How to Measure for Your Cherry Velvet Dress…

Hi Dolls!

Here at Cherry Velvet, we’re always working hard to make our dresses fit YOUR curves in the best way possible.

We know many of you have questions, so we’ve made this brand new easy to use “How To Measure Yourself” guide, as well as added dress measurements that are specific to the cut of each type of skirt. No more guessing!

How to Measure Fit Guide
Fit Guide – How to Measure for Cherry Velvet Dresses

While our fit hasn’t changed, hopefully this added info will make it easier for you to pick your perfect size.

We now have separate size charts for our:

-100% cotton dresses (non stretch)

-97% cotton/3% Spandex (Stretch) dresses

Even though the cut of the dresses are the same regardless of fabric, the added stretch can mean up to ½ a size of added room.  If you like your dresses tight you may be able to go down a whole size.

Size Chart - 100% Cotton Dresses (non-stretch)


As always, if you need any extra help picking a size or you have any other questions, please send us an email or give us a call. We’re standing by to help you look fabulous!

XOX Cherry Velvet

A Little Update on Elly

We were thrilled to have a couple of pretty visitors to our studio last week!  Jen Kaboom (of hair flower fame) came to pick herself out a new Cherry Velvet dress and her bestie –Elly Mayday– came along with her! Jen had a tough choice to make but in the end went with one of my favourite patterns -the Brigitte dress in Rosy Dots.

It was so great to see Elly’s smiling face. It never ceases to amaze me how lovely she is and always so positive. She came for her visit quite au naturel and sans wig. She is truly beautiful with no hair and hardly any make-up.

I thought I’d share a little bit about Elly as she has not been on facebook much these days and we know many of you are following her. She is taking some time off for a while and, in her words, “just doing the things that she wants to do”. I think this is a wonderful idea; time is our most precious commodity. We should all spend it in ways that make us the most happy, as much as possible.

Elly told us a bit about what’s she’s been going through and shared some advice for my brother in law, just recently diagnosed with Cancer. Probably the most important thing she’s learned….(and this is super relevant to all of us….not just those fighting Cancer): she recommends alkalizing your body.  That means choosing Alkaline foods and avoiding (or reducing) acid causing foods.  Good advice…which, in a nutshell, means eat more veggies (especially green veggies)!!! I know she drinks a green smoothie every day and I’ve watched her eat salads on shoots with us.

These gorgeous photos were taken by Shimona Henry (Pin-Up Perfection Photography). Doesn’t Elly look amazing? She’s pictured in the dress we named after her –The Elly Dress….it’s coming soon!






XOX Cherry Velvet