Limited Edition: Cherry Velvet Dresses

Did you know that our dresses are limited edition? It’s true! The majority of the time, only 25 to 40 dresses are made across eight (or more) sizes in each print and sometimes we only make 10 total! Because of this, some sizes can sell out quick…

Our dress size production choices are based on popular demand.  If you happen to be a size S, M, 3X or 4X, (which are currently our least popular/least requested sizes), we might only make as few as two dresses in your size. If you’re between a size L and 2X (our most popular size range), we’ll (usually, but not always!) have more dresses available.

Model Kristen Faith wears Cherry Velvet 's Norma Dress in Mermaid print

Whatever size you happen to be, one thing is for sure,  most Cherry Velvet dresses and their specific prints, are made for just one production cycle or season. This means, once they’re gone, they’re really gone! The main reason for this is due to the limited nature of cute prints and fabric choices available.  Looking through countless fabric swatches for the upcoming season can be a little bit of a guessing game. Our designer, Diane,  often jokes about using her “crystal ball” to help decide what print to choose and how much to order. So while it’s not a perfect science, we always do our very best to find the prints you love.

One of the dresses that was a very limited edition this spring was Brigitte – Kamp Kitsch with retro trailers, campsites, and weenie roasts. Only 10 dresses were made in this print.

Cherry Velvet's Designer wears the Brigitte Kamp Kitsch dress while eating a hot dog

Another popular dress was Doris Octopus’s Garden; we only made about 30 dresses for all of Canada. (At the time of this writing, there are only 3 sizes left!) This print is spectacular with roses and octopus, it’s an undersea fantasy in the most glorious colours.

Model Veronica Belle wears a Cherry Velvet dress called Doris in Octopus's Garden

The Norma dress, in general, has been quite sought after this year.  Norma – Nevermore has also been really popular. It’s an amazing print; dark magic, spells, and crows. This one is almost gone!

Norma – Parlour Ink, with so many classic tattoos represented on an inky black background: scorpions, skulls, mermaids, bleeding hearts, roses, stars, swallows, snakes, horseshoes, dice plus more.  Only 2 sizes are left. This print is also available in our Men’s shirts.

Shimona Henry wears Cherry Velvet 's Norma Dress in Parlour Ink print

We very rarely (maybe only 2% of the time) recut our dresses in existing prints and/or prints we’ve released in the past. There have only been a few that we’ve ever recut, our Doris in Black Cherry Dots is a good example. It’s our flagship print that Diane had a hand in designing. The overwhelming majority of prints, however, all come and go—here for a good time, not a long time.

Model Kristen Faith wears Cherry Velvet 's Doris Dress in Black Cherry Dots

So now you know, when you purchase a Cherry Velvet dress, it’s not simply just “another dress” you’re buying—it’s practically a collector’s item! You become part of an exclusive club (one that may only have 10 members or less) and it proves, of course, you have an impeccable taste 😉

Welcome to the club!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Designer Derby: Canadian Hats, Jewelry & Dresses

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a vivacious woman that’s also a designer of spectacular hats; Maria Curcic, ‘The Hat Goddess’. Pam of Mirror Mirror Bijoux jewelry introduced us to the idea of a collaborative photo shoot between the three of us. Truly, it was such a pleasure to match her fabulous hats and Pam’s gorgeous necklaces with our Cherry Velvet dresses for this photo shoot. I think you’ll agree…

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic


Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic

One of a Kind Hats

I admit, I totally have designer envy! Maria’s hats are, literally, one of a kind.  It was such a pleasure to choose a beautiful hat to go with each dress. She picks trims for each hat individually; vintage flowers, sumptuous silks, lush velvet fabrics, fluffy tulle, special jeweled bees and, sometimes, a one of a kind brooch.  Each creation is a work of art. 

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic

I felt like I’ve met a kindred spirit in Maria. Her art and design background and aesthetic runs parallel to mine. Days later I’m still crushing on her ‘candy’ hat shop of girly delights!!

Hats by the Hat Goddess, Maria Curcic

The styling for our shoot came together effortlessly considering each of us designers had a hand in styling the outfit. Once we picked out a dress,  it was easy to choose a hat and jewelry to match. Our beautiful new model Kristen Meyn was so patient to put up with 3 designers, too!

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic

Make it Special

It’s easy to dress up and make your Cherry Velvet dress into a truly special party outfit.  A few vintage style accessories like a necklace, maybe a crinoline plus a hat makes your dress suitable for a fancy wedding or a day at the races like the upcoming Deighton Cup in Vancouver.

Vintage style model Kristen Meyn wearing a Cherry Velvet polka Dot dress with a hat by Maria Curcic and Fluevog shoes

I’ve come to believe that our dresses are like an accessory to your personality. Just like a hat or a piece of jewelry.

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy of Cherry Velvet wearing a hat designed by Maria Curcic

Here’s the hat I chose…

XOX Love Diane

Cherry Velvet


Pin-up, Art and Transformation; Shimona Henry

Once in a while, you meet someone special that’s destined to have an impact on you. I feel that way about the uber-talented Shimona Henry. The first time we met was at her studio right before Cherry Velvet Dresses‘ very first photo shoot. It was a crowded little room at the back of an artist collective but certainly a cool and unique space, which suited Shimona, being an artist after all.  And that’s how I think of her; a Pin-up artist.

Shimona Henry models a Cherry Velvet dress called Brigitte Bones n' Blooms in a classic pin-up pose
Model and MUAH: Shimona Henry; Dress: Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress in Bones n’ Blooms; Photo: Logan Rudrum

If you live in the greater Vancouver area or have any links to the pin-up or alternative community, I’m sure you’ve come across Shimona’s photos.  Pin-up Perfection Photography is her company and it’s certainly been her primary focus for many years.  Several years ago, she decided to go back to school for hair and makeup with the goal of more regular work hours.  So now she’s not just an extraordinary photographer but does amazing hair styling and make-up artistry as well. It all fits together in the cohesive package that is her Pin-up Perfection brand.

Shimona Henry models a Cherry Velvet dress called Chrissy Lip Service while putting on lipstick.
Model and MUAH: Shimona Henry; Dress: Cherry Velvet Chrissy Dress in Lip Service; Photo: Logan Rudrum


What you may not know is that Shimona has recently made changes to her lifestyle for her health.  I have to say that I’m super proud of her. She’s gone through a difficult metamorphosis and this new Shimona is the one I want to share with you today. Her new found health and confidence blooms (just like the flowers) in these amazing photos of her.

Shimona Henry models a Cherry Velvet dress called Norma Rose Picnic.
Model and MUAH: Shimona Henry; Dress: Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Rose Picnic; Photo: Logan Rudrum

In front of the camera

After posing women for so many years, Shimona was a natural modeling for us in front of the camera. She knows ALL the poses! Halfway through the day, we asked her to change her hair, and within a few minutes, right there in the park, a fabulous beehive updo appeared!

Shimona Henry models a Cherry Velvet dress called Norma Page Turner.
Model and MUAH: Shimona Henry; Dress: Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Page Turner; Photo: Logan Rudrum

It’s a pleasure to look back at the many photos she’s taken for Cherry Velvet over the years and recently, it’s also been amazing to get my hair done by her as well. She’s a quadruple threat: Photographer, Make-up  Artist, Hairstylist, and Model too!  I can’t say enough good things about this lovely and talented person. May you have the good fortune to cross Shimona’s path!

XOX Diane

Cherry Velvet


Mirror Mirror on the Wall; Vintage Jewelry for All

When you put on your Cherry Velvet dress how do you finish off the look? A piece of jewelry that compliments your dress, your eyes, your personality or your attitude can really be the cherry on top.

Vintage inspired Cherry Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

Jewelry by Mirror Mirror Bijoux

Over the years we have enjoyed collaborating with a local jewelry designer, Pamela Botros of Mirror Mirror Bijoux to create necklace and earring sets that perfectly complement our dresses. This started naturally, with cherries,  an obvious choice and a classic pairing.

Pamela Botros, jewelry designer of Mirror Mirror Bijoux wearing her own necklace and a Cherry Velvet Dress

Pam makes handmade, vintage-inspired jewelry that hearkens back to the days of old Hollywood glamour.  She uses mostly glass and crystal, often with special sparkly finishes like aurora borealis.  She’ll also incorporate real vintage beads or brooches into her designs which makes them extra special.

One of a Kind Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Mirror Mirror Bijoux

From the first cherries to our latest lemon perfection these lovely necklaces really do match so well. When we found the juiciest lemon fabric, we knew we’d have to find the ideal lemon necklace and earring set to compliment our new Citrus Slice lemon dress. The resulting Lemon Soda Necklace and Earring Set created by Pam is the ultimate accessory for this fabulous dress.

Vintage inspired Lemon Soda Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

Model Wearing Vintage Inspired Lemon Soda Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

When we made our tattoo inspired dresses it was so fun to also introduce the Ruby Pair-O-Dice Set. Available in Red or White dice and the perfect match to one of our favourite cool prints. Roll those bones!


Vintage inspired Ruby Pair-O-Dice Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

The release of our Angelina dress – Garden Blues, inspired the most delicious faceted milk glass bead necklace, The Cornflower Blue Set.  This glorious shade of blue is a stunning match to our new dress.

Vintage inspired Cornflower Blue Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

Model Wearing Vintage inspired Cornflower Blue Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

The Aurora Borealis Necklace and Earring Set features a double strand of glass beads that reflect all the colours of the rainbow making it completely versatile and allowing a great match to any dress you choose to wear with it.

Vintage inspired Aurora Borealis Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set from Cherry Velvet Dresses.

The Perfect Match

Some things are meant to be. Cherry Velvet and Mirror Mirror Bijoux go together like cherries and chocolate, like lemon and meringue, like milk and cookies. You get the picture.

XOX Cherry Velvet

P.S. Come on down to our Showroom Friday, June 1st, 2pm – 7pm and Saturday, June 2, 11am – 5pm  to try on some dresses with matching jewelry. Bring your friends!  1635 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

Voluptuous Vintage Inspired Dresses

Like many people, I love the vintage styling of the mid-century. There are so many styles I would love to wear but cannot find in my size. I’ve never understood why it was so hard to find good vintage styling in true plus sizing. Most of the dresses in vintage shops are TINY and I wanted to know why. I called my good friend, Natalie Kunow, who owns Woo Vintage on Main Street in Vancouver and asked her what the deal is…

Vancouver vintage store Woo Vintage

Old size 14 = Today’s size 8

The fact is people were smaller “back in the day”. The average size of women has increased considerably and it’s a well-known fact that Marilyn Monroe was a dress size 14-16. The truth is, in today’s clothing she would be wearing a size 8 or smaller. The numbers don’t mean the same as what they once did. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a size 16 or 18 in a vintage clothing store and even if it was there it would fit much, much smaller.

Marilyn Monroe in a vintage halter dress

Suck it in, sister!

Up until the mid 60’s, most women wore girdles. Ironclad foundation garments that would easily draw a woman’s waist in by 2-4 inches. Back then, clothing was made with this in mind. A woman would transform her body to fit into the clothes and manufacturers would create the clothing for that compressed hourglass shape.

1950's Vintage lingerie

So… Now what?

When I began my fashion buying career, I started looking into new garments with vintage styling. What I found was poorly graded sizing and tiny cuts that did not actually fit the sizes they were supposed to.  How dare they call something a size 3X only to have it fit no bigger than a standard size 14! What kind of message does that send to us curvy girls? The same message we have received, again and again; we’re not important enough to truly take our fit needs into consideration. I say nuts to that!

Cherry Velvet has changed all that. Since 2011 our cheeky, retro-inspired dress line has been creating a buzz amongst fashionistas everywhere who are looking for fun dresses with a fabulous fit. These are dresses that fit ALL of you. From your ample behind to your stunning décolletage and everything in between.

Cherry Velvet Kate dress in Cherry Checks inspired by true vintage styling
Everyone should be able to dress like a vintage pin-up girl!

XOX Barb

Dressed up for Dapper Day @ Disneyland


What could make the magic of Disney, even more so? Why a bevy of beauties all decked out for Dapper Day of course! While most Disney goers are firmly about comfort, on this special day, guys and dolls get gussied up in true vintage and modern vintage outfits and the result is spectacular. People watching at it’s finest!

Dapper Day @ Disneyland

“Stepping out in Style”

If you’ve never heard of it, Dapper Day is a twice yearly event where guests of the parks are encouraged to come all dressed up in the styles of yesteryear. Since 2011, the Dapper Day Expo has taken place at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center. So it’s really two simultaneous occurrences. You can attend the Expo, which is Dapper shopping extraordinaire plus music, dancing, and unique photo. You can then also attend Disneyland in your personal best Dapper finery on Dapper Day at the park.

Dapper Day Expo

What do you find at the expo? There were vendors showcasing everything you need to put your best self forward;  vintage clothing, hats, fascinators,  vintage style sunnies and jewelry.  Also cosmetics, hairdo’s (victory rolls anyone?) and modern vintage clothing too. Some booths were just for men; including vintage suits, hats and even a barber.

True Vintage dress @ Dapper Day

True Vintage gloves @ Dapper Day


Vintage Hats @ Dapper Day

Cherry Velvet’s designer Diane @ Dapper Day

Our designer Diane attended this year wearing Cherry Velvet of course.  Achieving the Dapper day look was a cinch with a vintage style dress like Cherry Velvet,  plus added accessories like a fascinator and jewelry. Diane found the trickiest part to be wearing suitably chic but appropriately comfortable footwear.

Cherry Velvet's designer Diane and her guy @ Dapper Day

Mike’s wearing the Cherry Velvet Automotion shirt and Diane’s wearing the Doris Citrus Slice dress with the Lemon Soda necklace.

Cherry Velvet's designer Diane and her guy @ Dapper Day

Mike’s wearing the Cherry Velvet Bones N Blooms shirt and Diane’s wearing the Doris Octopus’s Garden dress

Dapper Day @ Disneyland

Aside from all the amazing rides and stellar weather, the most enjoyable part of the trip was seeing all the incredible vintage style outfits. It was especially fun to see Dapper couples like @missgolden_lady and @controversially_constructive (IG).

@missgolden_lady @ Dapper Day

Plus some beauties wearing absolutely gorgeous true vintage outfits like these girls:

True Vintage fashion @ Dapper Day

True Vintage fashion @ Dapper Day

Check out this amazing outfit on the right!!! (below) Painting the roses red complete with a white hair flower dipped in red sparkle! and matching brooches too!

Dapper Day

We can’t wait to go back! Maybe we’ll see you there in November?

XOX Cherry Velvet




Model Profile: Carly Stone Curve

Let’s introduce model Carly Stone; she’s beautiful on the outside and the inside. But she’s way more too. We thought you’d like to meet this inspirational woman…

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Bones N Blooms

How did you become a model?

Before modeling, I was working as a nurse in an area that focused on women’s health and was constantly amazed at the strength of these women battling major health issues. This made me grateful for my own body, flaws and all, and really gave me the confidence to care less about what people thought, and more about promoting positivity. I got my first chance to shine when I was visiting a makeup artist friend in California and she brought me to a shoot. The model didn’t show, so I became the model, and it was this incredible, empowering experience. The photographer connected me to others in the industry, and everything blew up from there! The responses have been really positive since I started, so I decided to keep going!

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve

How did you learn how to pose?

What helped me the absolute most was working with professional photographers, especially in the earlier times of my career. Photographers have a wealth of knowledge on what makes a beautiful photo, so I tried to get as much feedback and tips as they could give me. I also watched a lot of fashion/ modeling shows or clips, paid attention to other models in shoots, and practiced in front of the mirror. Knowing your best angles is extremely helpful, but don’t be afraid to try new things! Not every shoot is the same, and not every pose will land perfectly, but it’s important to keep branching out and growing.

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Monumental

What is your unique model “signature”?

What makes me different as a model is the way I express myself, either through captions or stories. My shoots are always professional, but I try not to take myself too seriously in the media. I like to engage with my followers rather than just throw up a picture, and I love exploring different themes and styles. I think my look is a bit unique in that I fall in-between the model categories. I’m a little shorter than the average model, and my body is not quite plus but more “curvy” as a size 10-12. Even if I don’t represent the majority of runway models, I think I represent the majority of women, and people feel connected to that.

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress in Pedal Pushing

Tell us about your other careers?

Aside from modeling, I’m also working in health care as a nurse. I’ve worked in every area from pediatrics to surgical, and have gained some incredible experience -and confidence!- from it. I’m also currently attending university full-time pursuing a double-major, which definitely keeps me busy! I try to split my time evenly between being a nurse, student, and model, but depending on the season, the scale tips in favour of one

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve
Petrovski Portrait Photographer

Any makeup/life hacks you’d like to share?

For beauty tips, take care of your skin! Healthy skin really shines through in photos and in daily life. Taking off makeup properly at night and keeping skin moisturized and hydrated makes all the difference. I’m currently obsessed with oil washes at night to remove makeup (followed by a cleanser) and sheet face masks, especially the animal ones!
For makeup, I like to keep things classic. A good foundation and mascara are the basics, but having a pop of colour (like a red lip) really revs up the look without adding too much. I also love having good eyebrows! I actually use an eyeshadow to fill my brows, but any tints, dip brows or pencils will do!

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve

What’s the best part of working in this industry?

Obviously getting to keep the products is awesome. (all the pretty things!) Meeting different people in the industry has been incredible. Some of the models, designers, and photographers I’ve worked with have become great mentors or great friends, and I’m always happy to see them grow. My favourite hashtag has been #WomenSupportingWomen because I’ve loved seeing the openness, acceptance, and positivity from other women in the industry. There can be a lot of malice, especially in fashion and media, but there is also a lot of good. So far, I’ve been more often pleasantly surprised

Thanks, Carly for being such an inspiration to us all!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet Offers Small Sizes Too

Did you know that Cherry Velvet has small sizes? Our dresses are made in sizes Small to 3X with a limited number in sizes XS and 4X.

Did you know Cherry Velvet makes Small Sizes too?

Why So Many Sizes?

We want to offer women of all sizes the same shopping experience. Imagine you are one of the small sizes and your best girlfriend wears a size 2X. You may have never had an opportunity to shop together. With Cherry Velvet you can both have the same choices of great fit and selection. Shopping with your BFF can be a blast but only if you both find your size.

Small Sizes and Plus sizes can shop together at Cherry Velvet

Making The Grade

We actually make two sets of patterns to accommodate this large set of sizes. The small size range, XS – L, is graded in one group and the larger sizes, XL – 4X, are graded in another. Grading is the process of turning base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes using size specific grading increments. Grading just one pattern would never fit all of the 10 sizes we create.

Cherry Velvet makes one pattern for Small Sizes (left) and another pattern for plus sizes (right)
Cherry Velvet makes one pattern for small sizes (left) and another pattern for plus sizes (right) All this is done right in our studio in Vancouver so we can perfect the fit!

Stunning At Any Size!

We don’t feel that a woman’s dress size has anything to do with her worth and so we want to treat all these sizes the same. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes this a wonderful world.

Small Sizes and Plus sizes can shop together at Cherry Velvet

Whether you wear small sizes or large sizes you’ll find the same attention to style and detail.  Heck, you’ll even find them at the same price.

XOX Barb

You can shop online Here!

If you are in the Vancouver area we’ll be open for shopping this weekend: Friday April 13th, 2-7 and Saturday April 14, 11-5.

Come on down to our Showroom at 1635 Powell Street and try on some dresses. Bring your friends!

Next Shopping weekend is May 12th and 13th 2018

Dresses, Crack, Satisfaction & YOU

As a clothing designer, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your customers wear the dresses you create for them. It could be by happenstance on the street (that never gets old) or at our Studio Shop. This time we were ready with the photography light and snapped those happy shoppers just as they looked in the mirror.

 Lovely Nina wears one of our new Angelina dresses; Sailor Ink
Angelina dress in Sailor Ink
Possibly one of our most beautiful dresses at the moment: Doris in Rose Crush
Doris Dress in Rose Crush with the Cinnamon Hearts Crinoline

What’s most rewarding of all is when YOU find the pockets and your face lights up because not only do you love the style and the prints but the dress actually fits!! What a great feeling, as a designer. That’s my crack right there!

Our dresses fit all sizes well, not many people know we also make smaller sizes
Norma Dress in Page Turner

There was one lady in particular that came in. She simply had no expectations of finding plus size dresses to fit. With a very large bust, she has trouble even buying bras. ( H-I-J cup) I explained to her that that’s what we do; make clothes to fit curvy women.  And that’s curves anywhere on your body, not just boobs!

How amazing when you find dresses that fit your larger bust?
Norma Dress in Bones and Blooms with the Samantha Shrug

We have lots of styles so there’s something to fit almost everyone. If you’re smaller on top my best suggestion is a Chrissy Dress. It has a universally flattering fit just because of the way the bodice is cut, the ‘bust darts’ are creating by pleats instead of a curved seam. Brigitte can be a great choice for an average size bust as well.  

Brigitte is one of those dresses that fits almost all body types, except for someone with a really long torso
Brigitte Dress in Pedal Pushing

It’s not all about the bust either. What if you have hips? Well sure! Most of our dresses have a generous skirt and are therefore extremely flattering on someone with a butt. Lovely Lennea has a pear-shaped figure and she looks FABulous in her Cherry Velvet dresses. 

Lovely Lennea wears one of our new Angelina dresses, Day of the Dog
Angelina Dress in Day of the Dog

Another advantage of coming into shop other than actually trying on the dresses is to see what’s brand new (and not online quite yet) One lovely customer wanted a dress that fit her bigger chest but also her slim waist. The answer was the Angelina of course. Amanda looked so great in this cut she bought two of the newest Angelina dresses; Garden Blues and Easy Tiger. (Coming soon) 

Lovely Amanda wears two new Angelina dresses,, Easy Tiger and Garden Blues
Angelina Dress in Easy Tiger on the left and Garden Blues on the right

I know everyone can’t make it into our Studio Shop, so the next best thing is to take your measurements and email us with your dress picks. We can help you select the choices that will fit your figure type the best.  Above all we want you to love your dresses and for them to FIT

That's Cherry Velvet's designer Diane on the left with Lennea in the Bento box Danielle dress
Designer Diane wears the Doris Black Cherry with Lennea in Danielle Dress in Bento Box

So thank-you from the bottom of my heart….you guys are my crack!

XOX Love Diane

Our next Studio Shop is April 13th from 2-7 and April 14th from 11-5 @ 1635 Powell Street in Vancouver, B.C. Hope to see you there!

Lucille Ball: Style Icon of “I Love Lucy”!

Whether you know her as Lucille Ball or just plain Lucy …

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

Lucille Ball was a beautiful and funny woman from a bygone era with her amazing outfits, crazy costumes and her sexy Cuban bandleader husband. Lucy got her start as a singer, model and film star before becoming one of America’s top comedic actresses with the TV show, “I Love Lucy”, co-starring on the show with her husband, Desi Arnaz.  More than anything, her character just wanted to be included and noticed and part of the show. She almost always ended up not being taken seriously and hilarious hijinks were sure to ensue. Lucy never gave up!

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

In real life Lucille Ball was way ahead of her time as a savvy business woman. In 1962, Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu Productions, which produced many popular television series, including Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself”

With her flaming red hair and bombshell figure she was a natural clothes horse.  The costume designer for much of the I Love Lucy series was Elois Jennsen, who worked closely with Lucy to ensure that her unique style came through the screen.  Lucille’s costumer did a fabulous job of keeping her well-dressed.

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

It’s not hard to be influenced by the amazing fashions Lucy wore. When we think of vintage and retro style dresses what comes to mind? Dresses in polka dots and gingham checks, full skirts with crinolines and impeccable fit.

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

Although she was always beautifully dressed from the time of her initial arrival in Hollywood in the 1930’s through her death in 1989, when the “Lucy” dress is mentioned today, most people think of the classic 1950’s full skirted patterned shirt dress which was worn by Lucy in many episodes of “I Love Lucy” and the “Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”.

I Love Lucy

“How I Love Lucy was born? We decided that instead of divorce lawyers profiting from our mistakes, we’d profit from them”

Funny ’till the end!

XOX Barb for Cherry Velvet