If the Dress Fits…Wear it!

We are always listening to customer feedback.  Whether its through Facebook, Twitter, or email…our ears are always open!  It’s the best way for us to learn what YOU want, like and dislike.  There have been a few times we’ve gotten flack for showing “regular” size models on our website.  After all we’re supposed to be a plus size company right?  Well, not true anymore.  We now make our dresses in 9 sizes from XS-3X.  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and as plus size girls we should know this better than anyone.

With that said, we are always looking for more truly plus size models (size XL or greater).  You might be surprised to learn that there are actually very few professional plus size models in Vancouver.  In Toronto and L.A. the selection is far greater.  If you or someone you know is plus size and interested in modeling…message us!

We thought we would show you the size and measurements of all our models.  Whether your regular or plus size, fit is essential to the making of a great outfit.  Sometimes when you’re purchasing online is can feel a bit like a guessing game.  Hopefully this post will help you in determining your Cherry Velvet size.  It would be impossible for us to have 9 different sized models in each dress but we do our best to give a variety.

Lucky DeeSize: LargeWearing: Marilyn Dress in Wing SongMeasurements: Bust 42", Waist 34", Hips 45"
Lucky Dee
Size: Large
Wearing: Marilyn Dress in Wing Song
Measurements: Bust 42″, Waist 34″, Hips 45″
GenesisSize: Extra-SmallWearing: Paige Dress in Gold LeopardMeasurements: Bust 33", Waist 27", Hips 38"
Size: Extra-Small
Wearing: Paige Dress in Gold Leopard
Measurements: Bust 33″, Waist 27″, Hips 38″
Ruby RoxxSize: Extra-LargeWearing: Sabrina Dress in Jade GardenMeasurements: Bust 43", Waist 36", Hips 49"
Ruby Roxx
Size: Extra-Large
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Jade Garden
Measurements: Bust 43″, Waist 36″, Hips 49″
ElizabethSize: 2XWearing: Sabrina Dress in RoyalMeasurements: Bust 50", Waist 45", Hips 54"
Size: 2X
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal
Measurements: Bust 50″, Waist 45″, Hips 54″
Elly MaydaySize: LargeWearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal GardenMeasurements: Bust 40" Waist 34" Hips 47"
Elly Mayday
Size: Large
Wearing: Sabrina Dress in Royal Garden
Measurements: Bust 40″ Waist 34″ Hips 47″


If you have any questions about what size would be best for you don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.  You can email us at cherryvelvetplus@gmail.com or message us through Facebook!  We’re here to help.

P.S. We’ve also now started to include the length of each dress in our online store.  So, whether you’re tall or short you can pick the perfect length of dress for you. (This change brought to you by customer request!)

xox Cherry Velvet






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Behind the Scenes with Elly Mayday!

We are so excited to debut our first ever video!  Take a behind the scenes look of Cherry Velvet’s latest Spring 2013 photo shoot. Shot in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia at Pin-up Perfection Photography’s new studio location. Featuring our fun, flirty dresses worn by the gorgeous plus size model Elly Mayday.

Click on the image below to be directed to our YouTube channel!  Enjoy!


Let us know what you think!

xox Cherry Velvet

Behind-the-Scenes at our Cherry Velvet Photo Shoot

Recently we had an awesome photo shoot at Shimona’s brand new Pin-Up Perfection Photography studio.  We were photographing gorgeous additions to our Spring/Summer 2013 Cherry Velvet collection.  Shimona really made the dresses pop!  We definitely have a school girl crush on Shimona.  She’s just so talented!

Elly Mayday

And I must introduce the newest member of our Cherry Velvet family…his name is Logan.  We haven’t had a guy in the office for quite awhile so we’re trying really hard to behave ourselves (yaaaa right).  Luckily Logan has a great sense of humor and doesn’t seem to mind our crazy antics.  He’s also super talented!  Logan will be creating our very first video based around this shoot (coming soon)!


We were also very lucky to have Elly Mayday and Elizabeth Barr (author of the popular plus size fashion blog Curvouture) modeling for us.  Check out Elizabeth’s most recent blog post about her experience modelling for us here.  As expected, these ladies brought all their gorgeousness and sweet personalities to the set.  It is really a treat being able to work with such amazing women.  But really, that’s what Cherry Velvet is about…bringing out the best in women.




 As per usual, we paired our Cherry Velvet dresses with the Jen Kaboom’s beautiful hair flowers.  She is truly an artist and they seriously make the best accessory to our dresses.  I recommend treating yourself to one!


Elly Mayday

There has been a lot going on at Cherry Velvet!  It’s an exciting time for us.  We hope you are all enjoying the new website and paper dolls!  Keep your eyes peeled for photos from this latest shoot and our first ever video!

xox Cherry Velvet

Say Cheese!

Do you like having your photo taken?

I don’t know about you but I’m not very fond of having my picture taken.  I always seem to have a double chin or my tummy sticks out!  I’m very fussy about how I look in a photo and usually take lots until I find one I like.  Does any of this sound familiar?

This past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with a truly amazing (and plus size) photographer that really understands all these issues I’m talking about.  We are so lucky to have Shimona Henry here in Vancouver. She IS Pin-Up Perfection Photography.  She takes all the time necessary to pose you in your photo and make sure that you look your absolute best.  Not only is she a wonderful photographer but she does fabulous hair and make-up as well.

Model Dani Eggen photographed by Pin-up Perfection
Model Dani Eggen photographed by Pin-up Perfection

Just yesterday I stopped by Shimona’s brand-new studio and brought her a whole bunch of Cherry Velvet dresses in assorted plus sizes. You can try them on and wear them in your shoot.  So if your excuse was you didn’t have anything to wear…you can’t use that one anymore!

Girls I must say you should grab any opportunity to go and get your photo taken by Shimona!   I recommend that every girl does a pin-up shoot at least once in her lifetime!  You will not believe how gorgeous Shimona makes you look and feel.  She truly is a one of a kind photographer.

xox Cherry Velvet


Classic Leopard

This probably does not come as a surprise to most of you but here at Cherry Velvet … we love leopard print! 

During the beginning of the 20th century, leopard pelts started showing up in America.  These pelts served as an exotic sign of masculinity and status.  Wealthy men purchased them to adorn their trophy rooms.  However, it was women who truly popularized this print.  In the 1940s, women subverted this macho symbol and created the ultimate fashion statement.  The result was a bold, primal and sexually explicit design that was anything but subtle.


Today, leopard print is still popular amongst designers and fashionistas alike.  (Thankfully today’s fierce animal prints are usually made of materials printed to look like animals print, leaving the living creatures where they should be – in the wild).  Top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy & Roberto Cavalli continue to produce gorgeous animal inspired creations.  Here at Cherry Velvet we also love to use this wild fabric that has become a classic.  

What pop of leopard are you putting in your closet this season?

xox Cherry Velvet