New Arrival…With A Cherry On Top!

23 Jul

CherryVelvet_LifeIsSweeter_Vanessa_Blog A few months ago, we reached out to our favourite jewelry designer, Mirror Mirror Bijoux and held a few creative meetings to conceptualize some new pieces.

A little back story! Mirror Mirror Bijoux and Cherry Velvet have been working together since 2014. At the beginning of that year, our designer, Diane, took her friend, Shelly, to a charity event that was featuring our dresses. We had also donated items for the event’s silent auction. As it so happens, Shelly ended up bidding on and winning a piece that Mirror Mirror Bijoux had donated; A gorgeous cherry necklace! Diane loved it so much, she ended up buying her own. Perhaps you’ve seen it before…


Mirror Mirror Bijoux is a jewelry company located in Coquitlam, BC,  specializing in creating original, timeless pieces inspired by the classic elegance of decades past. With a mission statement like that, it’s no wonder why MMB’s high-end jewelry go together with Cherry Velvet Dresses like icing on a cake.

With that in mind, we are very excited and proud to present our exclusive necklace collection, Cherry On Top by Mirror Mirror Bijoux!



As Mirror Mirror Bijoux collaborated with Diane, they settled on a sweet CherryVelvet_Necklace_CherryCola_Detail statement piece that perfectly encompasses the timeless elegance of pearls with a bit of added Cherry Velvet “sweetness”!  During the design process a larger scale necklace was decided, as it was agreed that, aesthetically, a bolder piece would compliment a curvier figure best.






Our Cherry Icing necklace features delicate 12 mm (1/2 inch) white or black glass pearls and a gorgeous cherry pendant made with 20 mm (3/4 inch) round multifaceted red resin beads, silver crystals and glass leaves on a rhodium plated chain (extendable to 21 inches).

Blog Collage

Designed & Handmade here in Vancouver, BC, these one of a kind pieces are now
available exclusively through Cherry Velvet only!

Fresh From The Cherry Tree

16 Jul

It’s been awhile since we updated you on what’s been going on here at Cherry Velvet! Without further ado…

Canada Post Service Disruption Update!


Canada Post continues to draw out this dispute, we will continue to use Canada Post cautiously. Until an official 72 hour lockout notice is issued, we will be sending all local and one day shipments via Canada Post. Anything requiring 2 days of travel or more will continue to go through Purolator in the event that a 72hr notice is given so that nothing gets trapped in the system.

Fave It & Name It Contest Winner!

It was a tough choice that resulted in a tie!
It looks like everyone liked both the Black & Pink print (#1 & #2) and we ended up choosing Karyn Pickles’ name, “Flamingo Is The New Black”.
While we received many fantastic name entries, many were not trackable on the mailing list.

A friendly reminder to always join our mailing list when entering our contests for your best chance to win!
More contests to come…!

Snap To It!


Have you join the club yet? If you haven’t followed us on Snapchat yet, why not!
We’re going to be posting sneak peeks, photoshoot behind the scenes and so much more.
Add some Cherry to your social media <3

That’s all for now!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet Contest: Fave It & Name It!

8 Jul


Pick your favourite print, name it & you could win a free dress!

Even though we just started our Summer, the fashion industry is always a couple seasons ahead. Here at Cherry Velvet, we’re already busy as bees designing for next Spring! We love how popular our Flamingo Prints have been and happened to come across these designs to the left while we searched through our fabric libraries!

We simply couldn’t decided between these choices and thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out to all our Cherry Velvet girls to get your opinion!

We’re even going to sweeten the deal with a chance to win a FREE DRESS!

Here’s how to win!

  1. Pick your favourite fabric (#1, #2, #3)
  2. Name it!
  3. Visit our Contest Post on Facebook OR Instagram and leave us a comment with your entry
  4. Join our mailing list
  5. Share this post on your social media!

The winner will be announced on Friday, July 15!

Good luck!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Canada Post Service Disruption

30 Jun


UPDATE (7/11/16)
Until an official 72 hour lockout notice is issued for Canada Post, we will be sending all local and one day shipments via Canada Post. Anything requiring 2 days of travel or more will continue to go through Purolator in the event that a 72hr notice is given so that nothing gets trapped in the system.


As a Canadian retail business, we are well aware of the potential nation-wide disruption in service from Canada Post.

To that end, we wanted to let you know that there will be no issues for any orders placed online. We have made alternate arrangements, should Canada Post suspend their services.

Please be advised that when selecting shipping method, Canada Post will be listed, but you will receive a Purolator tracking number. This will incur no extra charges. We will continue to use Purolator for the duration of this disruption.


To that end, Our exchange policy/procedure will remain the same for both Canadian & US exchanges. In order to ensure quick & efficient processing of any exchanges, it is very important that we are notified via email (or phone) to begin the process.

Upon approval of the exchange, we will email you detailed instructions.

Please be advised that any Canadian Exchanges will be responsible for arranging their own 3rd Party courier service to return the item(s) to our offices.

Please note, that US Customers will notice that until the service disruption is over, they will be forwarding their exchanges to a US address.
(our exchange policy page indicates a Canadian address.)

We are happy to field any concerns in regards to this situation, do not hesitate to contact us at info [at] cherryvelvetdresses [ dot] com or call us toll free at 1-877-994-9977.

XOX Cherry Velvet

We’re Tula Pink’d!

24 Jun

Tula Pink Swatch Collage

From left to right: Fox Floral, Sunset Chevrons, Jade + Pink Chipper

Every Cherry Velvet girl knows that our dresses stand out from the rest with our eye catching prints. As part of the design process, our designer, Diane, spends dedicated time searching for prints that exudes our flair for style. During one of her marathon searches, Diane came across a fabric designer named, Tula Pink. Primarily sold as quilting fabric, Tula Pink’s designs are gorgeously whimsical with an impeccable eye for colour theory and illustration… And cute hidden animals.

As a designer who worked hard to get her fashion lines off the ground, Diane appreciated Tula Pink’s story – which took her from LA to Kansas City and turned her passion for fabric design into a dream career.

Diane ended up falling in love with a print from one of Tula Pink’s collections, but alas, it was sold out.



The sold out print by Tula Pink – How cute is this?!

Her interest piqued and not to be deterred, she ended up choosing a couple of prints from the same collection.

Chrissy in Retro Stars…no longer available in this print, but we have other prints!

After the tremendous success of these dresses, we knew we had to continue keeping an eye on Tula Pink’s new fabric releases.

We chose this striking Tiger print for our Tatyana Dress:

Earlier this year, as we were now following @tulapink on Instagram, Diane came across this adorable squirrel…


Follow Tula Pink on IG: @tulapink


…followed by these adorable foxes


Follow Tula Pink on IG @tulapink

And suddenly, dress ideas started flowing in. Diane decided to choose a few playful prints for the last couple of  our collections and we love how wonderfully they fit into our style. They bring so much energy and fun to our already fabulous dresses.

This season, we introduced you to 2 new sundresses, Alice & Sally.  We thought these would be perfect to showcase the cute prints that caught our eye. As we mentioned, we love Tula Pink’s colour palettes and our Sally in Chevron (Sky + Sunset) is such a lovely burst of colour!


With our own penchant for animal prints, we love that Tula Pink often hides little wee creatures in many of her designs. Remember those sketches? We just couldn’t resist!


As always, we look forward to seeing what new designs Tula Pink comes up with and we’re even more excited to release another dress (or 2!) in our upcoming collection in the Fall, featuring more of her fabric! Like our freshly remixed Shimona…


Shimona Tease

…Just a tease…for now…!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Size Wise!

17 Jun

Vanessa is wearing Sally in Flamingo

Anyone familiar with Cherry Velvet Dresses knows how important it is that our dresses are accessible to everyone. When we first started, we had the intention of providing gorgeous dress options for Plus Sized women. As we did research on our target audience we discovered that, unsurprisingly, it’s common for women to shop in groups (of all sizes). Many would find themselves separated from their friends when shopping, as Regular & Plus Sizes often occupied completely separate areas, if not completely separate stores!


Find your Cherry Velvet size on our Fit Guide

We weren’t down with that.

So we decided shortly after our launch, that we would design our dresses and ensure they would properly fit a range of sizes, from XS-3X. In addition, we endeavour to include 4X in selected styles and make sure to include a size not very common to many retail stores, 0X.






We introduced Size 0X to provide a bridge between our regular and plus sizes. Traditionally non-stretch sizing increments must be smaller than for stretch to fit the maximum number of people properly. Many of our dresses are made from (non stretch) 100% cotton,  and subsequently, in order to properly lead into true plus sizing, we had to add an extra size.



Jennifer is wearing Sally in Coral Border

It is important to note that, ideally, the grading (sizing to other sizes) of a pattern does not exceed more than 3 sizes in either direction. Special attention must be given to exactly how much the pattern changes (and where) between each size. It is not uncommon to find many “Plus sized” options ill fitting, because the pattern grading was simply magnified and no other fine tuning done.

Despite being double the work, during our design process we make two patterns for every style of dress that we design. One pattern that fits regular sizes and another that fits plus sizes. Each different pattern is then fitted on a real person in each size range. This way, we ensure that not only are we providing every single size we can, but they are also truly graded properly.


Kaleigh is wearing Sally in Rose Border

That being said, Cherry Velvet’s fit is unique to many other fashion brands, in that our overall fit caters to the curvier woman. Our styles have also have a higher waist, which flatters many body types and heights. We also endeavor to design straps/necklines that will always accommodate a real bra (none of this silly “strapless” business!). That being said, we know not all plus size women have ample chests. Should this be the case, no worries! Our designs are forgiving enough that if you choose a style with a full skirt and go down a size, the bodice should fit like a dream. This works wonderfully for those that have a “Pear” shape!

We hope that all this info illustrates how much detail goes into properly sizing our dresses. Whether you’re an XS or a true plus size, it’s our goal to make sure you feel #stunningatanysize.

XOX Cherry Velvet

Fresh Off The Cherry Tree

10 Jun

For this week’s blog, we thought we’d take a moment to share some juicy news with our Cherry Velvet fans! We have so many neat things going on at any given time, we wanted to make sure you guys knew what the sitch is!

Without further ado…


Vancouver Model Casting Call


We’re currently looking for local models within the GVRD (not agency represented, please!) for photo and video shoots.

We’re seeking those who have availability between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

All images images/video taken will be for promotional and/or marketing use (including for use online, television, video and print).

We’re looking for models who:
* Are a height minimum of 5’5″
* Have minimal visible tattoos
* Are #stunningatanysize!

We’d love it if you have:

* The ability to do your own hair and/or make up
* Some modeling experience
* A background in acting, dancing, performing, lion taming, etc…

As of this date, we’re currently casting for ethnic & size diversity in Small-Large AND 2X-3X*, but we’re happy to take any applications that fulfill our sizing needs of Small-3X!**

**Refer to our fit guide to see our sizing.**

Feel free to send in your application here

Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice

In case you missed it, we had a grand debut for our newest dress, The Alice.
A splendid little photoset & a whimsical blog post telling her story.
Check them out if you haven’t already!

Our Alice is available in XS-3X! Get yours before she slips down the rabbit hole again and disappears forever!

We’ve finally “Snap”ped!

We’ve been feeling a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) lately with all these adorable filtered selfies and we’ve finally decided to jump on Snapchat bandwagon!


For behind the scenes looks, sneak peeks, tutorials, photo shoot hijinks and much more!
Snap to it!

We also have more open studio shops and fun photos coming up. Stick around! It’s going to be a very Cherry summer!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Down The Rabbit Hole with Alice

7 Jun

Curiouser and curiouser…Everything’s turvy topsy at Cherry Velvet and the muchness of it is hard to ignore. We have a new arrival to the Cherry Velvet Tree, featuring splendiferously florid prints created by Tula Pinkan illustrator-cum-fabric designer from the sunny land of California.

Introducing Alice, our latest and most darling yet. By happenstance, on a very un-ordinary day, we caught Alice as she was falling down a rabbit hole (as she oftentimes did). We jumped at the chance to send her spinning in our direction and with great haste, she wasted no time in filling our wondrous world with brightly coloured foxes and chipmunks and parrots (goodness gracious!)

Now it’s your turn to see through Alice’s looking glass and into the realm of chimerical charm…


Alice sees everything polychromously; On several occasions in a day, she will find herself in a world of her own, all pink and floral, looking up at a turquoise sky. Matriculating with cheery chimpunks, all fuchsia-flushed.

3_DownTheRabbitHole_Alice_PinkChipperVeronica is wearing Alice in Pink Chipper

But in the blink of an eye, grayer becomes the sky! And Alice’s eyes spy shades of jade, changing the scenery to greenery!

5_DownTheRabbitHole_JadeChipperRuby is wearing Alice in Jade Chipper

And while most are working hard, spending their days with responsibility and chores, our little Alice spends her time laying in an aqua grove daydreaming. Today, she envisions napping foxes in sunset hues, among dainty blossoms nestled in between creeping branches of playful vines…

Alice_2_Fox_Front_MG_6047_2Ruby is wearing Alice in Fox Floral

…And she imagines regal games of croquet, while a sneaky Cheshire cat observes.



We hope you enjoyed this whimsical look at Alice; find her and many more magical, vintage & retro-inspired looks at Cherry Velvet.

And even though Alice often believes in as many as six impossible things by breakfast, she doesn’t believe in size exclusivity. And neither do we! Our line is all-inclusive and we carry all sizes from XS-3X!

View all the full size pics in this photoset here!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Models of Cherry Velvet: Veronica Belle

27 May

Last blog, we introduced you to one of our long time models, Ruby Roxx. Today, we wanted to introduce you to one of our newest models, Veronica Belle!

With a dreamy, far-off look and her nose stuck in a book, Veronica is a multi-talented singer-actress with an avid love for Disney and other assorted fandoms. When she’s not singing for Memphis Beats Band, she’s ramping up her modelling career with runways walks and the like for local designers and photoshoots with some of Vancouver’s best photographers like Shimona Henry, Sarah Sovereign and Jessica Rae.


We had a chance to sit down with her at our last photoshoot and ask her the same questions we asked Ruby:


How did you get this Cherry-sweet gig?

I bought this dress for the Miss Ladner Quilt Walk & Car Show!
Veronica Pageant
While at the pageant I had a convo with Elly Mayday who suggested that I contact Diane about modelling for CV! After chatting a bit on Instagram, I was contacted and did my first test shoot. The rest is history!


What does #stunningatanysize mean to you?

That your size doesn’t define your beauty! Everyday we are told by society that beauty is only what fits into a specific criteria, which is not true. Thanks to some amazing women out there, this ideal is changing and we’re beginning to not only accept but celebrate ALL body types! It may seem “cliche” but I truly believe beauty comes from within. You could have a pretty face but be ugly inside!


Like one of my favourite quotes says ” We get so worried about being  ‘pretty’! Let’s be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, and pretty strong!”


How do you get ready for a photoshoot? What are your 3 favourite beauty products?

I take a bath the night before. There really isn’t a fancy way to say “I shave my legs”. And moisturize! If I’m good, I’ll pack all of the things I need for the night before but I’m a terrible procrastinator, generally! So my morning consists of a lot of running around! I usually do my own hair and makeup, so it’s an early rise to get ready! I definitely must have music playing while I’m getting ready, to get me into a good morning groove and wake me up!
Being a makeup addict, I have a lot of products that I adore! But if I have to pick 3, I’d say:

-MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer
– L’Oreal Liquid Liner in Carbon Black
-Freeze It hair spray! (This stuff is amazing!!)


What is your favourite Cherry Velvet dress & why?

Oh My Gosh! That’s so hard to decide! I really like the Angelina Dress…


But I think my new favourite would have to be the Danielle dress! I love the little collar and the new prints are gorgeous!



Who inspires your creativity?

Hmm, I’ve always been a very creative person! Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the arts! I guess you can say that I find inspiration and drive in my modelling career from the amazing women who are paving the way for other curvy women in this industry and helping women to embrace their bodies and rock what they got!
Personally I was inspired by Elly Mayday! She is a local girl who went through so much adversity but fought through it and has managed to have an amazing career all the while inspiring other women! I always had an interest in modelling but thought I was too big to be able to do anything about it! It’s women like Elly who prove that that isn’t the case! I just hope, above all else, to inspire other women like they did for me!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Veronica!
If you liked the dresses Veronica’s wearing in this blog, check them and all of our new arrivals out on our website!


XOX Cherry Velvet

Models Of Cherry Velvet: Ruby Roxx

19 May

Being proudly Canadian and based in such a beautiful city (full of beautiful people!) Cherry Velvet is lucky to be able to reach out to a pool of stunning girls who frequently model for us. We love supporting local talent and showcasing our dresses on women who exemplify our motto of “retro class with modern sass”.

Perhaps you’ve heard of one of our long time models, Ruby Roxx.

Lisa_StrawberryPicnic_BlanketRuby is wearing The Lisa in Strawberry Picnic

With eight years of experience under her very fashionable belt, Ruby is an internationally recognized, Vancouver-based Plus Size model who specializes in Fashion/Catalog modelling. In addition to her professional modelling, she is also Vice President of Bonerattle Talent, a Vancity-based Alternative Talent Agency  and Editor-In-Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to discovering inner beauty by celebrating our unique qualities.

Last week, at our most recent photoshoot, we had a bit of time for a short & sweet interview with her.

Read on!

How did you get this Cherry-sweet gig?

I’d have to thank Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography! I had shot with her on several occasions before and was in the process of ramping up my modelling career. It just so happened that at the time, she was going to be the photographer for a big photoshoot at Save-On-Meats and she took a chance with me.  This gig ended up being my first with a major fashion label and I couldn’t be happier it was Cherry Velvet!

DSC_8485 copy-6Ruby’s first shoot at Save-On-Meats in 2013

What does #stunningatanysize mean to you?

I absolutely love that Cherry Velvet created such an inspiring hashtag. My MO has always been to promote healthy, happy body image ideas and it makes me so happy that Cherry Velvet is inclusive for all sizes. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to feel beautiful and that every definition of beauty is valid, because the idea of beauty is such a subjective thought.

How do you get ready for a photoshoot? What are your 3 favourite beauty products?


I’ve definitely got my pre-game routine down; I’ll always pack everything I need the night before and make sure I get eight hours of sleep prior. I’ll also to take a bath with coconut oil and ensure everything is buffed to perfection. Follow that up with some mega moisturizing and tons of water and you have yourself a well prepared model!

Hands down, my 3 favourite beauty products are:

Rodan & Fields skin care line
Anastasia Beverly Hills Make-Up
Jeffery Starr Matt Lipsticks

What is your favourite Cherry Velvet dress & why?

I absolutely adore The Angelina. I love the adorable back detail and its perfect length for taller gals like me. I also love the original, shorter version, The Brigitte, if I want to show a little leg 😉

Angelina_CharmSkulls_FrontRuby is wearing The Angelina in Lil’ Skulls ‘n Roses

Who  inspires your creativity?

Wine! *laughs* Seriously though, my biggest inspiration has got to be my Grandmother. I always looked up to her for her poise and grace, and the fact that she used to model is such a driving force for me. Always put together, she was the kind of woman who always put her best foot forward in public. I fondly remember her being made up until her very last day, at the youthful age of 99. Full of warmth and love, she is someone who has taught me the value of authenticity and shown me how beauty reveals itself from the inside, out.

Lisa_PoolParty_UkuleleRuby is wearing The Lisa in Pool Party

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Ruby!
If you liked the dresses Ruby’s wearing in this blog, check them and all of our new arrivals out on our website!

XOX Cherry Velvet