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Cherry Velvet | The Black Friday Sale | Nov 28-Dec 1

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XOX Cherry Velvet

18th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl

All of us here at Cherry Velvet are extremely excited to open our studio to the 18th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl – Vancouver’s  4-day  visual arts, design and crafts festival!

  • Thursday, November 20th  5-10pm
  • Friday, November 21st  5-10pm
  • Saturday, November 22nd 11-6pm
  • Sunday, November 23rd 11-6pm

This event has grown throughout the years and now involves more than 20,000 people visiting artists in their studios in the area bounded by Main Street and Victoria Drive, north of First Avenue.

See the map (below) to our studio.

Eastside Culture Crawl Map | Cherry Velvet #301-454 Railway St. Vancouver

We take this opportunity to showcase our fashions, locally designed and produced right here in Vancouver, Canada!

We’d love to see you for the festival but, if you can’t make it that weekend, please always feel free to call (604-683-9279) or email to arrange a your own private shopping day and visit with the designer herself…

XOX Cherry Velvet



Empire waists on Plus size dresses

A comment popped up on our survey that a customer thought our waistbands fit too high on our dresses. This is especially true for our plus sizes, and yes, our empire waists do fit high on purpose. Our regular dresses fit a little high on the waist also, but the Plus sizes are more so. We make our dresses with empire waists for a very good reason and so I’d like to explain why we do it.


If you really look at a plus size body, the majority of women have the the smallest part of their torso right under their bust. Now of course this isn’t true for everyone. If you’ve never had a baby your natural (real) waistline might still be smaller. But for most of us, this is the smallest part by measurement.  The smallest circumference is also the right at the top of your stomach where it extends the least. Yep…we’re talking about my least favorite body part here  …the tummy. If you stand naked in the mirror and look straight forward you may notice it’s the smallest width. Then if you stand looking at your side, again you’ll maybe notice that your tummy narrows right under your bustline. I find a higher waist to be the most slimming place for a plus size waistband.


So, the reason that we make the empire waists high is because it’s the most flattering. It also fits many body shapes as well as heights. So if you’re short like me (5’2″), it will fit and if you’re tall like many of our models, it will still fit. The other big advantage of a high waist is it gives you more fabric and more room across the tummy (especially on the full skirted styles). So if you’re like me and your tummy is not your favorite body part, the higher waist may be just the ticket for you.


Empire Waists - Waist Sizing Diagram
If you’ve ever had the impression that Cherry Velvet plus size dresses only fit women with perfect hourglass figures, you’d be wrong. Actually they are mainly designed with both apple shaped (bigger in the tummy) and pear shaped (bigger in the hips). While they are definitely also designed for women with boobs, we know not all plus size women have big boobs. Generally speaking if you have a pear figure and smaller boobs our dresses will still fit if you choose a dress with a full skirt and go down a size so that the bodice will also fit.


If you’ve read our blog posts before, you’ll know fit is hugely important to our brand and making dress that fit ‘you’ is of utmost importance. Don’t settle for mediocre fit…. you deserve a dress that fits well!


XOX Cherry Velvet


P.S. We’re excited to have added new sorting features to our on-line store to help you easily find your perfect fitting dress. Check it out and our new fall dresses here

Black over Nude Party Dress

Of all the social media applications, Pinterest is surely my very favorite. I could (and do) spend hours pinning lovely photos to my boards all sorted by color and style. Not only is it fun for me, I really get work done too. It’s a great source of inspiration. Often details from the beautiful dresses and sewing patterns from the mid century give me ideas for the dresses I design for Cherry Velvet. One of my most recent Pinterest boards is one that I call Black over Nude. Quickly I realized that this board was going to be an inspiration for a new holiday dress that I ‘had’ to make. Here’s some of the images that inspired me:

Cherry Velvet's inspirational Black over Nude story board

Perhaps you saw the episode of Sex in the City when Carrie wears the “Naked Dress”. It was the dress she wore for her first date with Mr. Big. Titillated by the illusion of black lace and seemingly naked underneath, I like to think this is Cherry Velvet version of that iconic dress.  Ours is a much more subtle suggestion of sexy, the ‘naked’ is of course barely implied. I think Black over Nude highlights the pattern of the lace and gives it a twist over the more classic black on black.

I knew I had to have it as my holiday dress. What will you wear this party season? Check out the Leah Lace Dress and our collection of holiday dresses.


XOX Cherry Velvet

P.S. If you’d like to shop in person (Vancouver B.C.), please call for an (informal) appointment or sign up for our mailing list so you’ll know when we’ll be open for shopping!

Next shopping days at our studio are:

  • Thursday, November 20th  5-10pm
  • Friday, November 21st  5-10pm
  • Saturday, November 22nd 11-6pm
  • Sunday, November 23rd 11-6pm