Cherry Velvet Presents The Spiced Cherry Sizzle (Cocktail Recipe)

Our office mixologist, Logan created this delightful cocktail and we just had to share it with you all. We think it’s the perfect holiday drink with all the sass & class that everyone expects from Cherry Velvet.

The Spiced Cherry Sizzle



1oz Vodka
1/3oz Fireball (Cinnamon Whisky)
1oz Cherry Brandy
1/3oz Maraschino Cherry Syrup
2oz Club Soda
1x Maraschino Cherry (as garnish)
Champagne Saucer (sub for martini glass)
Cocktail Shaker with Strainer
Shot Glass (for measuring)
Metal Garnish Skewer (mini sword)
Crushed Ice



1) Combine Vodka, Fireball and Crushed Ice into shaker. Shake until cold (5 – 8 seconds)

2) Strain mixture into glass.

3) Combine Cherry Brandy and Maraschino Cherry Syrup into shaker (No Ice). Swirl to combine (5-8 seconds)

4) Pour mixture (slowly) into glass.

5) Top with Club Soda

6) Garnish with a skewered Maraschino Cherry.


We hope you enjoy it…we sure did! 

XOX Cherry Velvet


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2015 12 07 macdonaldmarissa IG entry

Her good deed?

The other day, I asked an older gentleman who was picking cigarette-butts off the ground if he would mind taking my picture in front of SFU, Vancouver. He hesitantly agreed and put down the multicolored plastic bags he had been clumsily carrying over his shoulder.  In return, he asked if I could spare a few minutes to chat. He asked me for nothing more.  I couldn’t help notice his tattered clothing, the accumulation of dirt under his finger nails, and finally the tear in his eye as he thanked me for trusting him with my camera.”It’s been over 35. No, 40 years since I’ve taken a photo. I used to enjoy it so much. I even had my own dark room. Then I made some poor choices and here I am. But, you’ve made my day, Marissa.” “No, Lawrence, you’ve made mine.” We talked for, probably, half an hour about his passion for photography and I encouraged him to consider taking it up again.

I didn’t have instagram until yesterday. I felt I owed it to this beautiful man, who trusted me with his story and his art…to share

What a beautiful story…!

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Today, when I was in the Tim Hortons drive through buying my husband a coffee , I bought the order of the person in line behind me.

Perfect example of a Good Deed!

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Best of luck!

XOX Cherry Velvet