Summer Sweetheart

Have you seen all of the sweet prints that our Gigi sundress comes in? In the heat of summer, this sleeveless sweetheart style won’t let you down.  Forget the purse and carry your necessities in the inseam pockets of the A-line skirt.  Do you know what you’re wearing to your next summer BBQ?  

How cute is our adorable Love Birds print, which print is your favourite? 

xox Cherry Velvet

If only I had the Gigi…

Gingham, a medium-weight, plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn, has made numerous successfully lasting and absolutely adorable appearances in our day to day lives.  You can find gingham anywhere from picnic blankets to punks, from tablecloths to day dresses, the romper room to the runway, pedal-pushers to pinups, kitchen curtains to couture shoes.  Gingham breathes and washes well which makes it perfect for frolicking in the summer sun.

We think nothing looks sweeter than emulating Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz look by pairing up our sweet heart Gingham ‘Gigi’ Dress with red accents… all you need now is Toto!!

If you’re up for more gingham inspiration, just follow the yellow brick road to our pinterest board “Gingham”.

xox Cherry Velvet 

Pop into Summer with Sunset Sorbet!

Have you ever heard the expression blue and green should never be seen? (Who makes up these rules anyway?) For summer, our newest fab combo is Pink and Orange! Yep, orange is the hottest colour this year but not easy for everyone to wear. So check out the warm tropical pink /orange print in our new ‘Gigi’ sundress and imagine how pretty it will look with your sun kissed skin!  We guarantee it will add some real zing to your summer party wardrobe! 


Tiki party anyone? Check out our pinterest board “Pink and Orange” for more colour inspiration!

xox Cherry Velvet