Holiday Look Book

Cherry Velvet girls love a good party, right? Our holiday look book will help you get set for all the festivities!

Cherry Velvet Holiday Look Book

It’s always a great idea to have a dress or two in the closet for a special date or party that comes up unexpectedly. That way you’re not running around at the last minute trying to find something and settling for a dress that’s not really perfect for you.

For this holiday season get your Glam on and get ready to twirl! We have a whole range of gorgeous fabrics like taffeta, brocade, subtle metallics and lace too. Some colours are in very limited quantities!

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So gather your prettiest accessories and get your glam on to celebrate the season!

XOX Cherry Velvet

P.S. If you’d like to shop in person (Vancouver B.C.), please call for an (informal) appointment or sign up for our mailing list so you’ll know when we’ll be open for shopping!

Next shopping days at our studio are:

  • Thursday, November 20th  5-10pm
  • Friday, November 21st  5-10pm
  • Saturday, November 22nd 11-6pm
  • Sunday, November 23rd 11-6pm


Proper fit of a Cherry Velvet Dress

After watching many women try on our dresses, I thought it was worthwhile explaining the proper way to fit a Cherry Velvet dress and what to wear underneath. Think about when you go into a bra shop and someone fits you for a new bra.  They ask you to lean forward to let the girls fall into the cups. Then they adjust the straps so that the girls are in the right position. These are very important steps when trying on a Cherry Velvet dress too!


What goes under any dress is important. It’s great to have a proper fit on a bra for sure.  At the least, we do recommend making sure your bra straps are adjusted so the girls are sitting ‘up’ correctly (you know how the straps can stretch out!). So then when you go to put on one of our dresses, the girls should sit should above the waistband. This will make the dresses look and fit better and should eliminate the girls being cut in half by the waistband. Yes ladies, lean forward, pull your boobs up and over the band and then complete the pulling up of the zipper (much like when you put on a bra).


This is especially important when trying on our best selling Brigitte Dress as it tends to require a well supported chest (so excited to get more Shutterbug print Brigittes back in stock soon!). These little extra steps will help you get the proper fit and of course you and your girls will look their most attractive and perky.
What you wear on the lower half of your body is totally your preference. Personally I just wear regular (but pretty) undies. I’m not a fan of tight spanks or control tops, because I find them uncomfortable. Full skirted and A-line styles should give you enough room that it’s not necessary to wear anything special on the bottom. It’s totally up to you!


So when you come to try on your Cherry Velvet Dress please make sure you’ve chosen a bra that fits well with good support. We know you want to look your best and feel totally gorgeous when you’re wearing one of our beautiful dresses.


XOX Cherry Velvet


Inbetweenies, this one’s for you!

What if you're an Inbetweenie?Inbetweenies sizes are near and dear to my heart. Before I ‘grew-up’ another size into plus I spent many frustrating shopping trips feeling like my size just wasn’t available in the clothes I wanted to buy.  So making dresses to fit girls that fall in between regular sizes and plus sizes is very important to me and my brand. So if you’re bigger than some regular size brands but not quite a plus size this post is for you. If you’re plus size you might be interested in how we make plus sizes different from regular sizes.


You might not know that for each new style of dress we make two completely separate patterns. The main difference is the pattern is specifically designed to fit each separate body group.

Aside from the basic measurements being different, Plus size patterns differ from their smaller counterparts in the following ways:

1. The bust point (the widest part of the bust) is lower on the body.

2. The bicep (upper arm) is wider around, and the armhole of the dress has to be bigger as well.

3. Larger darts are needed at the bust and back, to accommodate for extra curves.

4. The waistband area is higher and proportionately wider than on a “regular” size dress. This makes room for rounder midsections.

5. In a straight skirt, multiple larger darts are needed to fit curvier hips and butts

Do you fall in between sizes of  L, XL and 0X?


Despite all our efforts to fit regular and plus size women alike, sometimes there still could be people that don’t fit our dresses perfectly. (Yikes!)  This would most likely be a person that had very small waist in proportion to her bust.  I’m pleased to say that only once did I have a woman not find her perfect fit.  I wrote this post for her, (you know who you are!) because I’ve never forgot the moment.

The best solution I can offer is to try a dress like the Elly that has stretch fabric. The extra stretch can mean a roomier fit, and a more forgiving shape, and then choose the smaller size.

 XOX Cherry Velvet


P.S. If you’re plus size and found our dresses are a little bit short in the upper body or you’re not too crazy about our empire waistlines my next post is going to explain why we make our waists higher on our dresses.


Why our Retro Dresses cost more

Occasionally we get comments and notes from our customers voicing the opinion that our prices are too high. Sometimes these people list other companies that sell cheaper retro dresses, and wonder why ours cost more. We want to respond to these comments to hopefully give you a better understanding.

Here’s why our dresses cost a bit more…


At Cherry Velvet, we take pride in producing high-quality, great-fitting, regular and plus dresses. To make this happen, we employ Canadians in our office, on our design and pattern-making team, and in the local (we’re talking 10 minutes away) factories that sew our dresses. We make multiple patterns and samples and fit them on both regular and plus size women to make sure the fit is perfect. It does cost more to make 2 patterns and multiple samples for each style of dress.

In recent news, it’s been made common knowledge that human rights violations are rampant in developing countries where many other brands get their garments sewn. We employ local Canadian factories, visit our factories on a regular basis and work very closely with them. Canadian standards, labor laws and minimum wages are high compared to other countries including the US. We can see the working conditions in person, know how well their employees are treated and rest easy knowing that our factories aren’t collapsing or catching fire. Our dresses are not LITERALLY to die for, after all.

Another reason our regular and plus size dresses are a bit more pricey is our premium cotton prints. They do not shrink or fade. The prints are the CUTEST (you know it’s true), and we do limited runs of each fabric. These babies are not mass-produced! We usually only have several in each size.


If we really want to get serious, there are 5 ways we can make these dresses cheaper:

1.   Use less fabric (shorter skirts, no room for a fluffy crinoline, no sleeves)

2.   Simpler styles and therefore cheaper labor (take the VA-VA away from the VOOM)

3.   Cheaper fabric (Boring prints that you’ve seen everywhere else, a million times before)

4.   Make tinier plus sizes that don’t fit bigger sizes (we’re not mentioning the names of other companies that do this but you might know who they are)

5.   Manufacture off shore. Take away more Canadian jobs, and send them over-seas to factories where we cannot make sure people are being treated well or paid fairly.


Since we are not willing to make these concessions, we’re just going to continue making the best quality, best fitting dresses that we can. Also, don’t forget that we have a lovely sale section, and a few more affordable styles so that EVERYONE can be a Cherry Velvet girl. Reg & Plus Sale section here

Thank you for your continuing support of our little Vancouver-based business.

We love our customers more than words can say!


xox Cherry Velvet

What is True Plus Size?

A new customer came shopping for Cherry Velvet dresses the other day and asked what size she would be. She told us a story about shopping recently at a well-known brand’s store and that she was a 4X in that store. Going by our size chart she thought she might be a 0X but was really surprised and unsure whether that would be the case after her previous experience. I took one look at her and was pretty sure that she would fit the 0X.  But it does beg the question why would she be a 4x in ‘that brand’ and a 0X in Cherry Velvet?

True Plus Size

There really is no standardization in women’s sizing. Brands come up with their own idea of what sizes should be. Many of the ‘retro’ brands will have sizing that follows like this….XL, 2XL, 3XL 4XL. This is a tip off that they have taken a regular size pattern and graded up from a small size. When a pattern is graded up many sizes and is therefore very much bigger than the original size, I can tell you the pattern and therefore the fit gets distorted!

So just what is a true plus size? The answer is: a garment that comes from a pattern that has been fitted on a real PLUS SIZE WOMAN and then graded (sized to the other sizes) from that point. It is ideal that the grading of the other sizes does not exceed more than 3 sizes in either direction. Special attention must still be given to exactly how much the pattern changes (and where) between each size.

At Cherry Velvet we make two patterns for every style of dress that we design. One pattern that fits regular sizes and another that fits plus sizes. Each different pattern is then fitted on a real person in each size range.

To check out our SIZE CHART.

Regular Sizes: XS,S,M,L Plus Sizes: XL,0X,1X,2X,3X

It is double the work, yes. But it’s the only possible way to fit such a large range of women’s bodies. While we really are a true plus size dress brand, we are committed to treating all sizes of women the same. Plus size women want all the same cute styles that smaller women wear right? Fit is so important! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers try on our dresses and tell us that they fit just like they were custom made for them. And that is exactly why I love what I do so much….



…..written by ‘me’, Diane Kennedy; owner, designer, chief patternmaker, fit technician and grader for Cherry Velvet


P.S. Stay tuned for our next post which will give a special explanation for those very few of you that fall into the space between our regular and plus sizes. So far I’ve only met one inbetweenie in person that didn’t fit our dresses……this next post is for you!