Reigning Purple

It doesn’t matter whether you call it eggplant, plum, violet or raisin, purple has been relishing in a comeback this Fall and Winter 2012.  Deep, jewel-toned purples have been making endless appearances on the runway.  Designers such as Chanel, Prada, Jill Stuart, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and our very own Diane Kennedy have all been inspired by the color. 

Interestingly, during the Elizabethan era purple was a colour only to be worn by royalty and the elite.  This was because the dye was so extremely expensive and rare.  Thankfully those days have passed and now anyone can feel fabulous in purple.     

If you’re looking to stay on trend this season check out Diane’s Cherry Velvet designs.  The Betty Skirt, Peggy Dress, Roxanne Jacket and Trudy Blouse are just a few of the pieces available in gorgeous purple.   

Purple is definitely the reigning colour of the season!   

xox Cherry Velvet

Shopping Nightmare

“AHHHH! Why doesn’t anything fit?!?!”


Shopping used to be a task I dreaded.  At home I’d flip through magazines and admire all the latest fashion trends; already anticipating the disappointment of not being able to find anything in my size.  Despite the obvious impending doom, I’d muster up every ounce of confidence and make my way to the mall (with a pocket full of cash no less).  After torturing myself for hours in endless stores and changing rooms I would eventually drive home teary-eyed with only a few pieces to show for my effort.  I started to really hate my body.  Why was it betraying me?  I just wanted to wear cute clothes like every other girl.  As years went on and this cycle repeated itself countless times I finally came to realize that I wasn’t the problem.  My body is fabulous the way it is.  It’s not like I’ve ever had an issue finding men who love my curves!  However, this realization led me to a bigger question: why do big clothing companies choose to exclude plus size girls from all the fashion fun?  We have fashion sense, money to burn and no where to shop.  Thankfully, I discovered designer Diane Kennedy!  Diane’s self-titled, Canadian made, eco-friendly line doesn’t only meet my size needs but my personal eco-feminist values as well.  What’s more is that her pin-up inspired line, Cherry Velvet, has all the retro-glam dresses a girl, any size, could ask for. 

Have you ever had a terrible shopping experience?  What happened?? 

xox Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet - Daphne Dress




Welcoming Danielle

Diane Kennedy and Cherry Velvet are proud to introduce to you our newest model, Danielle Keil.  Her modeling career began earlier this year when she won a modeling contest and contract with {LUCY} Clothing and has been steadily growing ever since.

Trudy Blouse

Danielle grew up in the small town of Hope, BC and later moved to the city to pursue her dreams.  As a young girl Danielle dreamed of being the first person in her father’s family to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.  She achieved this goal and in June 2012 graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts & Social Sciences degree from Simon Fraser University (majoring in English Literature & minoring in Women’s Studies).

As a child Danielle also dreamed of becoming a model and working in the fashion industry.  However, she saw these dreams as far fetched since she never saw models her own size.  But as fate would have it, Danielle won {LUCY} Clothing’s modeling competition which launched her modeling career.  Danielle is ecstatic to be representing and celebrating curvy, plus sized women.  What’s more is that Diane Kennedy has now brought Danielle onto our team not only as a model but as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator as well.

We are excited to have Danielle on our team and excited to see her where her dreams will take her next.  Check out our online store to see Danielle modelling our designs.  And as Danielle says, “Believe it and you can achieve it.  And if that doesn’t work…fake it ‘till you make it.”

xox Cherry Velvet