The Brows Have It


You’re in a rush. You throw on your make-up, run out the door and plop yourself down into the driver’s seat of your car. Before taking off, you glance at your face in the rearview mirror, with the natural sunlight shining in…gasp! Are those my eyebrows? How did I miss 7 million hairs? My look is ruined!

I think most ladies have experienced this hair-fuelled fiasco at some point or another.  Because we tend to forget about our eyebrows. We forget that we’re supposed to keep them tidy—that they need maintenance. Yet our eyebrows are an integral part of our face shape and overall look. If we neglect or under-utilize them, it seems like such a waste!

Take these photos of Vancouver model Stela Licina, for example. Here is someone who is Mistress of the Eyebrow Pencil. We see  Stela with no make-up, then in full make-up, eyebrows decidedly on. Quelle difference!


stela eyebrow (2) eyebrows2


But what about all the hard work some of us go to for the perfect brow? The waxing, the threading, the plucking. Should we bother? Well, that’s up to you. You know your style, you know what to do to get your look. But it’s worth remembering: short eyebrows make the nose look wider. Skinny eyebrows make the face look larger. And the thinner your brows, the older you look.

Check out these gasp ‘n laugh images of Anne Hathaway. OMG! So that’s something else to remember: Your brows are the frame for your eyes. You need them!



So keep those brows fabulous and the eyes shining through!


xox Cherry Velvet

Cutting Remarks

Lately, I’ve been making a concentrated effort to notice what plus-size women are wearing. Not that I don’t always naturally notice, but I guess what’s catching my eye is that, while women are wearing dresses that fit, they’re wearing dresses that don’t fit them properly.

That’s not the woman’s fault—it’s the fault of garment’s creator. Because, while there’s a lot more choice out there for plus-size women, I don’t see manufacturers putting in the effort and expense to actually design, and then cut patterns, for the larger sizes. And that’s what makes all the difference.

When I’m designing clothing, I am thinking about the plus-size woman and what I have to do to make her look good. When I have that design finished, I move on to the smaller sizes. So I start big and get smaller. Most designers do the opposite. They finish a design, and then just extrapolate the measurement upwards. That just doesn’t always work.

Designers have to actually think about the larger gal’s body. She has a bigger bust and bigger arms. If she’s an apple shape, her stomach will be larger. If she’s a pear shape, her rear end will be bigger.

BLOG High Res Edited-6547


Necklines are another issue. In larger women, you have to nudge up the necklines a little. It’s wonderful to go out at night with lots of cleavage, but most women don’t want too much cleavage.

The larger woman is also less likely to want tight skirts and snug waistbands. She wants to be able to rock a dress—not feel all constricted in something that wasn’t made for her body type.

And bra straps! Many designers completely forget that every plus-size woman has to wear a bra. Will wear a bra. Any dress, therefore, has to fit over straps. It’s something that sounds so simple, but it’s one of those things that’s so easily forgotten. So often forgotten!

I thought I’d mention this now, because a lot of mainstream designers are starting to jump on the plus-size ‘bandwagon’. Which is fine.  But if they’re going to do that, they have to think first. You can’t just take one of your size 6 best-sellers and make it a size 18. It might fit that size 18 woman, but it probably won’t fit her properly. So designers need to consider their customers’ figures while they’re still at their drawing boards. Because the idea is to provide women with fabulous clothes that will make them look and feel gorgeous.

xox Cherry Velvet