s Angelina can be a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll! Looking for something that evokes the rustic beauty of Spring? See it flourish on our new “Dear Butterfly” print. The sophisticated Stag sketches are offset by a lovely fluttering of pastel butterflies in blue, orange, pink and yellow.

We recommend our Blueberry Ice Cream Chiffon Crinoline or Knee-Length Marshmallow Crinoline to match the Dear Butterfly print. We don’t suggest a brighter coloured crinoline, as they may show under the white fabric.

Angelina Dear Butterfly Swatch

Or shake things up with our most edgy pattern yet. Tune into your inner Axl with this heavy metal print, aptly named “Skulls ‘n Roses“. The blue & violet roses add a touch of elegance against this overall bold look.

We recommend our Vintage Chiffon Blue Rasberry Crinoline for the Skulls ‘n Roses print.

Angelina Swatch SkullsNRoses

Need some luck? Find it in the optical illusion of our Mint Eden Angelina. Depending on your view, amidst this luxuriously intricate pattern you’ll find an exotic bird. Or by the fortune of Ganesh, you’ll find the head of this Indian Deity hidden like a charm. So unique!

We recommend our Knee-Length Mint Crinoline for The Mint Eden print.

Angelina Swatch Mint Eden

Last but certainly not least, step out like a lady in this cute as a bug print.  Featuring adorably retro ladybugs in a lovely mid-blue hue on a classic navy background. Finish it with the Blueberry Ice Cream Crinoline!

Angelina Swatch LadyBugs

Whether you pair them with a crinoline or wear them on their own, they are definitely a sight to behold.
We hope you’re as excited about them as we are!

XOX Cherry Velvet