Answers to YOUR Comments & Questions…from our survey

We want to thank everyone that completed our survey, for sharing so many of their thoughts and very encouraging words!….

For us there were some surprises and whole bunch of comments and questions that we’d like to answer:

We’d like to see more 3/4 length sleeves!
We usually do long sleeve styles in the Fall so we have 3 new long sleeve styles coming out shortly in many new pretty prints! Look for the brand new ‘Shelly‘ dress that just arrived this week!

Also, Daphne comes back soon in an awesome assortment of colours, dots and (later) prints too. Then (in October),¬†Priscilla -a brand new 3/4 sleeve style that has an adorable retro dice print…Viva Las Vegas!

How can I become a Cherry Velvet model?
This is a question we get asked a lot! Right now we use models exclusively in the Vancouver area.

To be considered, please submit some (face and body) photos to us ( along with your height, bust, waist, hip and shoe size for consideration. If we think you have potential to model for us we will contact you and ask you to come in for a fitting.

Can you make a longer version of the Brigitte dress?
Actually this is a really great suggestion! Perhaps we’ll make a version that is both longer and with 3/4 sleeves… What do you think?

Could you use fabrics other than 100% cotton -add more stretch?
For Fall/Holiday we’ve added a bunch of new fabrics like Stretch Taffeta, Lace, and even a metallic and a pretty Brocade. We try to use fabrics with stretch, but most (or all) of the novelty fabrics that are available come in non-stretch. So, to bring you an exciting variety of prints, we’ll always use 100% cotton for many of our dresses.

Need some work appropriate styles/higher necklines for the office
Check out some of our new fall styles like the Shelly and Rachel for work appropriate dresses. The Kate is another great office appropriate style. Think about wearing Brigitte or Natalie with a cardi, tights and boots for work!

Where do your dress names come from?
We name our dresses after models and actresses from the 40’s and 50’s, our own models, friends and generally choose names that are retro-inspired. If you have suggestions for names, we’d love to hear them please!

Below the dress, could you show pictures of customers in them?
This was another great suggestion! For now, we’ve started to share an album of customer photos. Because we do add a lot of new styles every season, it takes a while to have photos to share. Feel free to send us yours -email to

click here to visit the album of fan photos

Will you offer size 4X?
This is something recently brought to our attention directly from fans, as well as on our survey. We’re giving some serious consideration to the idea of expanding our size range. However, to do it properly, we would need a 4X fit model in the Vancouver area. If this could be you, please send us a note!

Personal Shopping Appointments
A few of you have mentioned that you’re uncomfortable with the idea of making an appointment to shop in the studio. For now, we’re an office with office hours, so really we just need to know that someone wants to come and shop. The atmosphere is very informal and there is no obligation to buy. Plus, you’ll most likely get to meet me -the designer- and I’d love to help you find your perfect dress!

What is a size 0X?
Short answer: it’s one size bigger than an XL
We were so surprised by this question that we wrote a whole blog post on it…..coming next week!

Thanks again for all of your feedback; we’re happily still reading your responses!

XOX Cherry Velvet


Three Years of Cherry Velvet Plus


We’ve reached our third anniversary of Cherry Velvet¬†this month; it’s been an exciting and crazy three years!

I remember, in the very beginning, going to a car show and looking at gorgeous models wearing beautiful dresses and I really wanted to go buy something just like them. But, when I went shopping, there was really nothing available in my size. That had planted a little seed in my mind… that I knew I needed to act on.

Soon after, Cherry Velvet Plus was born in sizes XL through 3X. My idea was to make dresses for the in between sizes, including plus sizes, for all the girls like myself -that couldn’t find the kind of pretty dresses I knew I wanted to wear.

Like my original brand (Diane Kennedy), we soon had requests for smaller sizes which we did decide to add later. But, still, Cherry Velvet dresses are always designed firstly with curvy girls in mind!



Our very first original dress was called ‘Charlotte‘. It was cut in 10 different prints and each print had its own trim to match around the neckline. Some trims used were different colors of ric rac and others were braid or bobble fringe. But all were really unique trims picked up at our local fabric supply shop – hand picked to match each different print exactly.



This season we’re bringing back a version of this original dress –Charlotte in Plum Brocade (see inset) and another version in Black Taffeta with lace trim!

We’ve just returned from launching our new Fall/Holiday collection in Vegas, with lots of pretty new styles, prints and fabrics; can’t wait to show you!