New for Spring: The Danielle Dress

1 Apr


Post by: Diane Kennedy

Sometimes the details all come together and a brand new dress is born; we named this one Danielle! She’s a favorite model and former assistant (she left to become a Mom) who asked if I might one day name a dress after her, which I thought was a great idea (how adorable are these two!). Wanting something appropriately fitting, I think this dress does Danielle justice and hope she thinks so too.

It all started with the fabric choices. I have to say I love each and every one that ultimately got chosen for this dress. I have one in each print for consideration to keep for myself (something I really never do), trying to decide which one(s) to choose (it seems incredibly decadent to keep them all, right?). It was decided we would use one way prints for this dress, which does take more fabric but almost always means the prints are more unusual and striking.

1. Rose Floral is a beautiful assortment of hybrid tea roses in sunset shades of pinks, corals and salmon all on a pale blue background

2. Beach Pugs could not be cuter: happy little dogs building sand castles, flying kites and tanning on striped towels. So many accessory choices with colours like coral, yellow, aqua, blue and white on a charcoal ground.

3. Retro Star is a really lovely combination of sophisticated colours with a mint background and stars that are two tone -fuchsia pink and dark red.

4. Black Geo certainly gives you a forties impression, with even red circles intersected by cream squares on a black background. It’s kind of like taking a polka dot print one step further.

Assorted fabric prints for Cherry Velvet's Danielle dress


Just like our beautiful model Danielle, this dress embodies everything for which Cherry Velvet stands: great fit, cute details, and beautiful prints. We think everyone can look delectable in a Danielle! The collar wraps around the alluring neckline to the peekaboo back. You’ll be the talk of the office when you spread the collar over the neck of a bright cardi. Three buttons at the front match the colours of the high-quality printed cotton. As always, pockets are a favourite, and the full skirt has plenty of room underneath to choose a matching crinoline.

Check out all the variations of Danielle here


Don’t forget: your exit is every bit as important as your entrance!

XOX Cherry Velvet

NOT just for Pin-up Girls

23 Mar

Many of us get our personal style cues from a variety of sources. Sometimes we are really aware of them and other times they are more subliminal. It can be as simple as liking an outfit from a scene in a movie, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Or the style of a model or actress from years gone by; Katy Perry wore a look to the 2013 Grammy Awards that was heavily influenced by the style of Priscilla Presley in her Elvis days. It is fun to play with style influences. Sometimes our inspirations are more straightforward like a certain decade of influence, or other times more subtle, like wearing a lipstick colour that is out of our comfort zone. I find that many women have a certain style that they gravitate towards, however most of us don’t necessarily identify solely with one particular style.

Cherry Velvet Style Collage - Not just for Pin-up Girls

Cherry Velvet designs are influenced by retro and vintage dresses but given a modern twist. While some Cherry Velvet customers are into pin-up styling, many are regular girls that don’t want to fuss with victory roll hairstyles and penciled brows. At times, you may dress that way as part of your personal style, but you probably dress other ways too. You don’t have to define your style as Pin-up to wear Cherry Velvet. Our dresses are meant to be worn in different ways for many occasions.

Cherry Velvet Spring Collage - Not just for Pin-up Girls

No matter what your personal style is, Cherry Velvet dresses are cut to accentuate your assets, and bring out a little bit of sexiness, in a gorgeous, fun, and elegant way. These dresses shouldn’t be sitting in your closet waiting for a special occasion or one-time wear! Our Spring Collection is perfect for any occasion that requires a pretty dress; you can throw a little cardigan over our Brigitte dress or a cute blazer over the Viola dress and wear them to the office. The Brooke dress is perfect for a romantic evening out for dinner or just heading out on the town with friends. The great thing about using style influences to create your own personal style story, is that you can pick and choose different looks and re-interpret them in a way that suits YOU!

Where are you going to wear your Cherry Velvet dress next?

XOX Cherry Velvet



Cherry Velvet Spring Lookbook 2015

16 Mar

Browse the pages of our Spring Lookbook to discover vintage inspired dresses for all occasions.  This season, our collection focuses on gorgeous frocks inspired by the glamourous fifties and mod sixties.

While the weather still includes snow in some parts of the country, we want to give you something to look forward to! Aside from spring flowers, what could fit the bill more appropriately than pretty new dresses… Right?

Without further ado, check out Cherry Velvet’s Spring Lookbook “part one” (because we always have more new dresses coming up to show you)…

Cherry Velvet's New Spring Look Book

















Spring is just around the corner and, even if you’re not quite feeling sun-kissed and ready to shed your coat, step into the swing of spring with our new arrivals here.

XOX Cherry Velvet

Brooke is here in sizes up to 4X!

11 Feb

Cherry Velvet | Now Available in 4X!Introducing the newest girl at Cherry Velvet; her name is Brooke. We’re excited to tell you about her because she represents a couple of FIRSTS for Cherry Velvet. Not only is Brooke is the first dress with a full circle skirt, this is the first time we’ve offered a dress in sizes up to 4X! We’ve had requests from both online customers and retail stores alike, and decided it was time to expand our size chart to 4X.  Besides being deliciously retro, the bonus of a circle skirt is having unlimited room for your hips (so if you’re a pear shape, this could be your dress!)

Brooke comes in four pretty and bold prints.  The fabric actually inspired the whole design of the dress; working with such a bold pattern is what gave us the idea to do a circle skirt. We wanted the pattern to have a smooth, uninterrupted repeat. Circle skirts are perfect for this because they only need side seams. The cotton we use is only 42 inches wide, so I have to admit: I wasn’t sure it was possible. In the end though, we made it work and ended up with a stunning group of dresses.

Cherry Velvet Summer 2015 Brooke Dress

The Turquoise Medallion print is simply exquisite. Blush pink and Navy Blue cameos really POP against the turquoise background. The cool-blue hues of this dress remind us a bygone era of jazz clubs and big cars. The only thing cooler is you!.

Coral Medallion combines blush pink and vermillion red cameos against a coral background. The warmth of these colours truly bring the dress to life, and showcasse your inner vivacious self.

Pink Trellis is all about Pink and creamy flowers that dance across a white garden trellis. In the distance, blue sky pokes through and hearkens to a beautiful sunny day. With so many colours to choose from, accessorizing should be a breeze!

Rose Garden boasts sunset tones of coral, salmon, blush pinks and brown/gold leaves peeking out. You’ll feel regal in this warm, rosey gown.

Whenever we come up with a new design, the first step is creating a prototype for me to try on. This way I can be sure that I am happy with the fit along with the design details. I wear a size 1X and I’m only 5 foot 2 inches tall, so  I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this large scale print! As soon as I zipped up the dress, I immediately imagined myself  on a Greek island, leaning against an ancient column wearing strappy little gold flats and a bronze summer tan. True, I swear!

I really do hope that our dresses inspire you to feel many different things; happy, cheerful, beautiful, and like anything is possible!

Go get ‘em!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Spring 2015 Preview Video

7 Feb

Each year, as the days get longer and new green shoots push out of the ground, we ponder what spring will hold for us. Exciting new adventures? A new man? A fairy godmother descending to grant all of our wishes? One thing we can always count is new spring fashion.

You may start to notice that we have a new look around Cherry Velvet. While always retro and vintage inspired, this spring we’re feeling decidedly feminine and ladylike….


Check out our Spring Preview video! Cherry Velvet Spring & Summer Preview Video


What do you think of our ‘new’ look?

XOX Cherry Velvet

Behind the scenes at Hycroft

1 Feb

The Cherry Velvet team and our local factories worked extra hard to get ready for our catalog shoot day. So much effort went into the designing and preparation of this new and bigger season. Fabric choices, pattern making, sewing, fittings, and the production of the final samples all needed to come together for that ‘effortless’ looking final result. This is a behind the scenes look at our catalog shoot for Spring/Summer 2015.

On shoot day, the models and the Pin-up Perfection team arrive with pin curled hair, curling irons, make up kits and large coffees (refill coffee already brewing)!  There were 40 dresses to shoot; we knew it was going to be a long day.  For two models, that’s a hard day’s work of pose-smile-repeat. Modeling can definitely be glamorous; it’s fun getting your hair and make-up done and all the attention. But, the hard work comes in when you have to keep smiling through hours and hours. Standing and posing in cold weather with a summery cotton dress and teetering high heels is even harder than it sounds!

Beautiful Hycroft Manor was a perfect location, combining a classic retro feeling and traditional architectural detail. We arrived with a plethora of fluffy crinolines, boxes of colorful shoes, a suitcase full of pretty jewelry, and of course all the dresses all pressed and ready to go.

Behind the scenes at Hycroft with Charlotte (Natalie Dress) and Ruby Roxx (Brooke Dress)


On the set at Hycroft of our behind the scenes video shoot

Hycroft is a magnificent Edwardian mansion, originally built for Alexander Duncan McRae, at the beginning of the twentieth century.  McRae made his new home a spectacular show place for legendary parties and masquerade balls. The guest book at Hycroft read like a Who’s Who of the 20′s and 30′s and contained names of visiting royalty, well-known business associates, politicians and the social elite of Vancouver. It was said to be an honour and a delight to be invited to Hycroft. Today, Hycroft is the clubhouse for the University Women’s club of Vancouver and an extremely popular location for weddings, events and photo shoots of all kinds.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of not only some brand new Spring styles but also the ‘backyard’ of the manor that from it’s perch on Shaughnessy hill looks over the city of Vancouver:

Charlotte Curve model wearing Cherry Velvet's new Monica Dress

Charlotte in the "Monica Dress" and Ruby Roxx in the "Marcia" at Hycroft Manor


With my favourite photographer -Shimona- on hand and such a beautiful setting, I couldn’t resist getting my photo taken too. I’m wearing “vintage” Cherry Velvet. This one is called the Charlotte; I just love all the beautiful green and blues in this butterfly print.

The designer of Cherry Velvet wearing a 'vintage' Cherry Velvet style

We can’t resist teasing you! New styles arriving regularly now….check here to see what’s new.

Spring is coming!

XOX Cherry Velvet

A Candy Shop of Crinoline Colours!

24 Jan

There are few garments that are as unabashedly girly as a crinoline. Layers upon layers of chiffon and nylon net create a confection reminiscent of an upside down flower in full bloom. Not for the faint of heart, a crinoline will not only get you noticed, you’ll be sashaying with every step and want to twirl to every tune! Quite a powerful effect for a mere undergarment; something that often barely peaks out from underneath. More than a change in the shape of your dress, crinolines today are all about sass and attitude; a feminine statement like no other.

candy crinolines-BlogSize

We have so many to choose from; a Candy Shop of crinoline colours!  including several new ones:

Watermelon (dark raspberry pink) *new

Blueberry (royal) *new

Bubblegum (hot pink) new*

Mint (pale aqua green)

Black Licorice

Cherry (red)

Grape (purple)

Strawberry (pale pink)

Blue Raspberry (turquoise)

Blueberry Ice (pale blue)

In the 1950s, post-war prosperity led to the re-emergence of the crinoline and very full skirts. These voluminous skirts with their yards of excess fabric presented a sharp counterpoint to the practical skirts and clothing rations of the war years. It was with Dior’s introduction of the “New Look” in 1947 that the crinoline began to reappear after decades of being out of favour.

Throughout history, fashion often shouted “I’m too rich and important to work! Look at how impractical my outfit is!” While the shorter crinolines of the mid-twentieth century were not as restrictive as the longer and more elaborate crinolines of the mid-nineteenth century, it was no accident that the crinoline re-emerged in a society in which the ideal woman did not work outside of the home, and took care of the household duties.

Today we wear crinolines for parties, weddings, dancing and costumes.  There is something expressly feminine about a full skirt, especially made full with the volume of a crinoline.  Designed to provide the wearer’s skirts with a greater degree of flared out fullness, we think they look especially sassy with a few inches of colour peaking out from the hemline.

Choose a matching colour or go for a real pop of colour underneath….especially with black or black/white polka dots. We’re excited to have two new gorgeous shades of pink to share:



Check out our delectable selection of Candy Shop crinoline colours here!

XOX Cherry Velvet

New Spring Dress collection

15 Jan

Whew!! It’s great to be finished! I picked up the last 6 dress samples from the factory today. A lot of work goes into designing a new Spring dress collection! This one is the biggest ever…Even poured myself a pomtini to celebrate.

Line up of dresses

New Prints!!

We’ve been busy as bees choosing new fabrics (yes one with bees) and so many other adorable prints we know you’re going to love! We’ve already given you a little peek of new fabrics like our ‘Pugs at the Beach’ and ‘Mint Retro Stars’ (I hope we bought enough fabric for those) but there are so many more! -lots of polka dots, florals (especially roses -my favorite), another Kitty Cat print, and of course cherries! We’re so excited to have a hand in designing this print. You’re going to go crazy for cherries and polka dots together, we’re calling it Black Cherry Dot (it’s also coming in a mint version)!!

Black Cherry Dot


Finally we’ve been able to implement many of your requests from the survey we did a while back. Yes, we were listening! You said you wanted lower necklines…..check! There were requests for an expanded size range to 4x. So yes, we’ll have several styles to choose from, one coming very soon and another around April. Also, for the first time we’ll, have Wedding dresses suitable for a casual or second wedding. There have been lots of requests for those! I’m guessing several styles of ivory Wedding dresses will be available sometime in April.

So keep your eye on our New Arrival Section.  We’ll be adding new Spring Dresses continuously over the season!

Just getting ready this minute to do our big catalog photo shoot for our Spring Dress collection. The models are in Hair and Make-up. The dresses are pressed and ready to go…..You know we’re going to tell you more about it; of course there’ll be tons of new photos….Stay Tuned!!


XOX Cherry Velvet 

New Spring Dresses and Paper Dolls!

15 Jan

They’re back! We’re bringing back some of your favorite Spring dresses in fresh new colours and prints. These ‘famous’ bestselling frocks are at the heart of our first offerings for spring:


Do you long for the look of a halter dress, but put off purchasing one because of those pesky bra straps? Made with you in mind, this is a dress with the best of both worlds: straps that conceal your bra, plus the added allure of the tie-up halter!
Perfectly petite white polka dots on a Teal or Black background are like tiny kisses of style all over! Teal and Black are two of our best-selling colours, and we knew they would keep you coming back for more. The full skirt is the perfect length for wearing with our knee-length crinolines; maybe consider a contrasting colour like violet or peacock blue.



This is our best selling dress of all time for many reasons. We use high quality ADORABLE prints in limited runs so there aren’t many the same dress out there. This dress also has POCKETS and best of all the open, knotted back detail that is sure to turn heads! Brigitte’s skirt is full and flattering for all body types, and the shorter length is great for shorter girls or those who want to show off those great gams!

Shutterbug:  Be red carpet ready whether you’re a burgeoning bombshell, a sizzling starlet, or a plucky paparazzo. You’ll look the part in this vintage camera print! We were lucky to get our hands on a bit more of this print…so it’s back for an encore!

Bee Damask: This adorable print is adorned with bees and intricate patterns of coral, rose, and burgundy filigree.

Purple Ikat: the perfect print to brighten up your wardrobe! With two pretty shades of purple paradise, you’ll be able to wear this stunner all year round.



The Natalie Dress is so saucy she’s perfect to wear for almost any occasion! How about a stroll around the sea wall, or record shopping on Main Street? Dancing the night away downtown? The possibilities are endless!
This time around she’s available in Red or Black pinhead dots and a gorgeous Black with Purple Dot that sold out the first time we had it. Natalie features a decorative front placket with 5 buttons and square neckline. Pleated cap sleeves and a princess seamed tulip skirt give you an extra girly silhouette. Saving the best for last; the cut-out back view makes your exit as stunning as your entrance!

If you love our PAPER DOLLS  you can download them for free here!

These dresses are just the first wave of fashion coming at you this spring. Check out all the fabrics and prints we’re talking about  here.  Stay tuned for more delectable dresses!

XOX Cherry Velvet

The View from the Man Cave

17 Dec

The View From The Man Cave - Cherry Velvet

There is a lot of talk about what women want. I sometimes wonder, “What do men want?” I braved the man cave to conduct a not-so-random survey. I wanted to find out what men find so darn exciting about retro dresses.

1) Not yoga pants.

Yoga pants do magical things with very little effort. The hardest part is shimmying into them after a shower. Some days they scream “I woke up like this!” Some days it’s true, let’s be honest. Men want to feel like you spent time primping because you think he is worth it and you have been eagerly anticipating his company. If he rolled up for your date in a pair of tear-away pants that were just oh-so-convenient, holding some wilted gas station flowers, you probably wouldn’t be all that impressed. Retro dresses say “I tried! But doesn’t it look effortless?”

2) Feminine.

Feminine sets the tone for a date night. This isn’t pizza and beers with the boys. Hello- there is a lady present – and she looks fantastic. Retro dresses are cut in such a way that they celebrate all the great things about being a woman. The fabrics, the prints, the colours, the way they hang on any body type will have him saying “What a lady, what a night!”

A Cherry Velvet Girl Stands Out !

3) Sexy.

What better way to test his ability to resist the woman he adores than a fashion treasure that moves and sways in a way that demands his attention. Retro dresses make his attention span your hostage. They are kind of like bubble wrap because it’s hard to keep your hands off the luxurious fabric. They are a snow cone in the Sahara – probably won’t last long. Many feature zippers so they are as easy to get off as they are to get on.

4) Nostalgic.

Retro dresses are part of a comforting historical landscape. They conjure memories of the very best pieces of the past; from June Cleaver to Betty Page, from Norman Rockwell to Gil Elvgren. They are a slice of apple pie and a milk shake at the local diner, with great tunes playing on the juke box. Retro dresses are classics, like the beauty who wears them.

It’s always enlightening to explore the man cave and get the male perspective. I know why I love them, but it was fun to find out why men do. It’s the little things that are so important. Now I know he wants feminine, sexy, nostalgic “not yoga pants”, and he knows I just want him to put the seat down.


XOX Cherry Velvet

Guest Blogger Alison Tedford from “Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops”