Voluptuous Vintage Inspired Dresses

Like many people, I love the vintage styling of the mid-century. There are so many styles I would love to wear but cannot find in my size. I’ve never understood why it was so hard to find good vintage styling in true plus sizing. Most of the dresses in vintage shops are TINY and I wanted to know why. I called my good friend, Natalie Kunow, who owns Woo Vintage on Main Street in Vancouver and asked her what the deal is…

Vancouver vintage store Woo Vintage

Old size 14 = Today’s size 8

The fact is people were smaller “back in the day”. The average size of women has increased considerably and it’s a well-known fact that Marilyn Monroe was a dress size 14-16. The truth is, in today’s clothing she would be wearing a size 8 or smaller. The numbers don’t mean the same as what they once did. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a size 16 or 18 in a vintage clothing store and even if it was there it would fit much, much smaller.

Marilyn Monroe in a vintage halter dress

Suck it in, sister!

Up until the mid 60’s, most women wore girdles. Ironclad foundation garments that would easily draw a woman’s waist in by 2-4 inches. Back then, clothing was made with this in mind. A woman would transform her body to fit into the clothes and manufacturers would create the clothing for that compressed hourglass shape.

1950's Vintage lingerie

So… Now what?

When I began my fashion buying career, I started looking into new garments with vintage styling. What I found was poorly graded sizing and tiny cuts that did not actually fit the sizes they were supposed to.  How dare they call something a size 3X only to have it fit no bigger than a standard size 14! What kind of message does that send to us curvy girls? The same message we have received, again and again; we’re not important enough to truly take our fit needs into consideration. I say nuts to that!

Cherry Velvet has changed all that. Since 2011 our cheeky, retro-inspired dress line has been creating a buzz amongst fashionistas everywhere who are looking for fun dresses with a fabulous fit. These are dresses that fit ALL of you. From your ample behind to your stunning décolletage and everything in between.

Cherry Velvet Kate dress in Cherry Checks inspired by true vintage styling
Everyone should be able to dress like a vintage pin-up girl!

XOX Barb

Dressed up for Dapper Day @ Disneyland


What could make the magic of Disney, even more so? Why a bevy of beauties all decked out for Dapper Day of course! While most Disney goers are firmly about comfort, on this special day, guys and dolls get gussied up in true vintage and modern vintage outfits and the result is spectacular. People watching at it’s finest!

Dapper Day @ Disneyland

“Stepping out in Style”

If you’ve never heard of it, Dapper Day is a twice yearly event where guests of the parks are encouraged to come all dressed up in the styles of yesteryear. Since 2011, the Dapper Day Expo has taken place at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center. So it’s really two simultaneous occurrences. You can attend the Expo, which is Dapper shopping extraordinaire plus music, dancing, and unique photo. You can then also attend Disneyland in your personal best Dapper finery on Dapper Day at the park.

Dapper Day Expo

What do you find at the expo? There were vendors showcasing everything you need to put your best self forward;  vintage clothing, hats, fascinators,  vintage style sunnies and jewelry.  Also cosmetics, hairdo’s (victory rolls anyone?) and modern vintage clothing too. Some booths were just for men; including vintage suits, hats and even a barber.

True Vintage dress @ Dapper Day

True Vintage gloves @ Dapper Day


Vintage Hats @ Dapper Day

Cherry Velvet’s designer Diane @ Dapper Day

Our designer Diane attended this year wearing Cherry Velvet of course.  Achieving the Dapper day look was a cinch with a vintage style dress like Cherry Velvet,  plus added accessories like a fascinator and jewelry. Diane found the trickiest part to be wearing suitably chic but appropriately comfortable footwear.

Cherry Velvet's designer Diane and her guy @ Dapper Day

Mike’s wearing the Cherry Velvet Automotion shirt and Diane’s wearing the Doris Citrus Slice dress with the Lemon Soda necklace.

Cherry Velvet's designer Diane and her guy @ Dapper Day

Mike’s wearing the Cherry Velvet Bones N Blooms shirt and Diane’s wearing the Doris Octopus’s Garden dress

Dapper Day @ Disneyland

Aside from all the amazing rides and stellar weather, the most enjoyable part of the trip was seeing all the incredible vintage style outfits. It was especially fun to see Dapper couples like @missgolden_lady and @controversially_constructive (IG).

@missgolden_lady @ Dapper Day

Plus some beauties wearing absolutely gorgeous true vintage outfits like these girls:

True Vintage fashion @ Dapper Day

True Vintage fashion @ Dapper Day

Check out this amazing outfit on the right!!! (below) Painting the roses red complete with a white hair flower dipped in red sparkle! and matching brooches too!

Dapper Day

We can’t wait to go back! Maybe we’ll see you there in November?

XOX Cherry Velvet




Model Profile: Carly Stone Curve

Let’s introduce model Carly Stone; she’s beautiful on the outside and the inside. But she’s way more too. We thought you’d like to meet this inspirational woman…

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Bones N Blooms

How did you become a model?

Before modeling, I was working as a nurse in an area that focused on women’s health and was constantly amazed at the strength of these women battling major health issues. This made me grateful for my own body, flaws and all, and really gave me the confidence to care less about what people thought, and more about promoting positivity. I got my first chance to shine when I was visiting a makeup artist friend in California and she brought me to a shoot. The model didn’t show, so I became the model, and it was this incredible, empowering experience. The photographer connected me to others in the industry, and everything blew up from there! The responses have been really positive since I started, so I decided to keep going!

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve

How did you learn how to pose?

What helped me the absolute most was working with professional photographers, especially in the earlier times of my career. Photographers have a wealth of knowledge on what makes a beautiful photo, so I tried to get as much feedback and tips as they could give me. I also watched a lot of fashion/ modeling shows or clips, paid attention to other models in shoots, and practiced in front of the mirror. Knowing your best angles is extremely helpful, but don’t be afraid to try new things! Not every shoot is the same, and not every pose will land perfectly, but it’s important to keep branching out and growing.

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Norma Dress in Monumental

What is your unique model “signature”?

What makes me different as a model is the way I express myself, either through captions or stories. My shoots are always professional, but I try not to take myself too seriously in the media. I like to engage with my followers rather than just throw up a picture, and I love exploring different themes and styles. I think my look is a bit unique in that I fall in-between the model categories. I’m a little shorter than the average model, and my body is not quite plus but more “curvy” as a size 10-12. Even if I don’t represent the majority of runway models, I think I represent the majority of women, and people feel connected to that.

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve wearing Cherry Velvet Brigitte Dress in Pedal Pushing

Tell us about your other careers?

Aside from modeling, I’m also working in health care as a nurse. I’ve worked in every area from pediatrics to surgical, and have gained some incredible experience -and confidence!- from it. I’m also currently attending university full-time pursuing a double-major, which definitely keeps me busy! I try to split my time evenly between being a nurse, student, and model, but depending on the season, the scale tips in favour of one

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve
Petrovski Portrait Photographer

Any makeup/life hacks you’d like to share?

For beauty tips, take care of your skin! Healthy skin really shines through in photos and in daily life. Taking off makeup properly at night and keeping skin moisturized and hydrated makes all the difference. I’m currently obsessed with oil washes at night to remove makeup (followed by a cleanser) and sheet face masks, especially the animal ones!
For makeup, I like to keep things classic. A good foundation and mascara are the basics, but having a pop of colour (like a red lip) really revs up the look without adding too much. I also love having good eyebrows! I actually use an eyeshadow to fill my brows, but any tints, dip brows or pencils will do!

Plus Model Carly Stone Curve

What’s the best part of working in this industry?

Obviously getting to keep the products is awesome. (all the pretty things!) Meeting different people in the industry has been incredible. Some of the models, designers, and photographers I’ve worked with have become great mentors or great friends, and I’m always happy to see them grow. My favourite hashtag has been #WomenSupportingWomen because I’ve loved seeing the openness, acceptance, and positivity from other women in the industry. There can be a lot of malice, especially in fashion and media, but there is also a lot of good. So far, I’ve been more often pleasantly surprised

Thanks, Carly for being such an inspiration to us all!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet Offers Small Sizes Too

Did you know that Cherry Velvet has small sizes? Our dresses are made in sizes Small to 3X with a limited number in sizes XS and 4X.

Did you know Cherry Velvet makes Small Sizes too?

Why So Many Sizes?

We want to offer women of all sizes the same shopping experience. Imagine you are one of the small sizes and your best girlfriend wears a size 2X. You may have never had an opportunity to shop together. With Cherry Velvet you can both have the same choices of great fit and selection. Shopping with your BFF can be a blast but only if you both find your size.

Small Sizes and Plus sizes can shop together at Cherry Velvet

Making The Grade

We actually make two sets of patterns to accommodate this large set of sizes. The small size range, XS – L, is graded in one group and the larger sizes, XL – 4X, are graded in another. Grading is the process of turning base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes using size specific grading increments. Grading just one pattern would never fit all of the 10 sizes we create.

Cherry Velvet makes one pattern for Small Sizes (left) and another pattern for plus sizes (right)
Cherry Velvet makes one pattern for small sizes (left) and another pattern for plus sizes (right) All this is done right in our studio in Vancouver so we can perfect the fit!

Stunning At Any Size!

We don’t feel that a woman’s dress size has anything to do with her worth and so we want to treat all these sizes the same. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes this a wonderful world.

Small Sizes and Plus sizes can shop together at Cherry Velvet

Whether you wear small sizes or large sizes you’ll find the same attention to style and detail.  Heck, you’ll even find them at the same price.

XOX Barb

You can shop online Here!

If you are in the Vancouver area we’ll be open for shopping this weekend: Friday April 13th, 2-7 and Saturday April 14, 11-5.

Come on down to our Showroom at 1635 Powell Street and try on some dresses. Bring your friends!

Next Shopping weekend is May 12th and 13th 2018

Dresses, Crack, Satisfaction & YOU

As a clothing designer, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your customers wear the dresses you create for them. It could be by happenstance on the street (that never gets old) or at our Studio Shop. This time we were ready with the photography light and snapped those happy shoppers just as they looked in the mirror.

 Lovely Nina wears one of our new Angelina dresses; Sailor Ink
Angelina dress in Sailor Ink
Possibly one of our most beautiful dresses at the moment: Doris in Rose Crush
Doris Dress in Rose Crush with the Cinnamon Hearts Crinoline

What’s most rewarding of all is when YOU find the pockets and your face lights up because not only do you love the style and the prints but the dress actually fits!! What a great feeling, as a designer. That’s my crack right there!

Our dresses fit all sizes well, not many people know we also make smaller sizes
Norma Dress in Page Turner

There was one lady in particular that came in. She simply had no expectations of finding plus size dresses to fit. With a very large bust, she has trouble even buying bras. ( H-I-J cup) I explained to her that that’s what we do; make clothes to fit curvy women.  And that’s curves anywhere on your body, not just boobs!

How amazing when you find dresses that fit your larger bust?
Norma Dress in Bones and Blooms with the Samantha Shrug

We have lots of styles so there’s something to fit almost everyone. If you’re smaller on top my best suggestion is a Chrissy Dress. It has a universally flattering fit just because of the way the bodice is cut, the ‘bust darts’ are creating by pleats instead of a curved seam. Brigitte can be a great choice for an average size bust as well.  

Brigitte is one of those dresses that fits almost all body types, except for someone with a really long torso
Brigitte Dress in Pedal Pushing

It’s not all about the bust either. What if you have hips? Well sure! Most of our dresses have a generous skirt and are therefore extremely flattering on someone with a butt. Lovely Lennea has a pear-shaped figure and she looks FABulous in her Cherry Velvet dresses. 

Lovely Lennea wears one of our new Angelina dresses, Day of the Dog
Angelina Dress in Day of the Dog

Another advantage of coming into shop other than actually trying on the dresses is to see what’s brand new (and not online quite yet) One lovely customer wanted a dress that fit her bigger chest but also her slim waist. The answer was the Angelina of course. Amanda looked so great in this cut she bought two of the newest Angelina dresses; Garden Blues and Easy Tiger. (Coming soon) 

Lovely Amanda wears two new Angelina dresses,, Easy Tiger and Garden Blues
Angelina Dress in Easy Tiger on the left and Garden Blues on the right

I know everyone can’t make it into our Studio Shop, so the next best thing is to take your measurements and email us with your dress picks. We can help you select the choices that will fit your figure type the best.  Above all we want you to love your dresses and for them to FIT

That's Cherry Velvet's designer Diane on the left with Lennea in the Bento box Danielle dress
Designer Diane wears the Doris Black Cherry with Lennea in Danielle Dress in Bento Box

So thank-you from the bottom of my heart….you guys are my crack!

XOX Love Diane

Our next Studio Shop is April 13th from 2-7 and April 14th from 11-5 @ 1635 Powell Street in Vancouver, B.C. Hope to see you there!

Lucille Ball: Style Icon of “I Love Lucy”!

Whether you know her as Lucille Ball or just plain Lucy …

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

Lucille Ball was a beautiful and funny woman from a bygone era with her amazing outfits, crazy costumes and her sexy Cuban bandleader husband. Lucy got her start as a singer, model and film star before becoming one of America’s top comedic actresses with the TV show, “I Love Lucy”, co-starring on the show with her husband, Desi Arnaz.  More than anything, her character just wanted to be included and noticed and part of the show. She almost always ended up not being taken seriously and hilarious hijinks were sure to ensue. Lucy never gave up!

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

In real life Lucille Ball was way ahead of her time as a savvy business woman. In 1962, Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu Productions, which produced many popular television series, including Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself”

With her flaming red hair and bombshell figure she was a natural clothes horse.  The costume designer for much of the I Love Lucy series was Elois Jennsen, who worked closely with Lucy to ensure that her unique style came through the screen.  Lucille’s costumer did a fabulous job of keeping her well-dressed.

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

It’s not hard to be influenced by the amazing fashions Lucy wore. When we think of vintage and retro style dresses what comes to mind? Dresses in polka dots and gingham checks, full skirts with crinolines and impeccable fit.

I love Lucy quotes and blog by Cherry Velvet

Although she was always beautifully dressed from the time of her initial arrival in Hollywood in the 1930’s through her death in 1989, when the “Lucy” dress is mentioned today, most people think of the classic 1950’s full skirted patterned shirt dress which was worn by Lucy in many episodes of “I Love Lucy” and the “Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”.

I Love Lucy

“How I Love Lucy was born? We decided that instead of divorce lawyers profiting from our mistakes, we’d profit from them”

Funny ’till the end!

XOX Barb for Cherry Velvet


Vintage Fashion, Self-love and the Pleasure of Pretty Things

Imagine our surprise and delight to get the following story/testimonial  in our inbox this week. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make a couple of us choke up a little. Christina Myers is a Cherry Velvet customer and a writer who decided to share with us  her relationship with fashion and dresses. Thank you Christina!

Christina Myers writes about fashion, self love and Cherry Velvet Dresses

Vintage fashion, self-love and the pleasure of pretty things…

I’ve always taken great pleasure in fashion – but for many years, that pleasure was reserved for browsing, only. I’d buy Vogue and Vanity Fair, and spend hours relishing the designs and fabrics and accessories as they changed from year to year. Vintage anything, in particular, would catch my eye: cocktail dresses from the ‘50s, old-school silk and lace slips, war-era Victory roll hairdos. Don’t get me wrong: I loved modern things too (Tom Ford late ‘90s? Chanel all the way through the 1980s? Alexander McQueen basically any year ever? Yes, please!) But the things that always jumped out at me were the vintage touches: beaded clutches and Jackie O. pearls, glittery brooches and Mary Jane pumps, snug knee-length skirts and Cuban heeled stockings. If you think modern fashion in even its most simplistic, streamlined forms is a new-born beast each season, look again: vintage is everywhere, almost every year, though sometimes in just the tiniest details.

But, I struggled with the frivolity of fashion. I thought of myself as level-headed, smart – and strongly committed to feminist ideals, to boot. I worked in a field that required others to take me seriously. Was it fluffy-headed to like pretty things? Was I being silly and indulgent to care about this stuff?

Worse, I knew perfectly well that fashion could be a tool of oppression, a simple and effective extension of the intense scrutiny over female bodies – and a costly one at that, for an extra layer of gendered burden.

How was it possible that something that felt profoundly individualistic and pleasurable and even empowering – the fun I had in choosing a lipstick colour or a pair of shoes, the confidence I felt when indulging in certain outfits – was so laden with negative overtones?  Could one be independent and intelligent and be taken seriously – and still enjoy a crinoline from time to time?

These were not idle thoughts but genuine debates I had with myself as I considered my responsibility not just to myself, but as a member of a larger “womanhood.”

On top of that, like many women, I struggled with my body – the food I ate, the shape of it, the way it changed through puberty and adulthood and motherhood. From my early teens forward, the message I heard was clear: unless you’re perfect, you need to cover up.

The result of all this body image/self perception/internal philosophy was a wardrobe of black, with high necklines and long sleeves – and a lot of not-quite-being-myself-in-my-own-body. I’d treat myself to a pair of pretty tights or a satin purse or dramatic earrings – then tuck them away for “someday.”

It’s impossible to do that forever, without being unhappy. For me, a series of seismic life shifts, starting in my mid-20s, slowly – glacially slow at times – allowed me to come into myself in ways that were colourful, individual and most importantly, unapologetic.

It turns out that the unexpected result of indulging in the fashion that I loved – regardless of current trends or the disapproval of others or even my precise body shape at any given time – had the precise opposite effect I had feared when I was younger.

I don’t feel silly or self-indulgent, childish or fluffy – I feel like a woman in charge of herself.

It is a work in progress, and like most women, I’d be lying if I said I walk out of the house feeling divine every single day. I often pile on dramatic accessories, then take them back off. I try to tame my hair and lament when it’s bigger than it should be. I second-guess a polka-dot dress or a particularly bright pair of knee socks and wonder if I should go back upstairs and change. And it ain’t all silks and satins: many days, what makes me happiest is a pair of black leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, a ponytail and a pair of flip flops.

The point, though, is this: I dress for myself and I take intense pleasure in doing so – whether it’s dressing up or dressing way down – and if onlookers enjoy it, or don’t, is entirely secondary.

Discovering Cherry Velvet last year, at the tail end of a lot of personal change, was (at the risk of sounding overly dramatic) a revelation.

The dresses were gorgeous, for sure: vintage shapes, big skirts, figure-hugging in the best ways even for curvy bodies.

But it was the spirit of the dresses that I fell in love with.

They’re meant to stand out. They are totally unapologetic. The fabrics are quirky at times, irreverent and fun. Squirrels and birds. Bicycles. Flamingos. Sushi rolls, anyone? Some are elegant, in classic colours and muted tones or bright primaries. They’re fun, and intentionally so. They’re pretty, elegant or cute, depending on the fabric and design. And let’s not mince words: they are ALL sexy as hell. (And, cherry on top: the company is owned by a woman, the dresses are designed by that same woman, and the manufacturing happens locally – not to mention ethically, which can’t be said for most overseas clothing production.)

But here’s the most important thing, in my opinion: these dresses are made to be worn. They’re comfortable and sturdy (yes, sturdy, and how often can you say that about a dress), practical (I’m talking pockets) and a breeze to take care of. They’re easy to get in and out of, with long zippers, or shapes that you can simply pull over the head.

In other words, they are made FIRST AND FOREMOST for the person wearing them. Think about that for a moment. They’re made with the woman who will wear them as the primary focus. Shouldn’t be so revolutionary, but it is.

A majority of fashion is made to look good to an observer but doesn’t feel so good to the person wearing it. Outfits are designed and made like props, objects one is required to “put up with” for the benefit of the world. The phrase “suffering for fashion” comes to mind.

But if I am truly dressing for myself, it can’t be just about the way a thing looks, it’s also fundamentally about how I feel while wearing it. And Cherry Velvet nails it.

I recently went out for a long-awaited celebration dinner with a group of women friends. All of us are CV fans and we each wore one of our CV dresses.

Not one of us wears the same size or even has the same shape. Between us we have given birth to nine children. We all have body image “junk,” parts of our bodies we like more or less. And we all enjoy very different things when it comes to colour and design.

Christina Myers writes about fashion, self love and Cherry Velvet Dresses

The result? We were proud as peacocks in our dresses; from my solid cherry-red to my friend’s bluebird print, we were wearing every colour of the rainbow. We added cute-as-pie shoes, cardigans for our shoulders (hey, it’s still dang cold out), sparkly bead necklaces or pearls or no accessories at all, and off we went.

And every single one of us felt incredible. How often does that happen with a group of women? We were comfortable. Sexy. Smart. Fun.

We had a waitress take our photo and I sent it to Cherry Velvet that same night with a note about which designs we were each wearing. We are grinning like mad fools.

And though it was left unsaid, that photo for me was really a thank you – a way to say “look at us, all so different and so imperfect and so very, very beautiful being ourselves.”

Because what I’ve figured out, at long last, is that being different and imperfect – in body, in thought, in fashion – is not an impediment to being me.

Being different and imperfect – and feeling good about this – is in fact the very basis of being exactly who I am, as it is for all of us.

Christina Myers for Cherry Velvet

Christina Myers is a former journalist turned freelancer and creative writer. Her work appears in local magazines and she has been published in a number of anthologies. She is a fan of dresses with pockets, long socks and nerdy things. Find her online at christinaplus.wordpress.com, or on Twitter @ChristinaMyersA.

And The Winner Is… Morgan Brayton in Cherry Velvet!

We are so excited to introduce Morgan Brayton as our guest blogger this week! Morgan is a professional funny lady, actor and cat activist, among many other things. We had a great time helping her pick out the perfect dress for her recent movie premier!

Morgan Brayton Crazy 8's Movie Premier

Ladies and Gentlemen, Morgan Brayton…

People always say to me, “Morgan, your life as an actor must be so glamorous! In fact, you are the epitome of glamour!” People also say to me, “Ma’am, I recognize you even with that fake moustache. Once again, only ONE sample per person. Those are Costco’s rules!” The point is, people have a lot of things to say to me. Last week, mostly what they said was, “I LOVE your dress!”

I’ve been making my living as an actor for almost three decades. You may have seen me in my pivotal role as Ferry Ticket Seller in the Jack Black / Steve Martin / Owen Wilson movie The Big Year. You probably marvelled at my depth as Female Medical Examiner on iZombie. You’re likely really excited to see me in the upcoming remake of Overboard with Anna Faris in which I play Nurse.

Truth is, the life of an actor really isn’t that glamourous. This is me on a regular day.  [left image] This is me on set. [right image]

Morgan at home, Morgan on Set

But this is me on February 24th.

Morgan Brayton in her Cherry Velvet dress of choice for the Crazy 8's movie premier

Morgan Brayton Crazy 8's Movie Premier


How did this transformation take place, you ask? Well, I was cast in a film called Shuttlecock. It’s a funny little short about a washed up badminton champion who gets a second chance at beating her rival. I played her mother, Edith. This was a big deal because my characters don’t usually get names! Shuttlecock was made as part of the Crazy 8s Film Festival in which six teams are chosen out of 228 pitches, then given eight days, $1,000 and a production package to make a short film. There is a big gala screening of the films at the end with close to 2000 people in attendance. I needed an amazing dress!

So Hard to Choose!

Enter Cherry Velvet. I love trying on their dresses, simply slipping them on over my head, having them actually fit my curves, then looking in the mirror and squealing, “I love it!” I did have one problem: How on earth to choose from these three gorgeous dresses?

Morgan Brayton chooses a Cherry Velvet dress for the Crazy 8's movie premier

I had to go with the Vanessa Dress in the Picture Show print. Its nod to movie-making combined with its perfect fit and retro chic was just what I needed to help me look and feel great that night.

In the end, my big scene was cut out of the film! I didn’t mind though; it’s all part of the unglamorous life of an actor. But every once in a while, I do get the chance to step into the spotlight. I did just that at the Crazy8s Gala, thanks to Cherry Velvet, and had an amazing, glamorous time.

Thanks to Diane and Barb and everyone at Cherry Velvet. That’s a wrap!

Morgan Brayton for Cherry Velvet

Morgan Brayton is a comedy writer and performer who lives in Vancouver with her family and an excessive number of cats. A Canadian Comedy Award nominee, you may have heard Morgan on CBC’s The Debaters or seen her on BC’s Knowledge Network. When not playing a wide range of roles in film and television such as Cashier #2 or Customer, Morgan can be found live on stage as part of one of Vancouver’s hottest comedy shows, The Lady Show.



Best Tips for a Perfect Fit

Best Tips for getting the fit right on your Cherry Velvet dressWe’ve come up with our best tips for getting the fit of your online dress purchase right the first time. More than anything we want you to be thrilled with your Cherry Velvet dresses! Not only do we want you to LOVE the style, print, and colour, most of all we want you to love the FIT!  Because whether you’re a new customer or a tried and true Cherry velvet girl, your complete experience is truly important to us!

“I truly feel like I’ve done my job well when a curvy girl finds THE dress, and her face lights up when she sees how perfectly it fits and how beautiful she looks” Diane Kennedy, designer.

Best Tips:

  1.  Please measure yourself!! We can’t stress this enough! Our sizes and fit are different than many other brands. Our sizing is very accurate to both regular (missy) size and plus sizes but that is a very subjective statement. What it means to us and to you is often not the same thing. Measurements don’t lie though. Please don’t guess! Measurements are the best chance for getting the fit right. Really!
  2. Please read the fit notes for the style you are buying. We’ve have been working on a revamp of this area on new styles and really hope that you, our customers will read them. While most of our dresses fit consistently there are a few rogues out there…Angelina is one or any style with stretch (spandex)
  3. We’ve been adding size charts to new styles as they come in. Please measure yourself and compare those numbers to the size chart. If you’ve never measured yourself before, don’t worry it’s easy! Here’s our How to Measure Chart or you can watch this short, informative video.
  4. If you are unsure of your size PLEASE measure and then e-mail them to us so we can help you. We are sweet little mature plus size ladies, we don’t judge, we are here to help you. Our ONLY goal is to help you get the best fit. period. no judgment. ever.

We want to help you! Email us here:  cherryvelvetplus@gmail (dot) com

X0X Diane and Barb

P.S. Of course if you’re local to our Vancouver studio, we’re also happy to help you get your perfect fit in person. More info here



A Legacy of Freespirit Floral Fabric

Ever since I was little I’ve loved fabric. My mother bought me a tiny, working sewing machine at the age of 4. As such I spent countless hours beside her as she worked; playing in the buttons, with wooden spools of thread and of course with her font of fabulous fabrics. Anyone that sews knows about this fabric drawer of “endless possibilities”.

Finding beautiful fabrics for my dress designs is easily one of the joys of my work. I spend hours choosing from 1000’s of prints. While there is an endless supply of printed cottons to choose from, I was very sad to discover that one of my suppliers has decided to close.  FreeSpirit was my source for many of the colourful prints that I love so much.

Cherry Velvet dresses are made from beautiful 100% cotton fabric in prints like these from FreeSpirit

FreeSpirit fabrics especially excelled at floral fabrics. They are the home of gifted designers such as Tula Pink, Margot Elena and Phillip Jacob. While I know these talented folks will move on to other mills I thought it would be a fitting tribute to show you some of the beautiful prints that I’ve sourced from this company.

Most seasons I’ve included a Phillip Jacob floral print. His eye for colour and bold vivacious florals is unmatched. If you’re familiar with our brand you may remember this one called Black Dahlia (no longer available).

Cherry Velvet dresses are made from beautiful 100% cotton fabric in prints like these from FreeSpirit

We’ve just released a spectacular new print from Phillip called Enchanted Garden (below): It’s available in the Doris dress here.

Cherry Velvet dresses are made from beautiful 100% cotton fabric in prints like these from FreeSpirit

You may also be familiar with a famous quilt fabric designer known for her incredible use of colour and hidden animal themes; Tula Pink. We’re keeping our fingers crossed to receive prints from her new magical collection coming for this fall called De La Luna

Cherry Velvet dresses are made from beautiful 100% cotton fabric in prints like these from FreeSpirit

The prints of this Alice dress in Fox Floral and Pink Chipper  are by Tula Pink.

Originally I was excited to discover Margot Elena of Tokyo Milk was designing fabric.  You may recognize her iconic octopus design from her greeting cards or perfume line. Her prints (below) will be available as dresses soon. “Mermaiden” print on the left is already in our warehouse (online soon), Octopussy will come later this Spring.

Cherry Velvet dresses are made from beautiful 100% cotton fabric in prints like these from FreeSpirit

I’ll miss the glory and vivacity of the floral fabrics from FreeSpirit….


XOX Diane 

Diane Kennedy is the owner/designer of Cherry Velvet Dresses.  Wildly passionate about bright, whimsical printed fabrics; ethical, domestic manufacturing and clothing that fits curvy girls; Diane believes she’s found her true calling in life.