Models of Cherry Velvet: Veronica Belle

27 May

Last blog, we introduced you to one of our long time models, Ruby Roxx. Today, we wanted to introduce you to one of our newest models, Veronica Belle!

With a dreamy, far-off look and her nose stuck in a book, Veronica is a multi-talented singer-actress with an avid love for Disney and other assorted fandoms. When she’s not singing back up for her husband’s Elvis Tribute show, she’s ramping up her modelling career with runways walks and the like for local designers and photoshoots with some of Vancouver’s best photographers like Shimona Henry, Tiffany Ireland and Jessica Rae.


We had a chance to sit down with her at our last photoshoot and ask her the same questions we asked Ruby:


How did you get this Cherry-sweet gig?

I bought this dress for the Miss Ladner Quilt Walk & Car Show!
Veronica Pageant
While at the pageant I had a convo with Elly Mayday who suggested that I contact Diane about modelling for CV! After chatting a bit on Instagram, I was contacted and did my first test shoot. The rest is history!


What does #stunningatanysize mean to you?

That your size doesn’t define your beauty! Everyday we are told by society that beauty is only what fits into a specific criteria, which is not true. Thanks to some amazing women out there, this ideal is changing and we’re beginning to not only accept but celebrate ALL body types! It may seem “cliche” but I truly believe beauty comes from within. You could have a pretty face but be ugly inside!


Like one of my favourite quotes says ” We get so worried about being  ‘pretty’! Let’s be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, and pretty strong!”


How do you get ready for a photoshoot? What are your 3 favourite beauty products?

I take a bath the night before. There really isn’t a fancy way to say “I shave my legs”. And moisturize! If I’m good, I’ll pack all of the things I need for the night before but I’m a terrible procrastinator, generally! So my morning consists of a lot of running around! I usually do my own hair and makeup, so it’s an early rise to get ready! I definitely must have music playing while I’m getting ready, to get me into a good morning groove and wake me up!
Being a makeup addict, I have a lot of products that I adore! But if I have to pick 3, I’d say:

-MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer
– L’Oreal Liquid Liner in Carbon Black
-Freeze It hair spray! (This stuff is amazing!!)


What is your favourite Cherry Velvet dress & why?

Oh My Gosh! That’s so hard to decide! I really like the Angelina Dress…


But I think my new favourite would have to be the Danielle dress! I love the little collar and the new prints are gorgeous!



Who inspires your creativity?

Hmm, I’ve always been a very creative person! Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the arts! I guess you can say that I find inspiration and drive in my modelling career from the amazing women who are paving the way for other curvy women in this industry and helping women to embrace their bodies and rock what they got!
Personally I was inspired by Elly Mayday! She is a local girl who went through so much adversity but fought through it and has managed to have an amazing career all the while inspiring other women! I always had an interest in modelling but thought I was too big to be able to do anything about it! It’s women like Elly who prove that that isn’t the case! I just hope, above all else, to inspire other women like they did for me!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Veronica!
If you liked the dresses Veronica’s wearing in this blog, check them and all of our new arrivals out on our website!


XOX Cherry Velvet

Models Of Cherry Velvet: Ruby Roxx

19 May

Being proudly Canadian and based in such a beautiful city (full of beautiful people!) Cherry Velvet is lucky to be able to reach out to a pool of stunning girls who frequently model for us. We love supporting local talent and showcasing our dresses on women who exemplify our motto of “retro class with modern sass”.

Perhaps you’ve heard of one of our long time models, Ruby Roxx.

Lisa_StrawberryPicnic_BlanketRuby is wearing The Lisa in Strawberry Picnic

With eight years of experience under her very fashionable belt, Ruby is an internationally recognized, Vancouver-based Plus Size model who specializes in Fashion/Catalog modelling. In addition to her professional modelling, she is also Vice President of Bonerattle Talent, a Vancity-based Alternative Talent Agency  and Editor-In-Chief of Beauty Mark Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to discovering inner beauty by celebrating our unique qualities.

Last week, at our most recent photoshoot, we had a bit of time for a short & sweet interview with her.

Read on!

How did you get this Cherry-sweet gig?

I’d have to thank Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography! I had shot with her on several occasions before and was in the process of ramping up my modelling career. It just so happened that at the time, she was going to be the photographer for a big photoshoot at Save-On-Meats and she took a chance with me.  This gig ended up being my first with a major fashion label and I couldn’t be happier it was Cherry Velvet!

DSC_8485 copy-6Ruby’s first shoot at Save-On-Meats in 2013

What does #stunningatanysize mean to you?

I absolutely love that Cherry Velvet created such an inspiring hashtag. My MO has always been to promote healthy, happy body image ideas and it makes me so happy that Cherry Velvet is inclusive for all sizes. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to feel beautiful and that every definition of beauty is valid, because the idea of beauty is such a subjective thought.

How do you get ready for a photoshoot? What are your 3 favourite beauty products?


I’ve definitely got my pre-game routine down; I’ll always pack everything I need the night before and make sure I get eight hours of sleep prior. I’ll also to take a bath with coconut oil and ensure everything is buffed to perfection. Follow that up with some mega moisturizing and tons of water and you have yourself a well prepared model!

Hands down, my 3 favourite beauty products are:

Rodan & Fields skin care line
Anastasia Beverly Hills Make-Up
Jeffery Starr Matt Lipsticks

What is your favourite Cherry Velvet dress & why?

I absolutely adore The Angelina. I love the adorable back detail and its perfect length for taller gals like me. I also love the original, shorter version, The Brigitte, if I want to show a little leg 😉

Angelina_CharmSkulls_FrontRuby is wearing The Angelina in Lil’ Skulls ‘n Roses

Who  inspires your creativity?

Wine! *laughs* Seriously though, my biggest inspiration has got to be my Grandmother. I always looked up to her for her poise and grace, and the fact that she used to model is such a driving force for me. Always put together, she was the kind of woman who always put her best foot forward in public. I fondly remember her being made up until her very last day, at the youthful age of 99. Full of warmth and love, she is someone who has taught me the value of authenticity and shown me how beauty reveals itself from the inside, out.

Lisa_PoolParty_UkuleleRuby is wearing The Lisa in Pool Party

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Ruby!
If you liked the dresses Ruby’s wearing in this blog, check them and all of our new arrivals out on our website!

XOX Cherry Velvet

The Summer Affair – A Photoset

10 May

With Summer just around the river bend, we know there will be garden parties and wedding receptions and sophisticated soirees, oh my!

So, we wanted to celebrate celebrations the only way we know how, The Cherry Velvet Way.

We hope you enjoy our latest photo set…The Summer Affair!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Click here to see full size images











The Dress Process

6 May


Have you ever wondered what Diane’s process is when designing through to producing dresses for Cherry Velvet?

From concept to production, a lot of thought and hard work goes into manufacturing a Cherry Velvet dress. We’re lucky that we are located in the same area as our factories, so we can easily manage every aspect of producing every collection we release to the public. Just like our city, Vancouver, Cherry Velvet is so proud of our commitment to being as Green as possible, as well as maintaining our social responsibility by ensuring fair wages and work conditions by employing Canadian workers.

In today’s blog, we’re going to share our step-by-step process so you can learn more about how we make dresses…just for you!

Step 1


Diane collects inspiration from authentic vintage details such as sewing patterns, magazines, and garments. The new dress design is sketched and fabric prints are considered.

Step 2

Slide 5

The patternmaker creates the pattern in the sample size using a program called Optitex CAD and then prints it on a 67″ large scale printer called an Ioline plotter.

Step 3 

Slide 2

The dress is cut and sewn from sample fabric to create a prototype design. The resulting prototype is tried on a mannequin to check for fit, and design details which is then approved by the designer.

Step 4

Slide 4 collage

The design is then assessed for inclusion into the greater collection for the season and final fabrics are chosen (usually 3-5 different prints per dress).

Step 5


A “Salesman’s Set” of samples are produced at a factory to then be sold through an agent to retail stores.

Step 6

Slide 3

The pattern is checked for accuracy and made into the other sizes (which is called “grading”) using Optitex CAD.

Step 7

Slide 4

Once the sales cycle is complete, the data is transferred into a marker order. According to the order, a production marker is made using  Optitex CAD; all the pattern pieces in the required sizes are positioned into a cut layout (marker). The marker is printed on the Ioline Plotter in the width of the fabric.

Step 8

Slide 10 Collage

In the factory, a cutter lays the fabric on a long table and the printed marker is rolled out on top of the fabric layers; the stacks of fabric (with the paper pattern pieces on top) are cut out using an electric vertical knife. At a bundling table, the cut pieces are bundled according to size and colour and distributed to the sewers in the factory.

Step 9

Slide 8

The sewing process begins with main panels being serged together using a 5 thread serger machine. Small parts like the collar are sewn and then attached to body panels using a single needle machine and the zipper set. The facings are serged and sewn together with the body, the garment is topstitched, and the hem is sewn. Buttons are then marked for placement and sewn on using a button setting machine. Finally, labels are sewn in.

Step 10

Step 16 collage

The pressing department steams and presses the garment. Hangtags are added to the left side using a tool called a “swift attach”.

Step 11

Step 14 collage

Quality Control (QC) trims the threads from the sewing process and checks for flaws.

Step 12


Then the dresses are folded and packed into individual bags…


… and now the dresses are ready to impress!


Slide 13



We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at what it takes to make something as lovely as our dresses! :)

XOX Cherry Velvet

Getting to Know Cherry Velvet

25 Apr

Awhile back, we were asked to provide a company profile that aptly & succinctly describes what Cherry Velvet is about. Sure, we’ve talked about #stunningatanysize, our process and the history of our company but we’ve never actually gone out of our way to put together a short and sweet profile. We were so pleased with the result, we wanted to share it with you.

It’s a great little primer for new Cherry Velvet fans…and maybe our dedicated fans might learn something new!

Read on!

Our Dresses

We design and manufacture Vintage-inspired cotton dresses in the heart of Vancouver’s creative core, uniquely cut for women sizes XS-4X. With an emphasis on emphasizing curves, our dresses are generally designed with a fitted bodice that tapers slightly above the natural waist, includes deep pockets and features fuller skirts. Our dresses are easy to care for, no dry cleaning needed. Our cotton fabrics are not only incredibly comfortable and durable, we ensure that every collection is carefully curated to represent our retro flare.

Our Brand 

Retro Class with Modern Sass

Our core values revolve around challenging the mainstream beauty ideal by catering our designs towards underrepresented sizes and providing empowering, engaging content to our target audience (like our Facebook, Instagram & Youtube Channel). We acknowledge the detriment of old fashioned mentalities of female beauty (“skinny is beautiful”) and juxtapose our nostalgic designs with modern feminist values. We believe that beauty is not measured by any physical number and so our dresses are universally flattering on all shapes and sizes. We started a couple hashtags, in the hopes of perpetuating our values and giving our fans a tag they can use to showcase their beauty.

…And speaking of hashtags!


We love to see Cherry Velvet on social media! Any time you post a picture wearing a Cherry Velvet dress,
feel free to tag them with #cherryvelvet & #stunningatanysize!

And now you’re all caught up!

XOX Cherry Velvet


April Studio Shop! This Friday & Saturday (22nd & 23rd)

20 Apr

StudioShop_April16 blogsize


We’re kicking off the summer weather with monthly studio shops (no appointment necessary!) . Stay tuned for future dates!

This Friday + Saturday (April 22nd & 23rd), we’re opening up our doors and letting the sun (and you!) into our studio from 2pm-7pm (Friday) & 11am-5pm (Saturday).

Can’t wait to see you!

XOX Cherry Velvet

Look What Blue Into Town

6 Apr

Spring is here! And with the blue birds singing and the honey bees buzzing, life is blooming everywhere! Our friend, Laura, came into the studio recently and brought with her a new little bundle of joy; special delivery from the stork! With her & Sailor Mae’s beautiful blue eyes, we couldn’t resist putting her in some of our newest & bluest hues!


Our Chrissy is a fantastic choice for the busy missy (or mum!) because of its versatile look. With all the fixins’ of a classic Cherry Velvet dress (our famous pockets & full skirt, for example), The Chrissy’s mock wrap bodice is universally flattering and the V-neckline (with just a little peek of décolletage) is a happy medium between business sass & casual class.

For this Spring, we released Chrissy in 2 lovely blue-based prints, Navy Waves and Blue Roses.


Express your artistic side with our gorgeous Navy Waves Print, featuring a delicate pattern of light blue waves against a sea of Navy. It’s very reminiscent of Traditional Japanese Wave art.


Or freshen up your closet with a bouquet of delicate roses, against a picturesque blue sky. Such a lovely dress for a garden party!


With the approaching heat, we wanted to crank it up even more with our Robin in Blue Net. The straps are light but wide enough to cover those pesky bra straps. Coupled with the plunging neckline (and gathered front band), your decollete becomes the center of a darling bow. <3

Sun rays won’t be the only thing you’ll be catching, in this darling fishnet print! It’s the perfect sundress!


And as always, our dresses have accompanying crinolines! We suggest our Knee-length crinoline or our new deluxe Vintage Chiffon Crinoline (featuring 100 yards of ruched ruffle!) in Blueberry Ice Cream.

Blueberry Ice Cream Crins

It’s certainly hard to feel blue, when we’re surrounded by such lovely dresses!
We hope the puns didn’t make you blue in the face, either! 😉

XOX Cherry Velvet

Introducing…Velvet Man

1 Apr

Every woman knows that no ensemble is complete without an accessory.
With dresses as unique as you, what better way to finish off your look than with a complementary suit for your companion?

Introducing our cherry on top…

…Velvet Man.

A brand new line of luxury printed blazers for the sartorially striking man. Follow this link and acquaint yourself with our newest men’s collection!

Stay tuned ;)

30 Mar

We’ve got something fresh and new for you,
stay tuned for a special announcement this week…


– XOX Cherry Velvet


Spring 2016 Lookbook

23 Mar

So there’s a little background story to tell you about our new Spring Lookbook. And this is the scoop….We’ve got one lone fella working for us here at CV headquarters and what an awesome all round  guy he is. Media director, Graphic designer, Photographer, Super athlete (yep he does those Tough Mudder races) and Rock Star (yep he’s the lead singer in a band.) All this build-up is to tell you that our new Spring Lookbook is pretty much all thanks to Logan.

Recently we bought him some skookum lighting equipment so he could indulge his photography passion even more than he already does. Some days we push all the clothing out of the way in the showroom, set up the lighting and backdrop and Logan starts flashing. He took all the photos for our new Spring collection right here at CV headquarters.

When we asked Logan to put together a lookbook for us and told him what we wanted…he said… “I’ve got an idea…what do you think if I do it my way… :)” Kinda cheeky? yep…but we have so much faith in Logan’s talent we said… ok… let’s do it!  The best stuff comes just this way, when you let someone passionate about their work… just create. We’re super excited about how cute this turned out. Hope y’all like it too.

Thanks Logan, great job!


All these Spring dresses are available now at unless otherwise noted. A few of our most popular styles are being re-cut and available very soon. Just to tease you even more….later this Spring we’ll be coming out with another new line of dresses for Summer! Stay tuned!

XOX Cherry Velvet

P.S. For a full list of contributors please see the last page of the lookbook. A big thank-you to all the team at Cherry Velvet too, as all of our staff contributes in a big way, everyday!